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VoipRaider Free Calls - Download and Make International Calls

Voipraider - another voip provider which is offering free calls to large number of destinations. Not only free calls it is also offering free SMS to these destinations. It is a free program (software) that uses the latest voip technology to bring you high quality voice communication to people all around the world. Yes, you can use VoipRaider from any part of the world - India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, United States, United Kingdom or any other.

By using the voipraider software you will be able to call regular phones for free in various popular destinations (which includes Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico etc). For calling other countries (which are not listed in the free country list), you will have to shell out just few bucks as the calling rates are very competitive.

List of Free Calling Country

Below is a complete list of countries which can call for free - Only landlines. You can call mobile phones of Unites States and China for free.

You can also call all your online friends (peer-to-peer calls) as long as you like, for free (PC to PC or mobile to mobile - depending upon on which device you are using voipraider).

How to make calls with VoipRaider

Download the free Voipraider software. Simply click the download link below and save the installation file to your computer. After downloading, double click the install file and you are set to go. Remember, it's free!

System requirements
  • PC running Windows Vista, XP or 2000 (with SP2)
  • 300 MHz processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 10 MB free disk space on your hard drive
  • Sound Card, and headset with microphone
  • Internet Connection broadband: Cable, DSL, with minimum 64 kbit/s up/downstream)

Use VoipRaider on Mobile Phone

  • You can use the mobile app for your iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android phone or Symbian phone?
  • -  Use a cheap local access number instead of the expensive international number you‘re trying to reach.

  • If you don‘t want to install our VoipRaider software, you can set up a VoipRaider call directly, VoipRaider offers an in-browser solution for calling.

VoipRaider Call Rates - Popular Destinations

Below are the calling rates for some very popular destinations. For other you can always visit the VoipRaider website and check the latest calling rates. 
  • India Landline - 4 cents per min
  • India Mobile - 4.6 cents per min
  • Pakistan - 9 cents per min
  • Bangladesh Mobile - 5.6 cents per min

Rebtel Voucher Code and Coupons | Rebtel Discount/Bonus Codes

We have been promising our blog readers that we will help them save lot of money. If you are following FPPC, then your phone bills will come down pretty soon. You will save a lot on making international and national calls. Here's another chance on how you can enter the world of voip and make cheap calls. Well, Rebtel needs no introduction on this blog. It is one of the widely used voip provider, having a large satisfied customer base.

Rebtel has given many exclusive offers to our readers and all of them have been huge success. Be it the offer of giving free minutes, or the exclusive voucher bonus coupon codes. We have again partnered with Rebtel and this time we have a bigger and a better offer. To all our readers, Rebtel is offering 100% bonus on your first purchase of $10.

The offer is a limited time promotional thing and will get over pretty soon. So you need to make use of it asap. Yes, you heard it right : All new users, will get $10 extra credit on purchase of $10 credit. In order words you pay just 10$ and you will get $20 voip credit : that's a whooping 100% bonus!!!

Rebtel Voucher Codes

Now our old readers who already joined Rebtel few years back : How can you avail this offer. Simple, just register a new account with Rebtel in your spouse names (a new number).

A few words about calling rates : Rebtel calling rate to India is 1.79 cents per minute. As you are getting 100% bonus. You will get 1118 minutes to India by paying just $10. Your effective calling rate to India will be just 0.9 cents per minute. That rate is one of the industry best calling rate to India.

Offcourse you can use your calling credit to call any country in the world. Rebtel offers cheap international calls to many other countries. It is widely used to call Mexico, Philippines, Pakistan and many other countries. Since you are getting double credit ($20 credit for paying $10), this is a great offer to make cheap international calls.

Now how to avail this Rebtel 100% bonus offer. Firstly this offer is exclusive to Free Pc to Phone Call readers : so here is the procedure.

1. Visit this special link for Rebtel 100% Bonus.
2. Alternatively, click on the image above to visit the special offer.
3. On the page, you will see "Click here to Accept offer". Just click that.
4. Your Rebtel Voucher Code for 100% bonus is automatically filled.
5. If it is not filled then ensure that "100%bonus" is filled in voucher code field of signup page. Alternatively just follow steps 1 and 3 again.!
6. Fill the registration form.
7. Pay just 10$.
8. You will get $10 bonus and will see $20 in your account.
9. Your account is created, and your first call is free!

Rebtel Users

Though, this blog readers know why one should Join REBTEL, but a few word for the ones who are new to this blog, Instead we have 20 reasons to atleast try Rebtel.

1. Rebtel is a very trusted voip provider. Absolutely no worries that you may loose credit. Rebtel is one of industry best voip provider.

2. Rated as No 1 by many voip blogs and websites.

3. Rebtel has a very good customer Support. So incase you face any issues, Rebtel will be always present to solve them!

4. Rebtel offers very cheap international calls. Already discussed that calling rate will be very less with this Rebtel bonus offer with Free Pc to Phone Calls.

5. Rebtel offers a very easy way to make calls : Enter your friend's name and international number and Rebtel gives you a unique local number for each friend. Create it once, save to your phone and keep forever.

6. You don't have any smartphone, no worries Rebtel works from your any phone. Use your regular phone to call the local Rebtel number.

7. You have smartphone. Aaah Great : Rebtel has an app for you : Rebtel for iPhone, Rebtel for Android or Rebtel for Blackberry.

8. Rebtel offers Access Numbers in your area. Through rebtel website, you can easily find Access Numbers for more than 50 countries and 80+ cities in the US.

9. You only pay for the time you talk, with no monthly plans or subscriptions. No connection or hang-up fees. Nothing but honest calling rates.

10. Rebtel offers Free International calls as well in a unique way : To make a Rebtel Free Call, simply call your friend using the local number you got from Rebtel. When they pick up, ask them to hang up and call you back while you stay on the line. You see, when you call a friend in one of the 50 countries where Rebtel is available, a number that is local to your friend is displayed on their phone. When they call you back up, the call is instantly connected and you can talk for as long as you like. For free. Your operator might charge for the call, but if you have local minutes included in your plan, you don’t pay anything for the local part of the call.

11. Rebtel offers Video tutorial for every step and you will find all the procedures very easy to use. Rebtel is a very easy to use service.

12. Rebtel offers a super cheap SMS service that, compared to your regular carrier, saves you up to 65% on your international texting. Text from apps or Text from computer (Web SMS by Rebtel).

13. Rebtel time to time new offers for new and old users.

14. Good voice call quality offered by Rebtel. It is very annoying when the call interrupts, you get delay is voice call. Rebtel works great with a good voice clarity.

15. No Pins required as like calling cards.

16. Feature of Rebtel Collect call : A Collect Call works just like a regular Direct Dial call, the only difference is that you cover the international charge for the call, while your contact pays only for a local call to the Rebtel number.

17. Use Rebtel from anywhere in world using PC to Phone Calls : PC2Phone is a new service from Rebtel. When you make a PC to Phone call, you're able to call your Rebtel contact from anywhere in the world using your regular Skype client! This means you can now make Rebtel calls from anywhere where you have access to an Internet connection. Setting up your account for PC calling is incredibly quick and easy. Go to "My Contacts" and just click the local number you want to call, then click "Call from my computer" under the contact name.

18. Rebtel offers First Free Call.

19. Rebtel Bonus Plan for Free Pc to Phone Calls users.

20. Any queries on Rebtel, we are here to help. Any suggestions on the Rebtel exclusive offer to our readers, all our most welcomed. We will try to solve all your issues, answer all your queries, and get you the best deal from Rebtel.

Need more reasons, Just try Rebtel and let us/other know your feedback.

WebCallDirect Review and Calling Rates | Download for Android, iPad

Smartphones are really very popular now. A lot of people are using internet on mobile or atleast on their computer. However the fact is that huge number of people still use their regular phones to make international calls.

If you are calling countries like USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Philippines, Sweden etc using your mobile (regular telecom service) then trust me you are paying huge bills and definitely losing too much money. We will today review a voip service names "WebCallDirect" which can help you lower your phone bills by allowing you to make international calls using internet.

Not only we will review this voip service but we will also post a step by step tutorial on how you can use WebCallDirect on your computer to make free pc to phone calls. Its international calling rates are also very competitive specially for countries like India but good thing is that it offers free calls to many countries.

WebCallDirect Review

Check out some positives and negatives about WebCallDirect!
  • Very competitive prices - Specially for calling countries like India, Pakistan and other Asian countries
  • Different and easy ways to make calls - You can make Pc to Phone Calls or download Webcalldirect app for Android or iPad/iPhone
  • Very easy to use, setup and recharge your account
  • Negative: Its a betamax company which has bad reputation, not to be trusted. Some people recharged and lost money. Check other betamax companies.
  • Negative: Don't expect any customer support
  • Negative: May increase (change) calling prices without any notice

WebCallDirect Calling Rates

As said above it offers free calls to many countries and call rates to other countries are also very cheap and competitive.

Free Calls by WebCallDirect
You need to have some money in your account to be eligible for making free calls. According to them you need to have FreeDays in your account. If you have these freedays, then you can make free calls to some countries (listed below).
  • Buying credit entitles you to 60 Freedays (unless stated otherwise). This means you can call all countries marked as "Free" for a period of 60 days at no costs. 
  • Once these days are over, you can buy more credit to get more free days. 
  • You will get 200 minutes of free calls per week
Free Countries
Andorra (Landline)  , Argentina (Landline)  , Austria (Landline)  , Belgium (Landline)  , Canada (Landline)  , Canada (Mobile)  , Cyprus (Landline)  , Czech Republic (Landline)  , Denmark (Landline)  , Estonia (Landline)  , Finland (Landline)  , France (Landline)  , Germany (Landline)  , Hong Kong (Landline)  , Hong Kong (Mobile)  , Hungary (Landline)  , Iceland (Landline)  , Ireland (Landline)  , Italy (Landline)  , Japan (Landline)  , Luxembourg (Landline)  , Netherlands (Landline)  , Norway (Landline)  , Poland (Landline)  , Puerto Rico (Landline)  , Puerto Rico (Mobile)  , South Korea (Landline)  , Spain (Landline)  , Sweden (Landline)  , Switzerland (Landline)  , United Kingdom (Landline)  , United States (Landline)  , United States (Mobile)

Competitive WebCallDirect Rates
  • Rates are charged in eurocents per minute. Calls are rounded up to next minute. All rights reserved. Rates are subjected to change without notice.
  • Call India Mobile - 3 Cents per min
  • Call Pakistan Mobile - 10.2 cents per min
  • Call Philippines -  12.1 cents per min
Try WebCallDirect for Free - 5 Minutes
This below tutorial of will enable you to make free calls to about 50 countries (check above list) using betamax service WebcallDirect. Following points are to be noted :
  1. This is basically making free trial calls, so each call will last about 5 minutes.
  2. You can make unlimited number of calls.
  3. Make Pc to Phone calls using Softphone or Phone to Phone calls using SIP.
So with that, lets start with WebCalldirect tutorial with screenshots.

1. Visit
2. On the right sidebar (below) you will see link for "Download the Free SoftPhone". Click on download and download the softphone, install it. Its a PC application.
3. Sign up with webcalldirect, use the sign up link on website (and no need to register using softphone). Check the image. Fill any random email id. No need for verification/confirmation.

WebCallDirect Signup
4. Now on the softphone, click file and then select Logon as another user (image clearly shows it).

WebCallDirect Logon as New USer

5. Fill the details which you used for registration.

WebCallDirect - Add UserName

6. After loggin in, enter the destination number. Eg to call Sweden : 46XXXXXXXX

WebCallDirect - Free Calling

Click Green button. Call will connect. If you get message like, you dont have enough credits, this means that the particular destination (mobile/landline) is not free.

Now what..? Free Trial call over. How to make more free calls.
  • Just Register again with different email ID, password. 
  • Follow the tutorial from Step3 again. 
  • Trust me it will not take more than 20 secs to create new account (and one more 5 min free call).
Please note that apart from making PC to Phone Calls, you can make Webcalldirect SIP Calls, also use Webcalldirect on your mobile, iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, Mac or Windows mobile.

Note: It wont work for making free calls to India. Try other methods for making calls to India.

WebCallDirect for Android, iPad, iPhone

All betamax services work on your mobile (smartphones). WebCallDirect also works on your android mobile and other types of smartphones - you basically need to install MobileVoip. Its a free application which enables you to use WebCallDirect on your mobile phone. Download MobileVOIP and log in with your WebCallDirect username. Read More about Betamax Voip SmartPhone App.
If you still face any problem in making free international calls using webcalldirect, then post your comments.

Viber Activation Code Problems and Errors - Not Working

If anyone has bought a smartphone, then the next thing one wants to do is to install Viber on it. Those who have not yet got Viber installed on their mobile, are planning to start using it. The ones who are not having a smartphone are using Viber on their computer. In short Viber has grown pretty big and now everyone just want to use this cool app.

The reason for its popularity is pretty simple - its feature of allowing people to make calls to each other for free (Viber to Viber is always free and all it requires is internet). Infact you don't need to add friends these are automatically visible from your address book (it figures out which of your contact are already on Viber). A lot of people have complained to us about the problems they are facing when installing Viber Applications.
One such common problem which many people have faced or are still facing is related to get the app verified on their mobile - Viber Activation code on your mobile. The problem is common to users on Android, Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone, Windows Mobile and other types of smartphones. Please is a list of such issues - read them and follow the solution. We hope you should be able to get Viber working on your mobile.
Viber Activation Code Problems and Errors

Q. Android Mobile/BlueStacks Viber on PC - I am not getting the Activation Code on my Mobile. What next ?
Ans. Please note that the below solution works for both Android Mobiles and PC (by using Bluestacks software). So if you did not receive your access code via SMS, Viber authentication system will securely provide you with your Viber access code. Actually Viber will give you a phone call on your mobile and read out the access code.

To receive your access code, follow these instructions:
  1. Open Viber on your device.
  2. Go through the setup again, until you reach "Enter your phone number..."
  3. Enter your phone number and tap on 'Continue'.
  4. If you haven't received an SMS with your access code within 60 seconds, click on the ‘No Code?’ button.
  5. Now Viber will call you on your phone.
  6. Accept the automatic call and write down the given access code.
  7. Enter the code into Viber to complete the set up.
Note: You will NOT get the access code (activation code) via Email. The Access Code feature was created for identification purposes to protect our users' identity and ensure that they are the real owners of the number that they are registering. Receiving your Access Code via SMS will prevent other users from obtaining your access code and placing calls with your caller ID.
Q. Viber Invalid Code Error - Common for all mobiles ?
Ans. If you are getting the error that the activation code is invalid, then you will have to wait for some time and then re-enter the code. If it still fails to work then we would suggest you to wait for a day and install the Viber again (reinstall) and receive a new SMS code.

If it still fails to work (and keep failing), then just follow the procedure described in step 1 (fail to get activation code). You may try to register to Viber with a different number (for example - your home landline number, a friend's number, etc.), in order to determine whether the problem is specific with your number, or a general one.

Q. Wifi Related - Viber not connecting with internet
And. 1. First, please try uninstalling and reinstalling Viber when connecting to a few different WiFi networks (in order to pinpoint the source of the problem). What are the results?
2. Also, please make sure the following ports are enabled ("forwarded") on your routers or firewalls:
TCP: 5242 + 4244
UDP: 5243 + 9785
(if you are not sure how to enable ports, you may contact your router manufacturer)

Q. Make Viber work in Blocked Countries
Ans. If you are from a blocked country where Viber fails to work (you are not able to receive sms and not even able to open then the only possible solution I could find is to use VPN (virtual private network) on your mobile. This is similar to using proxy. It will fool them and will be like as if you were from USA or any other working country(for iPhone use proxy settings). Also make sure to use the method described in step1 (receiving phone call and activating).

If you are not able to get Viber working on your mobile (and facing any activation issue) - then please share with us in the comment section. May be we can help you out!

Top 6 reasons why Viber is better than Skype

Skype is the oldest (probably one of the first ones) voip provider and is highly popular. It was recently acquired by Microsoft and its user base is continuously growing. People use Skype on their computer, smartphones, tablet, Facebook - almost on all the device. Skype has its application for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, Blackberry (almost all mobile operating system). There is no doubt that Skype is really a good service (specially its video calling), however even with its so many positives and huge customer base, Skype is now getting tough competition from voip service named "Viber".

Viber is again a multi platform voip service, now available for almost all the operating system (it even launched PC application recently). For those who are not aware about Viber - it is a simple mobile and PC app which allows you to make free calls and send text message (and video calls on PC) to a person who is also using Viber on his mobile/PC. Recently Viber published some numbers and we came to know that it has now been downloaded more than 200 million times. Viber is free and continuously growing, it is being considered as a Skype Killer.
Viber Vs Skype - Viber is better

Skype Vs Viber - Why is Viber Better

In this post, I have tried to compare the two voip services (and the future prospects of two) - Skype Vs Viber. However, here I have just looked at the points because of which I feel that Viber is better than Skype. There are some features of Skype which are unique to it and not present in Viber. I will soon write a post on it.

1. Download and Use - No username required

This is the main reason I love Viber. Just download the application to your mobile phone and your mobile number becomes your username. No signup required. With Skype you need to create a user account.

2. Viber Contacts Easily Visible - Who's Online

Since Viber does not require username, it simply scans your phone address book looking for phone numbers. So any of your friend who is using Viber will be visible to you (and you will also know who's online With Skype you need to add contacts - for that you need to know your friends Skype username.

3. Viber Runs in background

One of the coolest feature of Viber app is that it works in the background and does not have to be running in order to work. So even if you have not opened the Viber app, you can still receive calls on it. Skype on the other hand requires that you logon into the app before you can make/receive calls.

4. Viber Emoticons

Viber has a good range of emoticons which are quite vibrant and dynamic. I would say these are better than what Skype offers (but yes not as good as Whatsapp).

5. Viber Call Quality

I would Viber call quality (voice calls for mobile and video calls for computer) is pretty good. However when compared to Skype, I won't say it is better because Skype quality is itself awesome.

6. My friends are using Viber but not online on Skype

This is the deciding factor - when connecting with friends and to keep in touch you will have to use what other's are using. For now the trend seems to be Viber - everyone is just switching to Viber (whatever the reasons are). So to stay connected and social - you have to use Viber!

Please share your views on this. Are you using Viber or Skype or both. Which service do you like more - is it Skype or is it Viber ?

Viber Business Model - How do Viber Make Money

Viber is a free application available for almost all the platforms. This app has been downloaded for more than 200 millions times and is being called Skype Killer. Viber now offers its free application for iOS Platform (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), Android Mobiles, Windows based mobiles, Blackberry OS, Nokia Symbian, Bada mobiles and now it offers PC app as well. Viber offers free calls and multi media messages between two viber users (doesn't matter on which device you are using this app).

Not only is the Viber application free, but it does not even charges for calls and text messages. Infact its PC application offers video calls which are also free. That's not all Viber does not even show any ads on its app, so no advertisement revenue. The question is if everything is free and not even powered by ads so how does it make money, what exactly is Viber's business model. Before we go into the details about its business model, lets see what is it costs (expenses).
  • Calls are made using internet connection (does not require any kind of hardware infrastructure), so these can be free. 
  • Viber is simply a software developed by a team - this effectively means team salary cost, research cost, marketing cost and many other expenses. This may seem less but trust me it is a good amount of money. Effectively its like running a product based software company.
Read - Viber Problems and their solution

As found on the forbes website -
So far, his company has no venture capital investors and has yet to book any revenue. In fact its founder and CEO, Talmon Marco, said friends and family of the Cyprus-based company’s founders had helped put $20 million into the company. “It’s not a cheap operation,” he said, adding that Viber employs 120 people, the workforce being divided between Israel and Minsk, Belarus.

“We are going to generate revenue later this year, through value-added services,”  Marco said. Viber will not charge a fee to download its application or for basic services, and Marco says there are no plans to introduce ads. Instead he is opting for a freemium-model to make cash, with extra services such as “premium stickers” for messaging.
So though Viber is not making money and it is definitely a great application (and a good business model) with potential to make huge amount of money. Infact if you compare this with Facebook (which also started with offering social profile and connecting with friends), Viber looks pretty similar. Its all upto Viber to decide what their next step would be to generate money.

Viber Business Model - Connect Freely

My List of Ideas - Viber Model to Make Money

  1. Someday it Viber may decide to charge money for application. If it starts asking for $1 per annum (which is pretty cheap), it would start making 200 million USD per year (growing)
  2. Launching premium services just like Skype
    1. Viber Out - Make calls and sms to normal mobile (non viber users) at cheap international rates
    2. Viber Video Conference - video chat with multiple people at low cost
    3. Viber for Business - Start charging business users with more features like desktop sharing, conference calls, call recording etc..
  3. Advertisement on the viber app - this should generate huge amount of money
  4. Integration with third party software like Facebook and Twitter - Ask them for money or display ads on these third party websites
  5. Online calls from Viber - PC to Phone without software download. This will generate huge traffic on viber website, just display ads on website
  6. Launch its own social media website just like Facebook
  7. Sell Viber to big players like Google, Microsoft or even Facebook or may be a mobile company like Samsung
  8. Viber pre installed on mobiles like Samsung - Ask Samsung for money
  9. Viber could tie up with mobile career like Virgin Mobiles, ATnT or any other depending upon the country (may be Airtel in India) - offer data plans and free calls plan. They can share the generated revenue.

Download Viber on Kindle Fire for Free International Calls

Viber is one of the best mobile voip applications. The best part about Viber is that it is a multi platform application and is available for almost all the devices. Viber application is now available for Android Mobiles, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobiles, Nokia Symbian, Bada and recently it launched its Computer application as well. One of my friend was planning to buy Kindle Fire and asked me whether he will be able to use Viber on it.

Viber application is so popular that when buying any gadget (mobile or tablet), people do consider the factor that Viber app should work on it. This application is now being used by millions of people all over the globe, simply because it allows free phone calls between two viber users. Not only free calls, Viber users can also text each other for free. It can be treated as a replacement for Whatsapp Messenger as well.

What's Special in Viber

  • Viber allows free calls between two users. So if you are using Viber on your mobile and your friend is also using Viber on his mobile, then you two can talk to each other for free.
  • Requirements: Viber application installed on your mobile or computer, Internet Connection on your device (mobile, PC or tablet)
  • Viber also allows free text between users. Not only text it also allows media sharing (like pictures, videos between users)
  • On its PC version it allows video calling facility as well.

Viber on Kindle Fire From App Store

Kindle Fire is based on Android and Viber application is available for android devices. So if you can access Google Play (or Amazon Store for Kindle Fire Apps), there you should be able to see Viber app. As seen in the image below, you can get the Viber app from Kindle Fire app store. It was last updated in Jan, 2013. Good thing is it is Free!
Viber Kindle Fire App

Alternate way to get Viber on Kindle Fire

If you can't download Viber for Android from Google Play/Amazon Store. Just follow this tutorial below.

Download latest Viber version from here: []

How to install: 
1. In your device menu, select Settings then Applications then Unknown sources (should be activated)
2. With your device, just click on the link and download the apk file, then install.
3. You may also download the file into your computer and use your device's pc interface to install it (Make sure that you have done #1).
4. Or you may simply download the file into your computer, and then attach it to an email and email it to your phone, or bluetooth it to your phone. Once received in your phone, just click on the file and install it (Make sure that you have done #1).

Viber works perfectly well on Kindle Fire. You should be able to make calls (quality is good) and send messages to your friend. Please share your experience of using Viber on your tablet. If you are facing any issues, then read this post on Viber problems.

Status of Tango App for Nokia Symbian Mobiles Phones

You can't expect everyone to instantly switch to Android or Windows platform. There are still quite a good number of Nokia Symbian mobile users. Infact the Nokia mobile boasting about Pureview 41Mp camera is itself based on Symbian Belle (its a great phone, only concern is its Symbian). And many of these Nokia phone's allow video calling facility (they are having a secondary front facing camera). So do these Nokia mobile users (even after having front camera camera and high speed internet on mobile), really enjoy video calling on their phones.

Apart from above two said items, what you additionally require in your mobile is Video Calling application. One of the very famous and popular app (atleast for iOS, Android and Windows) video calling app is Tango. It is a free to download application which allows video calling between various platforms. If you are using Tango on your PC, you can call your friend who is using Tango on his Android Mobile.

Currently Tango does not have any application for Nokia Symbian Mobile Phones. But the thing is what is its status, when is Tango coming out with its Nokia application. With Nokia already focusing on its Windows based Lumia mobile phone range, it is really difficult that anyone else will focus on it.

From the day Tango was launched people are requesting this application for Symbian phones (specifically - N97, N8, 5800, N97 Mini, E72, E5, X7, N86, N73, C3, 5250 etc..). We have tried to capture the status (replies from Tango official's) regarding Tango Nokia app.

Tango App for Nokia Symbian Mobiles

Status of Tango for Nokia Symbian

April 06, 2013
Hey Everyone,
Regret to inform you that after further discussions we have decided not to develop a Nokia version at this time.
Our plans may change in the future, but at this time we don't have any current plans to support Nokia/Symbian.
We appreciate your posts and enthusiasm about this topic. I hope we can support this in the future.
From the latest updates (whatever the reasons are), it seems that Tango is not coming with any application support for Symbian mobile phones. I guess at least they should have cared to inform the people why they have decided to take this decision. Moreover if there are any plans to support this in future (I mean people are eagerly waiting).

What can Nokia Symbian Users do now

  • Use Tango on your computer to make video calls
  • Buy Android or Windows Based mobile
  • Use other video calling softwares which are available for Nokia Phones (I guess Fring is available)
  • Keep making request to Tango for launching application for Nokia, they may change their mind.
Anyhow we will try to find answers for why Tango dropping idea of launching app for Nokia. Infact we will try to get some Tango official to answer your concerns.

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