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IcallFree Offers Free Phone to Phone - Mobile Dialer

It's been quite a long time since we discussed about free voip phone calls. However better late than never. We have found another voip provider which is offering free mobile calls. Today we will be discussing about "". This voip provider allows you to make calls to over 20 odd countries.

While looking around the internet for the search of free calls, I stumbled across icallfree. A totally free calling service which is similar to Click2call. Its almost identical service however its just that it iCallFree provides free calls to some additional countries which are not covered by click2call. The idea behind the service is - they will first call you on your own number and then connect you to your destination.

How to make Free Calls using iCallFree

  • Visit the website ""
  • On the website you will see a Dailer
  • In the dialer - Select your own country and enter your phone number
  • Select the country which you want to call and enter the destination number
  • Now click the button "Call!"
  • Your phone rings, pick up and wait some seconds, you will not receive any charge for this calls.
iCallFree Phone to Phone Calls

Why Free ?

I Call Free is online thanks to the publicity that is showed in the sides of the form of calls.

How to get More Free Calls ?

This Services has a limit of 5 minutes per call, and 3 calls for each IP, To obtain more calls, you had to disconnect from internet and connect again, then, you can call again every time you want. That being said, you can get more free calls - you will have to disconnect from internet and connect again and you can call again.

Hack: If you have dynamic IP, you can refresh your IP each time you complete your call limit of 15 minutes per day. With a new IP address, you can make calls all over again.

Icallfree currently offers mobile calls to over 20 countries. Some of the odd ones are Malaysia, colombia, Thailand etc which typically never make it to the Free Calling Country list.

Available Free Country List

iCallFree Free Country List

You will need to be calling from one the free countries and also calling one of these free countries. For example you can make free calls from USA to Japan for free!

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