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Vyke Free Credit and Phone Calls - With Promotion Codes

There are already a bunch of voip providers which are providing free calls to certain destinations, but it's always good to find few more just as backups. You never know when your favorite VOIP provider stops giving away Free calls or just disappears overnight, and that's the time these new services will come handy. 

In our growing hunger to find new Free calls providers, we found "Vyke". At first Look, Vyke looked great to me. It's simple no frills voip service.

They offer almost everything - you name it and you will find it. Its a complete voip service - offering PC application to make PC to Phone Calls. It also offers smartphone applications (Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry), IP VOIP service (SIP based calling) and the best of all, a Vyke Callback service which is simply great - basically every method by which you can make voip calls. Another good thing is Vyke is offering free calling to most european destinations.

Vyke Free Credit and Calls

It also gives you $1 of Credit to test their service. Lets see how you can use Vyke.
  1. Go to Vyke and Register
  2. They will ask you to verify your phone number. Enter your number and wait for their SMS.
  3. Enter code received in SMS in Vyke account and you are verified. They instantly add $1 credit to your account.
VykeMobile - Free Credit and Calls

How to Make Calls with Vyke

- Vyke Mobile VOIP
Vyke offers a good setup for Mobile VOIP. You can either setup Vyke manually using their SIP settings (given Below) or your their online guide to set it up. It basically sends a message to your phone, you need to follow the link and setup Vyke on Mobile. Of course, you can also setup Vyke on Fring, if you want to. Just use the following SIP settings.

Vyke SIP Settings:
  • Display name: Your Username
  • SIP/IAX Username: Your Username
  • SIP/IAX Password: ***** (Same as your vyke password if confirmed)
  • SIP server:
  • IAX Server:
  • Port: 5060
  • RTP port: 5090
  • DTMF: RFC 2833
  • Proxy settings: Same as SIP server
  • Register server: Leave blank
  • Supported codecs: G.729, G.711 (ulaw), gsm
- Vyke PC Phone
The most basic functionality by any VOIP provider. you can download their softphone.

- Vyke Call back
A really innovative way to make free VOIP Calls. You first need to register your number and then you need to dial, Vyke Callback number (i.e. +4918059908850 or +442071542887), as soon as you hear the busy tone, hang up. Within 10 seconds, the Vyke service will call you back and when you answer you will hear the dial tone. Enter the number you wish to call and you will be connected.

- Vyke Web Calling
Vyke also offers Web calling, which will give you a flexibility of Phone to Phone Calling. Enter your number and your friend's number and click call. You can also delay calls if you want to. Another good feature.

- Vype SmartPhone Application
These days almost everyone has a smartphone and making calls from smartphone is the easiest and simplest way to make calls. Vyke also gives smartphone application for - Android Mobile, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Blackbery and other Mobiles!

Vype Promotion Code

  • Invite a friend to earn $5 : Do not require any promotional code for this
  • Very cheap calling rates to United States of America, South Africa, Egypt .. 
Vyke apparently is also offering free voip calls to European destinations and US and Canada. However they charge 4 cents setup fee. We couldn't figure out if it was one time fee or a per call fee. If the call is unlimited, then 4 cent fee shouldn't be a big issue. If anyone manage to test this, Please report.

Overall Vyke has good potential of become a leading VOIP provider if they manage to crack this overcrowded market. Please share your experience with Vyke.

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