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VoipAgain - WakaCall Free Voip Phone Calls anywhere in world

Continuing with the list of voip providers which are offering free calls all over world is VoipAgain aka WakaCall. VoipAgain offers the leading platform for international VoIP, combining easy-to-use functions with comprehensive features and low rates.

You just need to download their softphone and save the installation file to your computer. After downloading, double click the installer file and you are set to go. Registration is on there website only. It it hardly takes few seconds. You can make free calls to regular phones in various popular destinations, that is to more than 30 countries. Offcourse India is not included (as the calling rates are high and call volume is too high for India).

  • Maximum 500 minutes of FREE CALLS to our FREE destinations over any 7 day period.
  • Your first 10 minutes of calls to over 30 selected countries using our service will be FREE.
  • After the first 10 minutes of FREE calls, if you're over 11 minutes, you will be automatically charged for the whole minutes based on the destination.
  • When the 500 minute FREE limit is exceeded, normal rate will be automatically charged based on the destination.

Workaround: If you want to make more calls and get more free minutes register for another account with another email address. Someone please check that do they track via IP address, even if that is the case please use proxy while registering for another account.

How to make calls

  • You will need to download the PC application known as softphone. 
  • Click this download link - Save the installation file to your computer.
  • After downloading, double click the installer file and you are set to go.
  • Make free calls to regular phones in various popular destinations, or call any other number at the lowest rates around. 

ooVoo Voip App for Free Video and Voice Calls : Free Download

With the change and advancement in technology, the mode and way of communication also change. Letters and telegrams are out and it is the era of mobile phone and voip. Voice and video Calling is getting very popular and lot of people now make calls over internet. If we talk about voip calling (specially video calling), Skype is one service which is very popular. However there are some new entries in the voip market and these are also big name.

We are talking about the new voip service named "ooVoo". Though it is a new service, however the features and promotions it is offering has already made this service so popular. It already has a huge customer base. So we decided to review ooVoo (which offers voip applications for almost all the devices).

It is a complete suite of communication. Voip with high quality Video conferencing is the core base of ooVoo. OoVoo is infact combination of Skype and Paltalk - World's No.1 Video Conferencing solution.

ooVoo Feature Set

Free Video Chat with upto 12 people at same time : Everyone likes video calling but trust me whats more interesting is video chat with multiple people. It is really exciting and it is free with ooVoo (paid service with Skype).

Free Mobile Video Chat : The thing with many other voip services is that it offer app only for limited devices. Similar to Skype, ooVoo is a multi platform application. It offers video calling app for PC, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia and other platforms. Its a complete app!

Direct Integration with Facebook : If you have a facebook account and directly make video calls from your Facebook account. ooVoo has a seamless and direction integration with Facebook. Now video chat without leaving your FB account and absolutely no download is required.
ooVoo on Desktop : Make Free Video Calls from your PC to a person using ooVoo on mobile. Record and send video messages. Record and upload calls to youtube. You can also setup a web chat room for free.
oovoo free video calls
ooVoo Web Call : You can Web Call anyone using your personal web call link. Post it to Facebook, Twitter, or send it in an email or IM. No download is required; simply post your group video call link to the people you want to see. In a single click, your friend can join you in a live video chat. 
Watch Video Together : You can have even more fun on ooVoo when you watch videos simultaneously with your friends. Just click the Watch Together icon located at the top of your contact list or at the bottom of your video chat window. A new panel will open. Next, type in a video title or keyword to find the video you want to watch together.
Video Chat Room : You can create a video chat room where people can join and chat with each other. You can embed this video chat in your website, blog or social media account.
- Amazing HD Video Calling Quality
- Change to full screen mode
- Send media file, receive media files
- Screen sharing with friends.
- Add a phone to a video call : Even if you are on a video call, you can still make a voice call to another friend and include him in this phone call.

ooVoo Premium Services

- Premium video chat : No ads, screen sharing, priority support with 1000 minutes of video storage. At very low price of $29.99 per annum (approx $2.99 per month in monthly plan)
- ooVoo credits : You need to purchase credits in order to call landlines and normal phones (not using ooVoo on mobile). ooVoo offers crystal clear audio quality phone calls to landline and mobile phones, no fading or muffling. Calls to USA and Canada at 1.8 cents per minute.

ooVoo Premium Plans


ooVoo is in short a social voip video conferencing solution which tries to go one step ahead of traditional VOIP softphones such as Skype. It tries to give users a much needed Voice 2.0 experience with high quality video streaming needed for high quality conference calls.

We highly recommend ooVoo voip service and you must try it. It is free to download and most of the features are free to use.. with very less premium service. 

Globe7 - Make Free Voip Pc to Phone Calls WorldWide

If you look at the number of people who have internet access on computer (PC) then its huge. A good amount of world population has internet access and that too with good speed and bandwidth. Infact many people are now using internet on mobile (because of availability of smartphone's). The real question is how many of these are actually using internet for making phone calls.

Making calls from mobile phone using your telecom is the old method (though people still rely on it), however it is very costly. International calling rates of telecom companies is too high - Calling India from USA can cost you more than 20 cents per minute. The new trend is to make Pc to Phone Calls. Internet calling is also popularly known as Voip (voice over internet protocol).

Pc to Phone Calls
  • You need computer from where you plan to make calls
  • You need microphone (most laptop's have built in mic)
  • You require internet connection on your PC - high speed
  • You need a voip service - read more below..
Today we will look at one such voip service which allows you to make free pc to phone calls (yes free calls) - named "Globe7". It is a tiny application integrated with SoftPhone, IM, Videos, Games, News and many more opt-in Widgets like Live TV, Live Radio, Astrology, Forex, Movies, Pets, Recipes, Sports foryour complete entertainment, information and communication.

Globe7 - You need to download this voip application to your computer. Install the application on your PC. It used to offer free calls to any country in the world in lieu of watching video advertisements.

Globe7 - Free Voip Calls WorldWide

Old Method Free Calls with Globe7

  • Watch video advertisements on Globe7 applications. These are short videos - watch them at your own pace. 
  • You will get free credit by watching these videos
  • Use this credit to make free international phone calls.

New Method - Free PC Calling with Globe7

Globe7 Phone now enables you to make free calling to any landline or mobile across the globe. You can also get the benefit of Instant Messaging. 
  • Download the software.
  • Register on the site using that software.
  • You are ready to make 5 min call to any no across the world.
  • Hack for unlimited calls : Register using the same software but with another email id. (Fake)
Read: Tutorial - Globe7 - Make Free Pc to Phone Calls


The above method's of voip calling with Globe7 are old now. They have updated their calling service. No more advertisement based calling or free 5 minutes of calls.
  • Make Pc to Phone calls - voip app
  • Make Phone to Phone Calls - Use Android Application of Globe7
  • Make Calls from Pc to Mobile or vice versa
  • Make Calls directly from web - click to call
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