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Tpad : Mobile Voip Service With Free Credits : FREE Mobile Calls from WiFi enabled mobile phones


Tpad, one of the leading voip providers in this competitive industry has proved upto its name. We had a post about Tpad offering free calls, earlier this month. Just to mention, Tpad is giving Free 2$ credits exclusively for our readers. So, all those who have not fully utilized this offer, check my previous post on tpad.

Recently Tpad has fully changed the look of their website, and they have added Tpad mobile to their service. So lets see what is this new feature, and how can you utilize it to make Free Calls from your mobile. This will surely help you lower/cut off your phone bills.

Well, in order to use this service and make free calls, you need to have a wifi enabled mobile phone. Many Nokia Phone are compatible. Don't worry, if you do not have a wifi enabled mobile phone, you can still use their PC to Phone feature.

The Tpad Mobile Service enables FREE Mobile Calls from WiFi enabled mobile phones,
this could be at home or when you are "on the move" within an WiFi Hotspot. So whenever you are wifi network, you can make free mobile calls.

You need to create a Free Tpad account by entering
few details on this page. Tpad will send you a Free Text Message that will automatically setup your Mobile with Tpad. Its features -:

  • No Monthly Fees or Charges
  • No Connection Charges
  • No Need to install any Software on your Phone
  • Make Free Mobile Calls anywhere in the World to other Tpad Users over your WiFi Connection

  • That means you can ask your friend to register with Tpad, and then you can talk to your friend on his mobile absolutely Free in free Wifi hotspot area. Isn't that cool..?

    When you create a Free Account Tpad will give you $0.50 so you can make your First call for FREE.

    Also when you first buy any amount of Call Credit you will receive a FREE $1 added to your Account.

    Additionally our (freepctophonecalls) readers can get more 2$ of credit by Tpad. Check this Post about Tpad.

    Please drop a comment to this post, and let us know whether you liked it or not. Also what difficulties you faced, so that we can be more elaborate next time.

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    Rebtel offers Free One Hour Calls to India Voucher Code

    We have been quite active in reviewing various voip providers and informing you about the latest free and cheap calling offers. Yesterday we covered a post on Rebtel, which is one of the biggest and most trusted voip provider. Infact it is being treated as biggest danger to voip giant Skype. Many of our blog readers liked their service and have started using it. It not only offers cheap rates but the call quality is superb and their customer support is tremendous as well (quite fast).

    Coming to our yesterday's post on Rebtel, Mr. Alex dropped by on it. And as a good gesture, he made us familiar with new exciting offer by Rebtel. It is giving away Free one hour of Calling to India. Please note that this offer is applicable only for India and people will be able to call only India for free (and not any other country).

    Rebtel Advertisement

    Many people have been asking me about methods to make Free Calls to India, so this offers will surely help them up. One more thing to note is that its is a limited promotion for new Indian callers. This means only new users will get access to this offer.

    To get Free 60 minutes calling to India, redeem the voucher code below.
    The voucher code is: 5876951380

    I know it can be difficult for new readers to follow the code, so just follow the simple steps below.

    - Register with Rebtel using this special link
    - Click on "Accept the offer" or "Claim Offer"
    - On the page just enter your details. Select username, password etc.. and enter your phone number.
    - You will get first call free
    - Now go to credit recharge (You are not buying any credit)
    - In the voucher code field, just enter the above voucher code.
    - You will get one hour (60 minutes) free to India.

    Enter Rebtel Voucher Code

    Rebtel also offers a similar voucher code for calling Philippines (one hour free calls). Interesting thing is that you need not to buy any credit form Rebtel. Not only you are getting 60 minutes free but you will also get first call free (which you can make use of to call any country in world).

    Making calls from Rebtel is quite easy. Either you can use local access number (you will get a local number for every destination) or you can use PC application of Rebtel. If you a smartphone, then you can use Rebtel app on your mobile as well.

    If you somehow decide that you are going to stay with Rebtel and make it your regular voip provider, then just make sure you use the voucher code for double money which will make your effective calling rates as half.

    Rebtel Free Trial Minutes for Calling Anywhere in World

    Few years back making international calls was a very costly thing. People used to make international calls only when highly necessary and was mostly avoided. However things are changing now, all thanks to voip. Call rates have reduced a lot with so many different voip phone providers. Infact some of the voip providers have started running promotions where they are giving free minutes, so that you can even make international calls free. Today we decided to review one such voip provider and its promotional offer where it is also giving away free phone calls.

    We are talking about the new joiner promotional offer by Rebtel. If you have not yet regsitered with Rebtel, then you can avail this offer. It is offering all new customers "10 Free Minutes of Calling". Please note that you can use these minutes to call any country in the world, free minute duration will depend on country you are calling. For India it is definitely 10 minutes. Also, as this is an introductory offer so it will not last for long, make sure you use this asap.

    Rebtel Free Minutes

    How to avail this offer 

    - Register with Rebtel
    - Select username, password, enter your number and create a free account
    - You will see 10 minutes in your account
    - Use this to call any country in the world.

    The name for this promotion is "Rebtel First Call Free". They honestly believe that if you register with their service and try out the free call : you will just love Rebtel and will stay with them forever. You will use Rebtel for all your local and international calling needs.

    Now the question is how to place calls with Rebtel. Well, it is quite unique in its way. It offers so many different ways by which you can make calls. Either you can download the PC application to make Pc to Phone Calls, you can also download the smartphone applications available for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Blackberry.

    Free Calls by Rebtel

    If you don't want to do all this then also it is fine. You need not to have or use computer, calling cards or even need not to download anything to your phone.

    You just have to register to the service, which is offcourse Free. Then you have to give the phone number of the person you want to call in another country, and they will give you a local number for them. That means you have to first enter your phone number, then the destination number.
    They will give you a local number, dialing that number will enable to place your call to your destination. So you will be charged locally only. Its damn simple.

    This is not all, Rebtel has more in store for you. After the trial period you decide to stay with Rebtel and continue using their service, you need to buy credit. It offers really cheap international calling rates : way lower then your normal telecom and even Skype. Time to time, it also keep coming with new offers like offering free calls to Philippines, One hour free calls voucher for India etc..

    And to top it all if you make use of Rebtel Double Money Promotional Voucher Code, then you can get $20 credit by paying $10. That's like your effective calling rate gets half. And trust me once a Rebtel user, always a Rebtel user.

    Tutorial : How to Make Unlimited Free Calls using Globe7 Software

    Many people around the globe have mailed us so many times asking how they can place unlimited number of calls for free using Internet. There are so many websites and softwares (Voip Providers) which are offering such free calls service. One of the biggest and most easiest way to make free internet calls is to use "Globe7". Few weeks back we discussed about Globe7 voip service and how it offers Pc to Phone calls.

    We also discussed about how it offers video advertisements which can be exchanged for phone calls. Infact Globe7 has been rated as no.1 Voip provider by many experts in voip technology. Its been first service of its kind. It was the first voip service which I have used, and I still use it many times to make free calls.

    Earlier Globe7 used to give free credits for watching videos. These credits were then used to make free calls. This was the old method which has been replaced by a new one (which again allows free calls for limited duration). However by following a few hacks these can be converted to unlimited free calls.

    We discussed about this in the last post as well, however many readers were facing difficulty to place their calls, as they are quite new to voip technology. Sometimes they are not able to use the hack properly. So, this post is quite detailed with step by step procedure to place your free calls. I will include the hack to make unlimited calls around the world.

    You will be able to call "free" to about 60 countries using the trick, but offcourse you can buy credits to make calls to other countries. Their rates are also very cheap. The below method works great to make free calls to India, Pakistan and other countries.

    Procedure to make Unlimited Free Calls worldwide using Globe7

    Step1 : Visit Globe7 here, and download the software (Softphone) to make Pc to Phone Calls.

    Step2 : After downloading the software, register for Globe7 using the software. Enter your email address and other details. They will send your password to your email.

    Step3 : Login to the softphone using the username you entered, and password they provided. You will get 5 cents credit free to make calls. As the rates are very cheap, you will be able to make free calls to many countries on mobiles and landlines.

    Step4: Click on the Phone Icon on the main window of he softphone, this will open a dialer.
    Dial the phone no you want to place call. You will be connected.

    Step5: After you run out of balance, you can Re-register using another email address. You need not to use any proxy. Just use another email address. This is the hack.

    You may get free email id by mailinator, which don't even ask for any of your details. You don't need to create any email id. You can enter any email address @ . Then go to that website and check your email. Just enter your username, no need for any password.

    VOIPAX : 60 Minutes trial Calls worldwide


    We have found yet another voip provider for our readers to enable them to make Free Pc to Phone calls. This one is named VOIPAX. They are offering free pc to phone calls as well as free phone to phone calls. These phone to phone calls are web initiated.

    voipax is the new way to make worldwide phone calls! It´s very simple and totally free for calls to all other voipax users as well as some(60) free minutes for free phone calls.

    Either you can Just download the voipax client and start or use their service for phone to phone calls from there website. The download and the voipax client are for free! You only have to register! They give you about 60 free minutes to Test voipax. During this trial period you can call the destinations marked as FREE at no cost!

    These free destinations (about 60 countries) include Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Korea, France and many more. You may check whether the country you want to call is free or not here.
    They do not allow you to make free calls to India, Pakistan. For calling these countries free we have already covered many posts.

    The only problem I faced is that their softphone ( client) is of 32 Mb. If you have high speed broadband, it will take only a minute to download.

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    Gizmo Project Gimzo5 : Free Internet Phone Calls from your Phone and PC

    Many of you must be knowing about and using Gizmo Project. They have changed their name to Gizmo5. Not only they have changed their name but their website also and it looks much better now. Gizmo5 Can be used from your computer, Mobile phones or Nokia tablets.

    You can save up your phone costs by using Gizmo Free calls features. They are now giving away free Computer/Phone to Phone calls. They have added new features like Voice Calls, Instant Messaging, File Sharing, Video calling and much more.

    These features makes Gizmo5 a must try application. Lets look at various features a bit in detail.

    Voice Calls
    - Call anyone in the world for free from your computer, save big on calls from your mobile phone.

    Instant Message - Chat with friends on Gizmo5, MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and Jabber for free.

    File Sharing - Easy sharing of photos, videos and files from your mobile phone or computer.

    Video Calls - See friends and family when making calls anywhere in the world. (Desktop version only)

    So, Big question how can one make Free Internet Calls from your Pc using Gizmo5 ?

    Actually they are giving their users to make free calls to landline and mobiles to about 60 countries.

    The country list includes Canada China Cyprus Guam Hong Kong Malawi Malaysia Puerto Rico Russia Saipan San Marino Singapore South Korea Thailand United States US Virgin Islands Vatican CityArgentina Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Chile Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France French Antilles Germany Gibraltar Greece Guadeloupe Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Liechtenstein Luxembourg Monaco Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Peru Poland Portugal Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Turkey United Kingdom Venezuela Zambia. 

    Users NEW to the All Calls Free plan get 20 minutes of free calling simply by getting ONE friend to sign up for a new Gizmo account.

    So you can invite just one of your friend to gizmo5 and make free calls.

    For more detials and info, visit Gizmo5 [Link Removed as this service no longer works].

    Jaxtr Tip and Trick for Unlimited Free International Calling

    We all make phone calls to connect to our friends and family. If your friends and family are living abroad (in some other country), then you end up paying for international calls. What it effectively means is that your phone bills must be pretty high. This blog helps our readers find new ways of free calling (both local and international) so that people can save some money on their phone bills. Few days back, we posted one article, rather a tutorial on using Jaxtr. It had a unique way of offering phone calls.

    Our userguide on Jaxtr was a big hit among our blog readers. Many followed the step by step tutorial and were successfully able to place free international calls. Infact I received a fan mail from someone, in which he wrote that he is quite happy as he can call home (India) for free. So if you have not yet read that post, we suggest that you get familiar with Jaxtr first.

    Jaxtr is currently offering 100Jax (their own credit system) free of charge. The thing is that this 100Jax will lasts for few minutes and soon you will end up your free credit. Same happened with so many our readers and my mailbox got full of such mails.

    Jaxtr Hack

    So this post is just continuation of our earlier post, and we will try to trick Jaxtr which will allow you to make as many calls as you like. Effectively it means unlimited international calls absolutely free. Lets see how.

    - Jaxtr Free Connect Service
    - JaxtrSMS for sending free sms

    Jaxtr Tip : Unlimited Free Calls 

    - Create an account with Jaxtr as explained in userguide
    - Use up your Free 100Jax by making calls.
    - Delink your number from Jaxtr Account (You need to go to your account and add/remove phone settings)
    - Register for another account in similar way and link the same number to your new account.
    - You just got 100Jax Free again

    It seems that Jaxtr is currently giving free credit based on account settings and not phone number. This is quite similar to ibibo (also giving free credit for calling India), which is again based on new account.

    But please note that make use of this asap because once Jaxtr gets aware of this, they will stop giving credit on basis of new account and will start it based on new number. Then you will have to register with a new number to get more free Jax.

    If you are interested in more such articles, we recommend that you subscribe to us with your email account. Alternatively you can follow us on our facebook page.

    Lowratevoip : Free Calls to Pakistan : Call Pakistan Mobile Free

    Many of our readers have been asking us " How to Make Free Voip Phone Calls to Pakistan ", "How to make absolutely free calls to Pakistan", "How to Call Pakistan Free". We have finally found a answer to them. A betamax program named Lowratevoip is providing Free Calls to Pakistan, including Mobile service in Pakistan.

    Yes you can use Lowratevoip to make free calls to Pakistan mobiles (Free call pc to mobile in Pakistan). Now it is possible to call Pakistan for free from any part of the world using Lowratevoip service. Even you can call from Pakistan to Pakistan (making free mobile calls in Pakistan).

    Lowratevoip has both web initiated that is Phone to phone calls as well as Free Pc to Phone Calls. Offcourse you can make Free calls to other countries using this voip service. Since there are not many free voip providers for Pakistan so I am concentrating my post on Pakistan. I guess, Lowratevoip is only voip service provider (for now) offering free calls to Pakistan.

    Procedure to make Free Calls to Pakistan, Call Pakistan Free.

    For making Phone to Phone Calls. These include making calls from Pakistan to Pakistan, USA to Pakistan, USA to USA, Canada to Pakistan, USA, Europe to Pakistan etc. Making Calls from India to Pakistan is not possible via phone to phone method. Use pc to phone method for calling Pakistan from India. Read a few lines below for that. With PC to Phone Calls, you can make Free calls to Pakistan from anywhere in the world.

    • Visit lowratevoip. Check for Test or Make a Free trial call option on right middle side of Page.
    • Check out the instruction here.

    Pc to Phone Calls

    For Making PC to Phone Calls. That is to made Calls from India to Pakistan etc, also Free calls to Pakistan from anywhere in the world.

    Download Lowratevoip softphone or Dailer

    The first time you start the lowratevoip, you will be asked to choose a User Name and password. The User Name and password fields are required in order to use the lowratevoip. You can choose any name but it must be at least 6 characters in length. If the name is already in use by someone else you will have to try another name.

    For a call to any regular phone, enter the desired number in the textbox and click the dial-button. For making Free calls to Pakistan using Lowratevoip, enter the Pakistan number.
    If you are calling a land line in one of the free destinations this include Pakistan,USA,Europe, etc the call will be placed at no costs at all.

    Note: They give 200 minutes of Free Calls (200 minutes of free calls to Pakistan) per unique IP address. I would suggest you to use Proxy server to get more free minutes.
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    Jaxtr UserGuide : How to use Jaxtr for Free Calls Anywhere in World

    Today we will be discussing about this new voip provider named Jaxtr. We will also share a tutorial following which you should be able to make free calls from any country to any country in the world. This new voip service is not just another voip provider, it is is quite unique in its own way. They give you a widget which you can put on your blog or website. People can click on that widget to call you. Good thing is that your number also remain private.

    Jaxtr links your phone to the web, so you can hear from callers worldwide while keeping your existing phone number private. This service is very useful for blogger and webmasters who want their readers to contact them. You can register on their website, and then link your mobile number. They will give you a personal URL and a widget. People can call you using that url or that widget. Basically Jaxtr first call the person who wants to contact you, then it will connect the call with you. Jaxtr gives you 100Jax per month. You can use jax to make or receive free calls. You can then easily control which friends you want to ring through to your phone.

    That's not all! You can use this voip service for Making free calls as well. Lets see how, as promised here is a step by step user guide on jaxtr. It enables users to receive incoming calls from their websites, blogs, we will make use of this functionality to place calls.

    You can use it to make free calls to countries like India, Pakistan. You can use this from anywhere in the world, as long as you are connected to internet.

    Jaxtr has updated its service. Now it is offering free sms via JaxtrSMS Service. You can also use it on iPad/iPhone/Android to send sms.

    Tutorial (Jaxtr UserGuide) for Free Calling

    Step 1
    You need to create an account in Jaxtr. Basically it allows receiving calls from anywhere in world from internet. So you need to make account for the receiving or destination person/party. Suppose if you want to call India from US. You need to make account for Indian Phone number. You will need to register and confirm so, ask the destination party to make an account in jaxtr. You can register on jaxtr here. They ask for email verification too.

    Jaxtr Tutorial Step 1

    Step 2
    Register your number, or add your number to that account. When you log in you can add your number by going to settings and then manage phones. Add your number over there. After adding the number, Jaxtr will give you a verification code such as "00263" etc and will call your phone which you just added. You need to verify your phone with the number provided and Jaxtr will activate your number.

    Jaxtr Tutorial Step 2

    Step 3
    You get an profile link in your main page, you can place your call by visiting that link. There is an call option on left hand side, clicking on that ask you to enter your number. Enter the number from which you want to place call. They will first call you and then the number which you want to talk to. In this case India.

    Jaxtr Tutorial Step 3
    Tip ::
    Sometimes it happens that you can place only your first call for free and then they start giving another number to you when you enter your number. If that number is local to you, then you can call that number from your telephone only. This will connect your phone to your destination. But in that case you will be charged locally.

    If that number is not local to you, use this workaround. 
    I am not very sure if this will work but you may try and let me know. If you get an US phone number by jaxtr to call on then, use voip softwares like Webcalldirect, Icall, Globe7 etc. to place your call.

    If this does not work, get a US, European phone number. Then enter this number as your phone number. Now use above said voip services to call.

    Adphone : Adphone Free Credits, Units, download

    Adphone is one of the major voip providers in this competitive market. With so many voip services it is really difficult to make a choice and start using one service. However if one is offering free calls then it is a no brainer and choice is pretty straight forward.

    The interesting thing about AdPhone is that it is giving 30 Minutes of Free VOIP Phone calls to fixed/landline numbers. These calls are basically Free pc to phone calls. In order to use this service, you will have to download the AdPhone software. You can download Adphone free softphone from its website.

    So how Adphone works and why ADPHONE is giving free calls.

    • First, you download and install ADPHONE on your windows PC.
    • Then, you create a username and activate your account by verifying your email address.
    • Then, you start ADPHONE on your PC, put on your headset and dial a phone number.
    When calling landlines phones by Adphone, they give you 30 free minutes every day. Adphone gives you the free minutes, because it earn money displaying visual ads during calls. I don't think these ads will bother you because these are only visual ads and they will not interfere in your talks. Adphone works just great!

    You have 30 free minutes every day when calling fixed/landline phones in all countries listed below. (The first 2 minutes per call are free. You cannot call the same number for free more than once every 10 minutes).Dail the same number after 10 minutes. It works.

    Check for free countries and for more info visit Adphone website. If you want to keep making free calls and keep yourself updated with such free offers, please subscribe to this blog or bookmark this blog. Press "Ctrl+D".

    2$ Free test credit by Tpad for our readers

    After writing a post on Tpad, Steven from Tpad visited the blog and has written some comments. So I wanted to share with my blog readers. He has really appreciated and expressed his views on the free trial credit account. Following are his comments regarding this promotion by Tpad.

    "This is Steven from Tpad voip service. Thanks for writing a blog on Tpad, we appreciate that users are promoting positive things about Tpad. As a celebration, if any of your readers create a Free Tpad Account then i will give them $2 Free Test Call Credit.

    Just send a mail to with your Tpad Number and the URL of this website.


    So I request my users aka blog readers to make Tpad account and mail steven your Tpad number with URL of this blog. You can also mention your tpad number here in the comment section so that I can mail it to Steven.

    You can directly mail Steven about this and your account will be credited with $2.

    If you want to receive such offers please subscribe to the blog, and remain updated.
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