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Jaxtr Tip and Trick for Unlimited Free International Calling

We all make phone calls to connect to our friends and family. If your friends and family are living abroad (in some other country), then you end up paying for international calls. What it effectively means is that your phone bills must be pretty high. This blog helps our readers find new ways of free calling (both local and international) so that people can save some money on their phone bills. Few days back, we posted one article, rather a tutorial on using Jaxtr. It had a unique way of offering phone calls.

Our userguide on Jaxtr was a big hit among our blog readers. Many followed the step by step tutorial and were successfully able to place free international calls. Infact I received a fan mail from someone, in which he wrote that he is quite happy as he can call home (India) for free. So if you have not yet read that post, we suggest that you get familiar with Jaxtr first.

Jaxtr is currently offering 100Jax (their own credit system) free of charge. The thing is that this 100Jax will lasts for few minutes and soon you will end up your free credit. Same happened with so many our readers and my mailbox got full of such mails.

Jaxtr Hack

So this post is just continuation of our earlier post, and we will try to trick Jaxtr which will allow you to make as many calls as you like. Effectively it means unlimited international calls absolutely free. Lets see how.

- Jaxtr Free Connect Service
- JaxtrSMS for sending free sms

Jaxtr Tip : Unlimited Free Calls 

- Create an account with Jaxtr as explained in userguide
- Use up your Free 100Jax by making calls.
- Delink your number from Jaxtr Account (You need to go to your account and add/remove phone settings)
- Register for another account in similar way and link the same number to your new account.
- You just got 100Jax Free again

It seems that Jaxtr is currently giving free credit based on account settings and not phone number. This is quite similar to ibibo (also giving free credit for calling India), which is again based on new account.

But please note that make use of this asap because once Jaxtr gets aware of this, they will stop giving credit on basis of new account and will start it based on new number. Then you will have to register with a new number to get more free Jax.

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madhur article :

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June 4, 2008 at 5:05 AM

this is not free. our operator charges 20p per minute..

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