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Jaxtr UserGuide : How to use Jaxtr for Free Calls Anywhere in World

Today we will be discussing about this new voip provider named Jaxtr. We will also share a tutorial following which you should be able to make free calls from any country to any country in the world. This new voip service is not just another voip provider, it is is quite unique in its own way. They give you a widget which you can put on your blog or website. People can click on that widget to call you. Good thing is that your number also remain private.

Jaxtr links your phone to the web, so you can hear from callers worldwide while keeping your existing phone number private. This service is very useful for blogger and webmasters who want their readers to contact them. You can register on their website, and then link your mobile number. They will give you a personal URL and a widget. People can call you using that url or that widget. Basically Jaxtr first call the person who wants to contact you, then it will connect the call with you. Jaxtr gives you 100Jax per month. You can use jax to make or receive free calls. You can then easily control which friends you want to ring through to your phone.

That's not all! You can use this voip service for Making free calls as well. Lets see how, as promised here is a step by step user guide on jaxtr. It enables users to receive incoming calls from their websites, blogs, we will make use of this functionality to place calls.

You can use it to make free calls to countries like India, Pakistan. You can use this from anywhere in the world, as long as you are connected to internet.

Jaxtr has updated its service. Now it is offering free sms via JaxtrSMS Service. You can also use it on iPad/iPhone/Android to send sms.

Tutorial (Jaxtr UserGuide) for Free Calling

Step 1
You need to create an account in Jaxtr. Basically it allows receiving calls from anywhere in world from internet. So you need to make account for the receiving or destination person/party. Suppose if you want to call India from US. You need to make account for Indian Phone number. You will need to register and confirm so, ask the destination party to make an account in jaxtr. You can register on jaxtr here. They ask for email verification too.

Jaxtr Tutorial Step 1

Step 2
Register your number, or add your number to that account. When you log in you can add your number by going to settings and then manage phones. Add your number over there. After adding the number, Jaxtr will give you a verification code such as "00263" etc and will call your phone which you just added. You need to verify your phone with the number provided and Jaxtr will activate your number.

Jaxtr Tutorial Step 2

Step 3
You get an profile link in your main page, you can place your call by visiting that link. There is an call option on left hand side, clicking on that ask you to enter your number. Enter the number from which you want to place call. They will first call you and then the number which you want to talk to. In this case India.

Jaxtr Tutorial Step 3
Tip ::
Sometimes it happens that you can place only your first call for free and then they start giving another number to you when you enter your number. If that number is local to you, then you can call that number from your telephone only. This will connect your phone to your destination. But in that case you will be charged locally.

If that number is not local to you, use this workaround. 
I am not very sure if this will work but you may try and let me know. If you get an US phone number by jaxtr to call on then, use voip softwares like Webcalldirect, Icall, Globe7 etc. to place your call.

If this does not work, get a US, European phone number. Then enter this number as your phone number. Now use above said voip services to call.

madhur article :

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March 28, 2008 at 3:26 PM

i am a new user i am desperately want to call my parents in india because i am a house wife not allowed to call 'my' parents!
so can u plz explain me the process again...i am in USA.and not able to unerstand the process through jaxtr to call an indian ph no.i was serching for such i think i got it but not able to understand it .
please contact me at my mail id

April 9, 2008 at 9:05 AM

Thanx madhur,
it was a realy good help for me,i appriciate that.
its good,i called my parents for 3,4 times ,i made 3-4 accounts for that(i made account on my parents and i activated that)but now jaxter is not allowing me to activate my parents no through new account,any solution on this,how to get more jaxtrs free through one accout so i can call them more?

April 9, 2008 at 9:57 AM

Well, i guess jaxtr came to know about this hack. and not they don't allow registering after few registrations. However, I will trying finding a new hack for it. Till then you can call your parents using other hacks and softwares.

By now, I have covered post about most of the countries for calling them free.


April 15, 2008 at 4:46 PM

hi madhur
thanx for replying
can u tell me some other hacks or some other software links to call india it will be a great help for me

April 15, 2008 at 9:30 PM

you can call india using other softwares..I have covered many post about calling india.
check my post on Mobivox
..or get 1 hour free calls to india from rebtel.
get 2$ credit from Tpad to make calls to India

I will be posting new ways to call India as soon I find them..



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