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Rebtel offers Free One Hour Calls to India Voucher Code

We have been quite active in reviewing various voip providers and informing you about the latest free and cheap calling offers. Yesterday we covered a post on Rebtel, which is one of the biggest and most trusted voip provider. Infact it is being treated as biggest danger to voip giant Skype. Many of our blog readers liked their service and have started using it. It not only offers cheap rates but the call quality is superb and their customer support is tremendous as well (quite fast).

Coming to our yesterday's post on Rebtel, Mr. Alex dropped by on it. And as a good gesture, he made us familiar with new exciting offer by Rebtel. It is giving away Free one hour of Calling to India. Please note that this offer is applicable only for India and people will be able to call only India for free (and not any other country).

Rebtel Advertisement

Many people have been asking me about methods to make Free Calls to India, so this offers will surely help them up. One more thing to note is that its is a limited promotion for new Indian callers. This means only new users will get access to this offer.

To get Free 60 minutes calling to India, redeem the voucher code below.
The voucher code is: 5876951380

I know it can be difficult for new readers to follow the code, so just follow the simple steps below.

- Register with Rebtel using this special link
- Click on "Accept the offer" or "Claim Offer"
- On the page just enter your details. Select username, password etc.. and enter your phone number.
- You will get first call free
- Now go to credit recharge (You are not buying any credit)
- In the voucher code field, just enter the above voucher code.
- You will get one hour (60 minutes) free to India.

Enter Rebtel Voucher Code

Rebtel also offers a similar voucher code for calling Philippines (one hour free calls). Interesting thing is that you need not to buy any credit form Rebtel. Not only you are getting 60 minutes free but you will also get first call free (which you can make use of to call any country in world).

Making calls from Rebtel is quite easy. Either you can use local access number (you will get a local number for every destination) or you can use PC application of Rebtel. If you a smartphone, then you can use Rebtel app on your mobile as well.

If you somehow decide that you are going to stay with Rebtel and make it your regular voip provider, then just make sure you use the voucher code for double money which will make your effective calling rates as half.

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November 3, 2008 at 9:04 AM

hii i found very nice offers in one of the biggest company for makining cheap calls . it is rebtel .this offer allow you to get double money in your a count so if you top up with 10$ you will get 20$ . and that will make the calls even more cheaper .so any body wanna to get this offer just give me his email and i will send him invitation and he will sighn up easally . so send me your email on

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