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VOIPAX : 60 Minutes trial Calls worldwide


We have found yet another voip provider for our readers to enable them to make Free Pc to Phone calls. This one is named VOIPAX. They are offering free pc to phone calls as well as free phone to phone calls. These phone to phone calls are web initiated.

voipax is the new way to make worldwide phone calls! It´s very simple and totally free for calls to all other voipax users as well as some(60) free minutes for free phone calls.

Either you can Just download the voipax client and start or use their service for phone to phone calls from there website. The download and the voipax client are for free! You only have to register! They give you about 60 free minutes to Test voipax. During this trial period you can call the destinations marked as FREE at no cost!

These free destinations (about 60 countries) include Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Korea, France and many more. You may check whether the country you want to call is free or not here.
They do not allow you to make free calls to India, Pakistan. For calling these countries free we have already covered many posts.

The only problem I faced is that their softphone ( client) is of 32 Mb. If you have high speed broadband, it will take only a minute to download.

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