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Fring : Mobile Voip application : Free Phone Calls

I have mentioned many posts about making free PC to phone calls. My last post being on Free calls from India to India. Today, as we all know voip technology has moved more forward. They even allow making free calls from your mobile phone ( no web initiated) . These are mobile voip applications. Fring is a big name in this mobile voip applications.

Basically, Fring is a application for your mobile. So you need to download this to your phone. Minimum requirements for your handset -:

1. Applicable 3G or Wi-Fi Symbian 8 or 9, Windows Mobile 5 or 6 and UIQ handsets (see visual list) with 3G/GPRS/Wi-Fi network coverage.
2. If using over 3G/GPRS networks, a data plan allowing you to surf the Internet from your mobile handset.
3. 200-375kb of available space on memory card or phone.

In order to register for their service, fill details on their website.
They will send you a sms, with a link to application. Download that application.
Follow the onscreen instructions on your handset to install and register.

Here is a image showing how fring works.

Learn about fring on WiFi
Learn about using SIP over fring

Also fring works with many sip providers.

For more info, visit Fring.

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Also Free calls worldwide including India.

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