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Mobile VOIP Application : Yeigo : Free mobile calls


Voip industry is growing in every part of world. It has lowered down the call cost to a great extent.

is a South African mobile voip service. It has taken the south african VOIP market to a new level. Yeigo is a free and innovative voip application for your mobile phone, which uses your phones Internet connection to offer you free calls, Instant Messaging and cut-price text messages.

Yeigo allows you to talk whenever you want, wherever you are for as long as you want. Since yeigo only uses your mobile internet connection, so even if you are in roaming, calls made using yeigo will be charged normally.

Your handset connects to the Internet allowing Yeigo to make calls over the Internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technologies, instead of the traditional networks. Your mobile can connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi, GPRS/EDGE,3G/ HSDPA and other emerging mediums.

* Calls to other people using Yeigo are free.

* You'll save up to 80% on calls to those who don't have Yeigo.

* Yeigo gives you 3 free YeigoCredit so you can try out Yeigo's OutCall & SMS feature to non-Yeigo numbers. You Can use this credit to make calls anywhere to non yeigo users.

Call rate to India is just .346Yeigo credit. (5 Cents) That's very cheap in this mobile voip market.
Check call rates here.

With the pace at which internet is growing, more and more people are having access to internet on their phone. Almost all phones having Gprs, edge, Wifi are compatible with Yeigo. However you may check here if your phone is compatible with Yiego or not.

How to use Yeigo ?

You have to register for Yeigo, download and install their mobile voip application to your mobile.
Just try the application.

1. If you are using windows enabled mobile. Here is a link to Video showing use of Yeigo in your mobile.

2. For Symbian based mobile. This covers most Nokia Phones. Video Link.

3. Yeigo Lite is recently launched which is compatible for all other phones.

Yeigo looks quite cool to me. It is atleast worth giving a try.

Reminding you again Calls are free between Yeigo users and they give you 3Yeigo credit to make calls to non yeigo users.

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