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Tpad : Use Xlite for making free calls


Few days back I blogged about Tpad, their PC to phone calling service as well as Free phone to phone calling service. Just to remind, Tpad is giving 2$ credits (Tpad) to our blog readers. Using which you can call any country for free. Already many people have used this offer. Check that post here.

Since Tpad Softphone is in beta phase, some some users may experience problems with it. You can use another Free Softphone called Xlite which is very good, click here for easy setup info.

How to make Low Cost International Numbers using Xlite and Tpad:

Dial 9 + 00 + Country Code + Area Code + Contact Number

e.g. The Tpad Format of Dialling International / Worldwide Telephone Numbers:

UK Landline = 9004412827777XX Pakistan Landline = 900923456789XX
India Landline = 9009123456789XX US Landline = 90012345678XX

UK Mobile = 900447973304XX Pakistan Mobile = 90092345678912XX
India Mobile = 900913123456XX US Mobile = 90012345678XX

How to make Free Calls (Tpad to Tpad / IP to IP / VoIP Device to VoIP Device):

Simply dial the 7 digit Tpad Number of your Friend (the tpad number is free when you create a free account)
e.g. Dial 1126789

As you can see it is very simple, the call will be totally FREE and UNLIMITED to any destination in the World! This is because it is a VoIP Call and will be sent over your Internet Connection and will pass through the Tpad Global Phone Network.

Errors / Solutions:

If you experience error 408, X-Lite is having problems connecting to the Internet,try disabling your firewall or contacting your ISP (or network admin) to ensure port 5060 is not being blocked.

You can try using this setting if 5060 port is blocked - Use

Error 401 means you have not entered your Tpad details correctly. Please check the information you have entered in the accounts screen.

Use our STUN Settings if you are still getting "Not Connecting / Failed to Register / Failed to Connect" then use the info on this link.

Thanks to Steve from Tpad for sharing this information with us.

Here are some of the links of post/offers exclusively for our readers -:

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4. Get free 1 hour calls from Rebtel.

5. Get 2.5$ Free credit by Tpad to make free calls to any country.

6. Make Free Calls from India to India.

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