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Eqo : Sign Up bonus, 50% discount to call other Eqo users


Many of you must be using be using Internet in your phones. You can heavily reduce your phone bills by making voip calls using mobile voip application. As these companies say, " if you already pay for internet data plans, why to pay more for making calls".

EQO is a free voip application that can reduce your phone bills. In order to use EQO you need have a mobile data/internet plan on your phone. Most of the phones are supported by Eqo. Mobile IM with EQO is compatible with all major IM services: MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, QQ (NEW!), ICQ and Jabber!

You can even make phone calls using Eqo, though call rates are much similar to other voip providers. For eg. calls to India landline/Mobile costs 8 cents. Calls to Pakistan cost 5.6 cents.

But the best part is you can invite your friends to join your EQO network and you can use EQO to call them at 50% off EQO’s regular calling rate, or send them an EQO Message for free. Additionally they are giving some sign up bonus to try their service. You can use this credit to make calls to any country including India.

That means if you call your friend in India using Eqo at 4 cents, Pakistan at 2.8 cents.

First you have to sign up on the Eqo website.

Once you complete sign-up, EQO will send two text messages to the mobile number your provided during sign-up. One contains your EQO password that you will need to log on to EQO, and the other text message contains a link to download EQO. Click on the link to begin downloading EQO.

One more thing which I liked about Eqo, is that if suppose your friend is offline and you want to call him. One can use EQO’s free “Nudge” function to get them online.

Click on the person you want to contact, and choose “Nudge”. A free text message will automatically be sent to that person asking them to get online to talk to you.

Once their status has switched to online (green chat bubble) you can now call that person at 50% off EQO’s already low calling rates!

Those who are using internet in your phone, you may start using voip in your phone itself. You can configure SIP, use applications like fring, eqo, mo-call. You will definitely see the difference in your phone bills.

For more info, visit EQO.

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