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MTNL Launches Video Phone Calling in INDIA : V Spyk

Which telecom service has the widest reach in India, offcourse everyone knows the answer and it is MTNL. Be it Airtel, Idea or Vodafone almost all the telecom companies offer calling card services for International calls, but why is MTNL lagging behind. No more, finally the long wait is over for people of India to enjoy Voip service. MTNL(BSNL), which is owned by government, has launched its voip service in India with a bang and full of features.

Expanding the services offered under its broadband, state-owned MTNL today launched its Video Phone calling services, 'V Spyk'. MTNL already claims to have approx 6,000 subscribers on its IPTV service. This VOIP service together with video calling facility will be available to their broadband subscribers.

Yes, you need to be a MTNL broadband subscriber in order to use this service.You will have to pay just Rs 9,999 as lifetime rental for the services. The services will be available to subscribers at Rs 499 per month, which includes IPTV, VOIP and 50 free calls and 50 MB broadband services.

VSpyk is basically MTNL's Video Phone. You can make free voip calls and video calls using this device. Though the rates seems to a bit high, but I am sure, in the coming future it will come down. I am sure many people will opt for this voip service.

The telco also plans to offer interactive education and e-shopping over IPTV shortly. The service has been launched in collaboration with Aksh Optifibre Ltd. Aksh Opticfibre will be retaining 75% and MTNL retaining 25% of the revenue. Aksh will provide the set-top box and manage content alliances with TV broadcasters.

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The product will be available in Delhi and Mumbai to all MTNL subscribers who have a broadband connection.

This is what I found on MTNL Website.

Aksh’s VideoPhone is an easy and affordable way of communicating face-to-face over any distance. It is ideal for any multi-media communication environment, the virtual office and all IP video communications for business or residential users. It is an advanced IP video phone based on SIP and H.264/H.263 standard, competitively priced and easy to use. It combines sleek design and technology features with excellent picture quality, ease of deployment and broad interoperability with 3rd party SIP products.

The Video Phone is the first H.264 IP video phone that supports real-time high-quality video at bandwidths as low as 32kbps and up to 1Mbps. The phone allows nearly all viewing angles via its 5.6 inch TFTP adjustable LCD screen and VGA camera, enabling high-quality video conference from your home or office.

Tariff For Video Phone Service

1. Video Phone Connection and Registration Charges Rs.500 (One time)
2. Service Charges Rs.150/- + Taxes per month
3. Free Calls Nil
4. Sip to Sip(For domestic/Abroad calls) Voice only @30paise per minute
5. Sip to Sip(For domestic/Abroad calls) Video call only @ Rs. 1.00 per minute
6. Sip to PSTN and Mobile abroad as per prevailing VoIP tariff
7. Life time service charges Rs. 9999/- +Taxes

In case any user returns the video phone instrument then his life time service charges would be refunded within 15 days after deducting Rs. 999/- + taxes.

I would say its a good start by MTNL. Lets see what will it offer in future. They already have plans for launching 3G Services in India.

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