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Truphone Mobile Voip application : Get £2 Free credit International Calls

It is the era of mobile phone and internet on mobile is getting really popular. With so many people using internet on phones, people are getting used to internet calling from mobile phone. If you check the android or iPhone app store, you will see a flood of mobile voip applications. And why not, making calls using these mobile voip applications saves you lot on your phone bills.

Firstly these offer free calls to people using the same app, and then cheap international calls to people not using these apps. What's interesting is that people use these apps for local call, national calls, international calls, text messaging, video calling and every possible way of communicating. As we said that there is a flood of mobile voip application, we already have Rebtel, Whatsapp, Tango, ooVoo, Facetime and what not. But today we will review another interesting mobile voip application called TruPhone.

What is TruPhone

Truphone is a free piece of software (mobile application) that lets you make free and low cost mobile calls via the internet. Even if you are in roaming, there are no roaming charges. So as long as you have a compatible phone and are connected to Wi-Fi, prices are simple and low.

TruPhone Mobile App

Mobile voip is quite useful for people often visiting different countries. Whenever, you are in wifi hotspot, you can use your mobile voip application to make free or cheap calls anywhere.

TruPhone Free Credit

For new users who sign up now, Truphone is giving away free £2 credit.
- Truphone currently works on many of the hugely popular Nokia N-series (eg, N95) and E-series phones (eg, E90), and there are many more handsets coming soon.

Update: TruPhone has launched applications for iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile, Blackberry Mobiles.

Calls to other Truphone users are always free. From wherever. To wherever. It doesn't matter if you're calling someone in another continent or just down the road.

- If it's WiFi to WiFi it's always free.

Regarding Truphone rates to other countries, they have made a Tru zone. Calls to countries in the Tru Zone always cost the same flat rate. From wherever you are.That means a call on your mobile to Sydney or London or Moscow or Beijing always costs just 3p per minute, wherever you are. From Atlanta to Zurich. The vast majority of the world's mobile users are in the Tru Zone - it includes the UK, USA, Australia, China, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, almost all of Europe, and loads more countries besides.

We have discussed the calling rates of TruPhone in a separate post. Check the link below :

TruPhone Features

- No roaming charges
- WiFi calls and texts to online Truphone users are always free Worldwide.
- You can make Truphone calls from anywhere with WiFi access - from coffee shops to airports.
- Call all your Google Talk contacts for free from your mobile phone.
- Internet calls from your Facebook® profile.
- Get great reception whenever you're connected to a WiFi network. Even in GSM blackspots.

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