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Vopium – Reach the world for less


I have been mentioning about Mobile voip and their advantage over traditional calling. Calls made using mobile voip are by far cheaper than normal rates.

Vopium is mobile voip provider offering its services in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Spain. They are testing their service in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, UK and the US but cannot guarantee that Vopium will work for you in these countries yet. Thanks to Sarah Shaukat for informing us about the voip service. The article below is written by her on this (Vopium) cool service.

"Staying far away from your relatives is one difficult thing that we all have to do one day or the other. During this phase you often experience moments when you feel like talking back home for long. May be you recently had a baby and you want to share this precious moment with your parents or there are times when you are absolutely homesick and you feel like expressing.

There should be some way that bridges the gap between you and your loved ones, empowering you to say what you want. For all this and more, we bring you a new mobile VoIP solution, Vopium that enables you to pay less and talk for long.

Talk more. Listen more. Express more

In just few easy steps, you can reach your loved ones with no hassle at all. Register your phone on Vopium and easily download and install it within minutes. Top-up your balance by using any international credit card and call anyone you like. Moreover you can monitor your consumption, add other phones and services, buy packages of cheap minutes to selected destinations.

With Vopium, save upto 90% when making international calls or sending SMS from mobile phone in your home country without changing your present operator and SIM card. Vopium is cheaper to call because you pay your mobile provider for a local call and Vopium for the international add-on. Just log into the site Vopium and keep in touch with whoever you like across the globe.


  • Vopium works on most new mobiles from popular manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and more.
  • It supports latest operating system such as Symbian OS, Java Mobile Edition and Windows mobile (Smartphone & Pocket PC).
  • Get unlimited talk time to number of countries like Australia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada and many more.
  • Enjoy low price international calls from landlines, low price text messages and call back product, which allows you to make cheap calls when you are abroad.
  • Get information about the balance left in the account (free of charge) and also confirm (before making a call) if the call can be made with the present credit.

What’s more?

Vopium also features a package where you can reach the world for only 99.00 DKK per month (almost 20$). Get 1000 minutes to the most popular destinations plus 100 international SMS for only 99.00 DKK a month.

Moreover you can enjoy 250 minutes to call any network in Pakistan including mobile for only 99.00 DKK per month and also get 100 free international SMS every month. Vopium Messaging Service allows you to SMS the world from your mobile or the web at much cheaper rates. "

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hoping you pretty good !!

I'm an employee for VOPIUM, basically I'm a content writer for english and french.

if you need any help about VOPIUM , you can contact me anytime.


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