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Free Calls to Russia : Flashphone


Flashphone is a though quite a old voip service, but the service has not been featured on the blog. Many people want to call Russia, there are many free services but Flashphone seems most appropriate.

Flashphone is a free-of-charge web-service which allows you to call from the internet page. You don't need to install anything, no download. You just need an internet connection(sufficient bandwidth), microphones or headphones. These type of services have taken the IP telephony to a new level.

In order to make calls using Flashphone.

1. Visit Flashphone.
2. Register for the service. (Takes few minutes).
3. Login and make calls directly from your browser.

You also need to have Adobe Flash player ver 9.0 or above installed in your computer. As it is required to make calls using it. You can also use flashphone on Pocket PC devices, you need to download and install Flash Player 7 for Pocket PC for that. You'll be able to use flashphone after installation.

These are Free PC to phone calls. Free calls to Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) are available after registration. There is no mention about the number of minutes per call. I guess there is no limit.

You can also use Flashphone in your SIP device(With X-lite etc). Sip settings are available in your account interface. They have also mentioned that users will be able to call other destinations using SIP settings.

I am not sure whether users will be able to call other destinations like India, Pakistan directly from Flashphone website. If someone can confirm on this, then Flashphone will prove to be a great service for Free calls to India and Pakistan.

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