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Ibibo Free International Mobile Calls : Call India Free

Many of you must be already knowing about Ibibo. It is a social networking website much similar to orkut (or Facebook) but having much more features. People from India must be by now using Ibibo to make free STD calls in India. I posted about method to make unlimited std calls, that is free calls from India to India using Ibibo. That post received large number of hits and was an instant success.

That was limited to calling India to India, but don't worry we have found a way by which you can use Ibibo to make international calls and send free international sms. We are talking about the new Ibibo service name imobile. You can now call or send SMSs to anyone anywhere in the world - absolutely FREE! Yes you heard it right. Ibibo can be used to make calls from any country to any country including India, Pakistan, Cuba, Philippines, Dubai. Actually now people from country besides India can also register with Ibibo call for free service (Imobile).
  • Send unlimited free SMSs to anyone anywhere in the world.
  • Each call can last up to 2 minutes, you start with 10 free minutes of call time.
The only restriction is each call is limited to 2 minutes, however the constraints of 10 minutes can be easily done off by creating multiple accounts. Yup, its a hack to make unlimited free international calls!
The best part about Ibibo Imobile service is, it can be used to call destinations like Cuba, Philippines, Saudi, Dubai etc where call rates are so high. Even a 2 minute call is charged too much for calling these destinations.

Lets see how it can be used to make unlimited free calls to India and other destinations. I have added screenshots to help people make free calls.

  • Internet connection
  •  Mobile phone.

Step 1: In order to make call to your friend say living in Mumbai, and you living in USA. You need to create two accounts on Ibibo. First your account, second account for your friend. Either make a account for him yourself, or ask him to do the same.

Step 2: For making an account, visit Ibibo. Sign up.

Step 3: Now you need to link up your mobile number to that account. They have a service called iMobile. It is automatically added to your account. Check the left sidebar. You can also visit iMobile directly.

Step 4: Click on link your number.

Step 5: Select your country and enter your Mobile number.

Step 6: They will send you verification Sms.

Step 7: Ask your friend to do the same, or if you are register on his behalf, do same procedure but with his number ( number which you want to call ).

Step 8: Add him as your friend in Ibibo. For that go to his profile, and click add as friend. Ask him to confirm your friendship.

Step 9: To make call to your friend, go to iMobile. It will show you your free remaining minutes and name of friends you can call for free.

Step 10: Click call now in fornt of the your friends name.

Step 11: You call will be connected. They will first call you, then your destination number.

Step 12: Ibibo gives only 10 free minutes every month, after you finish them off. Delink your number by click on the this link.

Step 13: Now register for another account with another email address, with same number. DO the same procedure. You will get 10 more minutes.

Step 14: Do this as many times as you want.

Workaround to make unlimited calls :
  • You can create multiple accounts with ibibo and link same number any number of time.
  • For each account you get 10 free minutes, if you create 10 accounts you get 100 free minutes.
  • To make account with Ibibo, you need not to verify your email address. (use any email id). So account creation takes no more than 30 seconds.
  • Earn 3 minutes of call time for every friend invited who join.
Do let us know whether you were able to make free calls using Ibibo, and which country to and from you placed calls. You can post your queries in comment section of the post.

Free Calls to Dominican Republic by Rebtel Voucher code

A large number of people visit our blog everyday looking for free calls. And by now we have covered a large number of post on making free calls all over world.We have noticed that large number of our blog readers are the people who want to make free or cheap calls to India (these are mostly Indians settled abroad).

However a significant number of people are looking for options to make cheap calls to other countries as well. Recently one of our blog readers asked us about free calling option for Dominican Republic. Call rates to Dominican Republic ain't any cheap. Since it's one of the largest calling corridors in the world we thought to check about it. Turns out that Rebtel has slashed its prices to the Dominican Republic. You can now call for 4.9 Cents per minute to landlines compared to the previous 6.9 Cents and to Mobiles for 9.9 Cents compared to the previous 14.1 Cents.


Rebtel is one of the leading voip providers.Its voice quality is excellent, customer support is great. And best part is it offers free trial calls as well. So you can try them for free and stay with them if you like their service.

Coming back to our promise to find free calling to Dominican Republic. Rebtel has issued a limited voucher code promotion giving new users 1 hour of free calls from any of 47 Rebtel countries to the Dominican Republic. It is quite similar to the one Rebtel issued for calling India (the method of availing the offer is exactly same). The code can only be redeemed by new users upon sign up (not after). 

Steps :
- Register with Rebtel
- Enter your details and in the voucher code enter "Free60DR"

Yes, please note that code for 1 hour free calls to Dominican Republic is "Free60DR"

We last month we gave the voucher code for making one hour free calls to India. A large number of readers have made use of the exclusive voucher code. To let our users know about it, code for making 1 hour free calls to India is "freepctophone"

Making calls with Rebtel is so damn easy. Just choose one of the method : PC application, Smartphone application, local access number (where you get local number for every destination), SIP calling etc.

Good thing about Rebtel is that it keeps on offering new promotion and offers for all users (and time to time). If you decide to stay with Rebtel, then should definitely make use of its double your money offer voucher code. You will get $20 credit on purchase of $10 credit.

Friends, if you would like to make calls to other countries, please post your comments mentioning about place you want to make calls. We, may help you out making free calls and reducing your phone bills.

Parrot Media offers Free Voip Calls : Pakistan Included

Recently, there has been a tremendous increase in Israeli voip companies. Not only these voip companies are offering superb call quality, good customer support and ease of calling but they are offering free international voip calls to many countries. Infact they are in news all over the internet (many Blog's and websites are talking about these Israeli voip services).

Few days back we also talked about one such Israeli company name "Spikko", and now we have found yet another voip company offering free calls : Parrot Media. It is a recently launched voip service and is currently in its beta phase.

Parrot Media is basically an ad-based voip service. They are offering free voip phone calls to almost all countries in lieu of advertisement. That is they show you a small advertisement (which I think does not bother us as long as we are getting free calls) and offer us free credit in exchange for that. Use this credit to make calls! All domestic and international calls are totally free.

Parrot Media even covers destinations like Pakistan, Cuba, Bangladesh, UAE (Dubai). Calling rates to these destinations is pretty high so by providing free calls to these countries, Parrot Media is sure to get good attention.

However, India is not included by Parrot Media. But for Free PC to Phone calls readers we have some other posts for calling India free viz. Free 60 minutes to India many others.

Parrot Media Free Calls

Making Free Calls with Parrot Media

Parrot Media is actually offering - Free Phone to phone calls. So, you need to have either a mobile or landline to make free calls via ParrotMedia. To make free voip phone calls -
  1. Visit Parrot Media
  2. Register with Parrot Media by filling your details. A confirmation email will be sent to you.
  3. You can log in. The whole registration process takes no more than 2 minutes.
  4. In your account interface, you have the option to enter your phone number, and number you want to call.
  5. You will be shown the duration for which your call will last. For calling landlines it is 5 minutes, for mobile phone it is 2 minutes.
  6. Once you click "call", your phone will ring and they will connect you to your destination.
In the future they have plans to extend duration of calls by interacting with another ad during the call. Parrot Media also have some other plans of launching -:
  • Free SMS
  • Wake up call
  • Recent calls list
  • Address book
Overall, Parrot Media is in a way similar to globe7 in its earlier days when they were also giving free calls by watching videos. I guess if they keep giving free calls, Parrot Media is sure to get a huge success.
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