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Free Voip phone calls anywhere including India : Mig33

Update : Free Calls can be made to anywhere in the world, yes Free calls to India too. Tabrio is offering free 5$ trial credit to make absolutely free calls. If you have not made use of the offer, check the Post about Free 5$ credit by Tabrio.


In past few days, we have covered a large number of methods and ways to make cheap and free voip phone calls. Another on the list is a old method but it has not been covered on the blog. Mig33 provides the solution (trial credit) to make free calls to anywhere in world (India is included).

Mig33 is the first global mobile community, integrating the most popular Internet applications together for anyone with a mobile phone. Mig33 offers a mix of free and inexpensive services, including VoIP calls, chat & instant messaging, e-mail, text messaging, photo sharing, and social networking features.

The important feature which we can explore about Mig33 is its voip application. Apart from that you can also use Mig33 for messaging, chatting, etc etc. I remember, I used to make free calls Mig33 a year back.

Though Mig33 gives you a mobile application, but it can be used from its wap site(mobile website) too. Actually Mig33 provides you with free credit the first time you register with them. Lets see how you can make most of Mig33.

1. Visit Mig33 wap website. (
2. On the main page. Enter desired username, password and click register. You will be asked to enter your mobile number.
3. A verification sms will be sent to you. Login to your account. You will be asked to fill verification code.
4. You get free credit ( approx AUD$.50 ).
5. You can make calls using this credit only. Calls can be made from that site only. Enter the number you want to make call from, enter destination number. Your call will be connected.
6. The duration of call will depend upon the country you are calling. Free Calls to India can be made easily.
7. Now the best part Mig33 allows you to invite your friends, and its gives you same credit (.50 AUD) when they join Mig33.

So, if you have two phones, send invite to other phone number. (Join again with other username). This way you get credit to your account and into your new account. You, may also send invite to your friends, and when they join you both get free credit. I used to make a lot of free calls these way.

For those who don't want to make use of the workarounds and look for better sound quality, longer talktime, and cheap price. Rebtel double your money promotion is specially for you. Voucher code "freepctophone2" You get 20$ credit when you buy 10$. That's effectively half the call rates. (India at 2.8cents/min).



Fizzcall suspended purchases and sign-ups : Voip service to terminate on 10th October


A month back, we blogged about Fizzcall, . They entered the market with a bang giving unlimited calling service (anywhere including India) at a very cheap rate. Call quality was good, and as promised call lasted for 1 hour.

However, Fizzcall is going to terminate its unlimited calling service from 10th october. Though they have emailed many of their customer, but still its better to cover the issue on the blog so that people make use of their remaining balance before 10th october.

Fizzcall has already suspended purchases and sign-ups for new customers. The main supplier to Fizzcall that is (BT) has stated that as of the 10th of October 2008 they will cease to provide the service that Fizzcall uses. Whatever be the reason, end result being Fizzcall terminating its unlimited voip service.

All Fizzcall users are informed that as of the same date - 10th of October 2008 - Fizzcall will be unable to provide their calling service to any destination. If you have credit on your account, you can still use it until that date. So, if you have any number of calls remaining with Fizzcall, make use of those before 10th october. Fizzcall has promised to provide support to all their users until that date.

I just hope may be in the future, Fizzcall again come up with nice unlimited calling offers. It was of great help to many people all around the world.

Reminding you of the ongoing Rebtel Double your money promotion. Do make use of the Voucher Code ("freepctophone2") and get double talktime worth 20$ on purchase of 10$. (This makes the call rates effectively very cheap viz. call India at just (2.8cents/minute).


Vopium : 30 Min free trail calls : Mobile Voip


People are switching to voip to reduce their phone bills. After using voip in their PC, people have now started using voip in their mobile phones. Mobile voip is much handy as it does not require you to be near to your laptop or PC. Mobile voip market is quite big, a large number of voip provider offer mobile voip services.

About 5 months back we posted about Vopium and how it can be used to make cheap calls over the world. Recently Vopium has started giving free 30 trail minutes and 100 Sms. These calling minutes and sms can be used for calling any country (I guess India is included). Thanks to Sweetangel for telling us about the offer.

You can use Vopium from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Canada, UK, US and few other countries. In order to use Vopium in your mobile phone and get 30 free minutes, you need to register you phone number with Vopium. With the download of the mobile voip application Vopium give you 30 minutes + 100 SMS free trial to any destination in the world.

  • Vopium works on most new mobiles from popular manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and more.
  • It supports latest operating system such as Symbian OS, Java Mobile Edition and Windows mobile (Smartphone & Pocket PC).
  • When connected to Wifi you call other Vopium WiFi users 100% FREE – you are not charged neither by Vopium nor by your operator.
  • When you call non-Vopium Wifi users, you can use your free trail minutes. If you like the service you can buy some credit and continue the service.
For more info, and to get your free trail minutes, visit Vopium.

Friends, if you know any such other such methods of free or cheap calling do share it with us. This would surely help lot of other people.

Just reminding you of the ongoing Rebtel Double your money promotion. Do make use of the Voucher Code ("freepctophone2") and get double talktime worth 20$ on purchase of 10$. (This makes the call rates effectively very cheap viz. call India at just 2.8cents/minute).

Poketalk : Free voip Calls to 7 countries


Voip is growing in Israel, so do are voip providers. Israel is a free voip country with many voip providers giving free calls to Israel. Another voip provider Poketalk (Israel based) is giving free calls to 7 countries.

These are Free Phone to Phone calls. Poketalk is in beta phase giving free calls to -:
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Israel
  • UK (landlines)
  • Germany (landlines)
  • Singapore
  • Japan
India is not included, need not to worry as we have posted many ways about making Free calls to India or cheap calls to India. One of the hot favorites these days being Rebtel Double your money promotion (voucher code -: "freepctophone2").

Poketalk is a advertisement based voip service. Similar to adphone, difference being Poketalk is phone to phone (web initiated) calling service. Poketalk currently provides only 5 minutes of free calls from Landlines and 2 minutes to mobile. I don't mind using these minutes (after all its all free).

Just Sign up to PokeTalk and start making FREE calls, from your home phone or mobile to land line phone or mobile, both domestic and international absolutely FREE of charge! You first have to enter your phone number and then destination number. (Procedure is similar to lot other phone to phone services).

I just hope they come up with some more free countries added to their list.

Get 5$ calling credit by Tabrio : Call anywhere free


I have been continuously telling my readers to stop using their regular phones, use voip, follow our ways, make use of the offers and reduce/cut down your phone bills. New beta voip providers keep entering the market with some very nice offers.

Another on the voip list is Tabrio. Tabrio can be used to make free calls anywhere in world (free calls to India too). First let me tell you something about Tabrio. Its parent company being Verb Exchange, Inc, is a team of digital media professionals whose passion is connecting everyone with the people they care about. In 2007, they released their first Tabrio beta (it was called CoPilot Console then).

Tabrio being in Beta phase is offering new users Free credit worth 5$ that can be used for making calls and sending sms. That's too much for a free deal.

To get free credit, you have to register with Tabrio, then you will be asked to verify your phone number (they will dial you, and ask to enter the code on your phone shown on your monitor screen). You get 5$ credit to your account (per phone number).

To make calls go to homepage (main account page) just enter the number you want call, they will first call you and connect your call. So, its a web initiated free phone to phone calls.
I tried the service and call quality is good.

Regarding the call rates of Tabrio, which will give you a indication of how much your free credit will last. Call to India from Canada are charged at 14 cents/minute. This means your free 5$ credit will provide you talktime of 35 minutes when calling India from Canada. This will depend upon place from and where you call.

Well, once I finished my free credit, I tried again to register with new mail address, changed IP (proxy) but when I verified my number (same number again), I didn't got any credit again. This means they give 5$ credit per phone number registered.

So, to get more free minutes (free 5$ credit again), you can register for another account with some new phone number (may be of your friend). I will also try to figure out if this can be made a unlimited free calling method. If someone is successful to figure out a workaround, do let us know. It would be of great help to many.

For more info, and to get free 5$ credit visit Tabrio.

Free Calls to USA and Europe : Jubii


The voip industry has grown big with new voip providers again entering the market. Phone bills have reduced greatly. New voip providers generally start with giving free calls, with old ones coming with some great calling offers.

I hope you guys must have made use of the Rebtel Double your Money Voucher code "freepctophone2" to get 20$ by paying just 10$. It's a great offer for calling many countries including India and many have already made use of the offer.

Jubii is a new voip provider giving free calls to ten countries : Denmark, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria and USA.

You can call online easily with Jubii. Simply provide your number and the number of a friend and then call for free. You don't even need a computer headset – you can use your mobile or home phone like normal. I have myself not tested the service (as they don't allow India). So it would be great if someone give a feedback about number of free minutes and voice quality.

Jubii is in beta phase, I hope new countries will be added soon. Sign up process takes few minutes. Its looks more like a email provider with telephony its one of its part. But anyways we won't as long as we are getting free calls. Some other features of Jubii are -:
  • Email
  • Telephony
  • 10 GB storage
  • 360- spam filter
For more info, and to make free calls to those 10 countries visit Jubii.
For making cheap calls to India, you can make use of Rebtel Double your money voucher code.

Adphone: Free Calls anywhere including India


We have posted about so many methods, ways and offers to make free calls all around the world. Still, a lot of free calling method are remained unexplored.

Just to let you guys know that Free Pc to Phone calls is running two promotions both Double your money offer (Rebtel Voucher code "freepctophone2" and with Pingo Calling cards (till 30th September). Make most of these offers before they ends.

Thanks to Mr. chaturvedi for telling us about the new method to make free calls all around the world. This method even works for making free calls to India.

Sometime back, we posted about Adphone and how it can be used to make free calls to many countries. However, we missed the workaround by which it can be used to make calls to countries like India, Pakistan, African countries. Adphone can be used to make free calls anywhere in world.

Normally, Adphone offers free calls upto 30 minutes daily (2 minute each call) to major destinations. Together with that, Adphone allows you to earn credit (by completing offer) using which you can call other countries like India, Pakistan. Lets see how can it be used to make free calls to other countries like India.

1. Visit Adphone, and download their softphone. Register with Adphone (using voip application).
2. Now you get 30 minutes free daily to many countries.
3. Visit facebook, make an account with Facebook.
4. Now at the bottom of softphone, click on Earn Credit. Now click on Facebook Fan bonus tab.
5. Follow the steps mentioned. (You just have to become dphone fan in facebook).
6. After completing the offer, you get 10 units in your account. Using these units, call can be made to any country including India.

Call rate to India are 3.6units/min. So your call last for 2 minutes. Duration of your call will depend on country you are calling. Since, it is Pc to Phone calls, Adphone can be used to call any destination irrespective of where you live.

You can make more accounts with Adphone, and facebook and repeat the procedure to get more credits (free minutes). However, you can get the bonus with same account again after 14 days.

I have tested the service myself and it worked.I made calls to India, USA. Thanks again to Chaturvedi as it is a great calling method. Please post your comments if you are successful in making calls or if you face any problem. We are always present to help you out.

To make free calls, visit Adphone.

Rebtel Double your Money Voucher Code : FreePcToPhone2

Rebtel is one of the leading voip providers and on the way of becoming the world's top international calling service. It is well known for its superb voice quality, cheap rates and off course new offers. We have run many exclusive offers in collaboration with them. The offer where we gave 60 minutes to India free was a big big hit. Then they were offering voucher codes for calling Dominican Republic and Philippines. Recently they were also running Ramadan offer.

Rebtel is back again with another cool promotional offer. Rebtel has come up with this voucher code (freepctophone2) and it is quite special as it will give you chance to double your credit. Yup, you heard it right, it is exclusive for Free Pc to Phone calls Blog readers. When you buy credit for the first time (only 10$) with Rebtel, you will get double your amount. So, in other words if you buy credit of 10$ you will get 20$ credit.

Please note the voucher code to double your money : "freepctophone2".
Few points to be remembered while registering.

- Only if you are a new user, then signup with Rebtel or Login to your existing Rebtel account.
- Now for new registrations, you need to enter freepctophone2 in the voucher code field.
- Existing users,  when buying credit ($10) for the FIRST TIME, enter "freepctophone2 as voucher code to double your money.

Please refer screenshot for more info,

The good thing about this offer is it is valid for New and Old Customers that haven’t made a payment before. So, regardless if you are new or existing, can make use of the offer.

Although, if you have made use of previous Double Your Money offers then you will not be able to use this offer. You can offcourse register for a new account with different phone number, and buy credit to avail this offer.

Also, you can make use of this irrespective of your country. This promotions means that your calling rates gets reduced by half. For example, Call rates to India are 1.8 cents, so effectively you pay just 0.9 cents/minute. I guess this is by far cheapest rates than other voip providers. Same can be applied to other countries. I guess this offer makes Rebtel very cheap one to call many destinations like India, Pakistan, Dubai, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and lot others.

Guys, this is a great money saving scheme. For all who have being mailing me asking about good voip offers, I would suggest you to go for this offer.

You may spread this coupon code (freepctophone2) in blogs, forums, websites. Let your friends also get befitted from the offer. This is a great chance to double your talktime.

Free voip phone Calls worldwide including India


Recently we have been providing information about many cheap and free ways of making calls to India, Pakistan and other countries. Continuing with the series, today we will be discussing another method of making absolutely free calls worldwide including India.

Remember Youcall, we posted about youcall about 2 months back. We told about making free calls using youcall to India, and other countries. Youcall provides you phone to phone calls. Actually as it was giving 60 minutes free that time. It was basically gives trial credit of 2$. Large number of people made many free phone calls using our workaround.

Due to the heavy load on youcall (may be because of our workaround), it started giving problems like, call was not connected, registration problems etc.

Today as I was searching for some new or some working way of making free voip phone calls, I tired again with youcall. Bingo, it worked. I was able to make a free call from my Idea number (delhi, India) to a landline phone in Delhi(India). My call lasted for about 6 minutes. I don't think its bad considering its totally free.

The changes I found on their website was that they have not mentioned that free trial minutes are upto 60 minutes. So, I guess free minutes will depend on country you are calling from and to which country you are making a call.

The steps for making free calls using youcall are same as I have described in my previous post about Youcall (click here). The proxy post (click here) (for registering with youcall for many accounts) will also be helpful.

It may be possible that some guys be still using Youcall for making free calls, for other who stopped using it and for those who joined after we posted about youcall this is a great free calling method.

Some people, don't like taking pain in registering many accounts and also like to talk long. For those people we have being running a ongoing promotion with Pingo calling cards in which you will get double credit (minutes). The offer is valid only till 30th september. So hurry up before it ends.

Friends if you like my blog, please subscribe to it or press Ctrl+D. This will enable you to keep yourself update with latest free offers. I will be postings such offers daily.


Bueno : Free Pc to Phone Calls to USA


Voip market is increasing day by day. The countries where voip is legal can be called for either free or at a very cheap rate. USA is one of the country to which many voip providers offer free calls. We have already discussed about Earthcaller, Mediaringtalk etc.

Bueno is another entrant in the market. They are at present offering free Pc to Phone calls to USA. The service is quite similar to Earthcaller, and Gizmocall. You just have to enter the USA phone number you want to call. No sign up required. However Bueno call service works only with Windows Internet Explorer.

Bueno also has plans of launching services like phone book, community, voice mail, shopping. I hope Bueno come up with free calling service for other countries too.

For more info, and to make free calls to USA visit Bueno.

I guess people using regular phones should now start using voip services. Voip will surely help them reduce their phone bills and save them lot of money.
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