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Fizzcall suspended purchases and sign-ups : Voip service to terminate on 10th October


A month back, we blogged about Fizzcall, . They entered the market with a bang giving unlimited calling service (anywhere including India) at a very cheap rate. Call quality was good, and as promised call lasted for 1 hour.

However, Fizzcall is going to terminate its unlimited calling service from 10th october. Though they have emailed many of their customer, but still its better to cover the issue on the blog so that people make use of their remaining balance before 10th october.

Fizzcall has already suspended purchases and sign-ups for new customers. The main supplier to Fizzcall that is (BT) has stated that as of the 10th of October 2008 they will cease to provide the service that Fizzcall uses. Whatever be the reason, end result being Fizzcall terminating its unlimited voip service.

All Fizzcall users are informed that as of the same date - 10th of October 2008 - Fizzcall will be unable to provide their calling service to any destination. If you have credit on your account, you can still use it until that date. So, if you have any number of calls remaining with Fizzcall, make use of those before 10th october. Fizzcall has promised to provide support to all their users until that date.

I just hope may be in the future, Fizzcall again come up with nice unlimited calling offers. It was of great help to many people all around the world.

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