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Free Calls to USA and Europe : Jubii


The voip industry has grown big with new voip providers again entering the market. Phone bills have reduced greatly. New voip providers generally start with giving free calls, with old ones coming with some great calling offers.

I hope you guys must have made use of the Rebtel Double your Money Voucher code "freepctophone2" to get 20$ by paying just 10$. It's a great offer for calling many countries including India and many have already made use of the offer.

Jubii is a new voip provider giving free calls to ten countries : Denmark, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria and USA.

You can call online easily with Jubii. Simply provide your number and the number of a friend and then call for free. You don't even need a computer headset – you can use your mobile or home phone like normal. I have myself not tested the service (as they don't allow India). So it would be great if someone give a feedback about number of free minutes and voice quality.

Jubii is in beta phase, I hope new countries will be added soon. Sign up process takes few minutes. Its looks more like a email provider with telephony its one of its part. But anyways we won't as long as we are getting free calls. Some other features of Jubii are -:
  • Email
  • Telephony
  • 10 GB storage
  • 360- spam filter
For more info, and to make free calls to those 10 countries visit Jubii.
For making cheap calls to India, you can make use of Rebtel Double your money voucher code.

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