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Free voip phone Calls worldwide including India


Recently we have been providing information about many cheap and free ways of making calls to India, Pakistan and other countries. Continuing with the series, today we will be discussing another method of making absolutely free calls worldwide including India.

Remember Youcall, we posted about youcall about 2 months back. We told about making free calls using youcall to India, and other countries. Youcall provides you phone to phone calls. Actually as it was giving 60 minutes free that time. It was basically gives trial credit of 2$. Large number of people made many free phone calls using our workaround.

Due to the heavy load on youcall (may be because of our workaround), it started giving problems like, call was not connected, registration problems etc.

Today as I was searching for some new or some working way of making free voip phone calls, I tired again with youcall. Bingo, it worked. I was able to make a free call from my Idea number (delhi, India) to a landline phone in Delhi(India). My call lasted for about 6 minutes. I don't think its bad considering its totally free.

The changes I found on their website was that they have not mentioned that free trial minutes are upto 60 minutes. So, I guess free minutes will depend on country you are calling from and to which country you are making a call.

The steps for making free calls using youcall are same as I have described in my previous post about Youcall (click here). The proxy post (click here) (for registering with youcall for many accounts) will also be helpful.

It may be possible that some guys be still using Youcall for making free calls, for other who stopped using it and for those who joined after we posted about youcall this is a great free calling method.

Some people, don't like taking pain in registering many accounts and also like to talk long. For those people we have being running a ongoing promotion with Pingo calling cards in which you will get double credit (minutes). The offer is valid only till 30th september. So hurry up before it ends.

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September 12, 2008 at 1:55 AM

i have tried both method 1 and method2 as explained by you for hiding Ip address while registering with you call. none of them are working for me.when i am in LAN and behind router what should i do?


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