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Get 5$ calling credit by Tabrio : Call anywhere free


I have been continuously telling my readers to stop using their regular phones, use voip, follow our ways, make use of the offers and reduce/cut down your phone bills. New beta voip providers keep entering the market with some very nice offers.

Another on the voip list is Tabrio. Tabrio can be used to make free calls anywhere in world (free calls to India too). First let me tell you something about Tabrio. Its parent company being Verb Exchange, Inc, is a team of digital media professionals whose passion is connecting everyone with the people they care about. In 2007, they released their first Tabrio beta (it was called CoPilot Console then).

Tabrio being in Beta phase is offering new users Free credit worth 5$ that can be used for making calls and sending sms. That's too much for a free deal.

To get free credit, you have to register with Tabrio, then you will be asked to verify your phone number (they will dial you, and ask to enter the code on your phone shown on your monitor screen). You get 5$ credit to your account (per phone number).

To make calls go to homepage (main account page) just enter the number you want call, they will first call you and connect your call. So, its a web initiated free phone to phone calls.
I tried the service and call quality is good.

Regarding the call rates of Tabrio, which will give you a indication of how much your free credit will last. Call to India from Canada are charged at 14 cents/minute. This means your free 5$ credit will provide you talktime of 35 minutes when calling India from Canada. This will depend upon place from and where you call.

Well, once I finished my free credit, I tried again to register with new mail address, changed IP (proxy) but when I verified my number (same number again), I didn't got any credit again. This means they give 5$ credit per phone number registered.

So, to get more free minutes (free 5$ credit again), you can register for another account with some new phone number (may be of your friend). I will also try to figure out if this can be made a unlimited free calling method. If someone is successful to figure out a workaround, do let us know. It would be of great help to many.

For more info, and to get free 5$ credit visit Tabrio.

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September 29, 2008 at 1:39 AM

About Tabrio, its really easy to register and using! but at times you may experience a poor voice quality and at times the voice is good. so its voice quality is Irregularly good. For those who want to workaround or get more minutes, the hack is simple, just get a new phone number which has not been used on tabrio, may be from your friend, register with a new email address and a username. they will give you 5$, i used that hack and it worked, i have done it three times

October 18, 2008 at 1:19 AM

I have seen many Free Voip free calls Blogs still posting about TABRIO!! i am afraid, the site is nolonger crediting 5$ for calling as it was doing it before. i have registered my friends to it, but it never credited them with any credit. i think it went down. so people dont waste your time registering coz you will reap nothing

October 18, 2008 at 3:31 AM

Hi Gigabyte,

I am afraid you must have done something wrong while registering. I myself tried registering with Tabrio and sucessfully got free 5$ credit.

You need to change your IP address, use different email and phone number when registering for more than one account.

So, Tabrio still working good.


June 24, 2009 at 8:16 PM

well i jus signed up n got $10 credit!!
200 mins of free calling to india!

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