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Poketalk : Free voip Calls to 7 countries


Voip is growing in Israel, so do are voip providers. Israel is a free voip country with many voip providers giving free calls to Israel. Another voip provider Poketalk (Israel based) is giving free calls to 7 countries.

These are Free Phone to Phone calls. Poketalk is in beta phase giving free calls to -:
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Israel
  • UK (landlines)
  • Germany (landlines)
  • Singapore
  • Japan
India is not included, need not to worry as we have posted many ways about making Free calls to India or cheap calls to India. One of the hot favorites these days being Rebtel Double your money promotion (voucher code -: "freepctophone2").

Poketalk is a advertisement based voip service. Similar to adphone, difference being Poketalk is phone to phone (web initiated) calling service. Poketalk currently provides only 5 minutes of free calls from Landlines and 2 minutes to mobile. I don't mind using these minutes (after all its all free).

Just Sign up to PokeTalk and start making FREE calls, from your home phone or mobile to land line phone or mobile, both domestic and international absolutely FREE of charge! You first have to enter your phone number and then destination number. (Procedure is similar to lot other phone to phone services).

I just hope they come up with some more free countries added to their list.

madhur article :

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September 23, 2008 at 9:03 PM

Hi Guys is giving 1 US Cent per minute to make call to any contry in the world (including INDIA)

I m using this site they charge u per call, They have package in GBP
GBP 1= 5 calls
per call lasts 60 minute as they say

I used this to make calls from canada to India, call lasts for 45 to 58 minute, but not bad if u convert GBP 1.50 to USD and calculate call for 45 minutes it becomes 1 US cent something per minute,
they charge per 60 minutes call,

October 10, 2008 at 5:04 AM


I tried Vyke which has recently started the service in India. 4 US cent per call connection charge to free landline destinations with Vyke PC-to-Phone, Mobile VoIP and VoIP Phone. Check out the cheap rates to all other destinations on

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