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Rebtel Double your Money Voucher Code : FreePcToPhone2

Rebtel is one of the leading voip providers and on the way of becoming the world's top international calling service. It is well known for its superb voice quality, cheap rates and off course new offers. We have run many exclusive offers in collaboration with them. The offer where we gave 60 minutes to India free was a big big hit. Then they were offering voucher codes for calling Dominican Republic and Philippines. Recently they were also running Ramadan offer.

Rebtel is back again with another cool promotional offer. Rebtel has come up with this voucher code (freepctophone2) and it is quite special as it will give you chance to double your credit. Yup, you heard it right, it is exclusive for Free Pc to Phone calls Blog readers. When you buy credit for the first time (only 10$) with Rebtel, you will get double your amount. So, in other words if you buy credit of 10$ you will get 20$ credit.

Please note the voucher code to double your money : "freepctophone2".
Few points to be remembered while registering.

- Only if you are a new user, then signup with Rebtel or Login to your existing Rebtel account.
- Now for new registrations, you need to enter freepctophone2 in the voucher code field.
- Existing users,  when buying credit ($10) for the FIRST TIME, enter "freepctophone2 as voucher code to double your money.

Please refer screenshot for more info,

The good thing about this offer is it is valid for New and Old Customers that haven’t made a payment before. So, regardless if you are new or existing, can make use of the offer.

Although, if you have made use of previous Double Your Money offers then you will not be able to use this offer. You can offcourse register for a new account with different phone number, and buy credit to avail this offer.

Also, you can make use of this irrespective of your country. This promotions means that your calling rates gets reduced by half. For example, Call rates to India are 1.8 cents, so effectively you pay just 0.9 cents/minute. I guess this is by far cheapest rates than other voip providers. Same can be applied to other countries. I guess this offer makes Rebtel very cheap one to call many destinations like India, Pakistan, Dubai, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and lot others.

Guys, this is a great money saving scheme. For all who have being mailing me asking about good voip offers, I would suggest you to go for this offer.

You may spread this coupon code (freepctophone2) in blogs, forums, websites. Let your friends also get befitted from the offer. This is a great chance to double your talktime.

madhur article :

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September 11, 2008 at 9:17 AM

Hey the code works. I got double credit(20$).

Thanks mate.


September 12, 2008 at 8:36 PM

I am doing a lot of free calls, by using the 'earn credit' feature of adphone. Firstly download the adphone. create an account in adphone. now create an account in At the bottom of the adphone software, there is a link named earn on it. then click on the facebook fan bonus. follow the simple steps as they instructs. and you get 10 free units per 14 days.Create multiple accounts for more units. try this and enjoy.

September 28, 2008 at 1:18 AM

While purchasing the credit I am not getting the option of redeem voucher but when I apply the voucher it says

The voucher number you've entered is invalid.
Please ensure you've entered the code correctly.

If it still doesn't work, either the campaign connected to the voucher has expired, or you've already redeemed a voucher with this number.
Can you suggest me how to redeem this voucher.

September 28, 2008 at 1:24 AM


Well the code still works good. The image in the blogpost clearly shows where to enter the voucher code.

If its coming invalid, there may be some other problem. May be you have used the code before. Please try using it with some other phone number.

Code's working fine.


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