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Make free Internet calls to USA via Gizmo5 Backdoor Dialing


At Free Pc to Phone calls, we have discussed many methods to make cheap and free internet calls to different places. Post about "Tabrio free trial 5$ credit, and its cheap rates to countries like India, Pakistan" has received a great number of hits.

Today, we will be discussing a way to make free calls to USA. USA is a big continent, with a lot of Indians living in USA. A large number of people living in USA have already switched to voip for their calling needs. Many of Free Pc to Phone calls visitors look for method to connect to people living in USA. Many of you must be running your business in USA, and you end up paying quite a big sum of Money. Let's see how can you make free calls to USA.

Gizmo5 has been a big name in voip industry. I am sure many of you must be knowing about Gizmo5, but I guess you may not be aware of Gizmo5 backdoor dialing features.

In the past too we have mentioned about Gizmo5. Gizmo5 is a big voip provider offering cheap calls to all over world. Gizmo5 offers Pc to Phone calls (softphone), mobile voip, file sharing, video calls and a lot more. It also gives trial credit worth .10USD to try its service. Coming back to Gizmo5 backdoor dialing method.

Gizmo5 makes makes it possible to dial about 11% USA phone numbers without going through the traditional phone system. This means you can call certain mobile and land line numbers from any computer connected to the net and talk for free. These are free Pc to Phone calls to USA using voip softphone.

How to do backdoor dialing:

  • Download and install Gizmo5 for PC/Mac/Lin.
  • Dial 0101 + 10 digit US telephone number.

  • Features about Gizmo5 -:
    • All calls are absolutely free. And yes its unlimited. (Unlimited free calls to USA).
    • Because backdoor dialing is bypassing the traditional phone network and taking a more direct route via VOIP you will often get higher quality calls than you normally experience.
    • Since its Pc to Phone calls, it does not matter from where you are making calls. As long as you are connected to internet, you can make free calls from anywhere in world to USA.
    • You can also use Gizmo5 backdoor dialing method from your wifi enabled mobile, or even SIP devices. You may also us a SIP based ATA using the Gizmo5 or SIPphone network. Just connect your device to the network with a valid Gizmo5 account and dial 0101 + 10 digit US number.
    Many of you must be wondering why these voip providers give free calls. Well, because these calls are VOIP calls they do not have the costs associated with phone calls historically. They are more like an email message or instant messaging transmission on the internet for which there is no cost beyond that of your internet connection.

    Many a times you need to dial the USA access numbers, Gizmo5 backdoor method will be highly useful for that.

    So, Gizmo5 backdoor method can be used to make free calls to many USA phone numbers. You may check on Gizmo5 website, if the number you want to dial via backdoor method will work or not.


    Free Talktime 60 minutes to India : Cheap calls by Airtelcallhome


    I hope all Free Pc to Phone calls users had a great Diwali, they enjoyed free/cheap talking to their relatives and friends in India. I was busy celebrating Diwali so was not able to post for two three days.
    Well, though Diwali is over but the season has not. Many of you must be knowing about Airtel. For others, Airtel also provides India calling cards for people living outside India so that they can connect to their loved ones in India.

    Airtel Call home calling card is a cheap calling card to India. Voice quality is good, comparing to other calling cards.

    As a Diwali promotion Airtelcallhome launched a new plan in which they are giving free 60 minutes talktime to India. They will give this talktime as additional credit of 3.3$ (when you signup for a new account). Though I am late in posting this offer, but still one day is remaining for the offer. You still have a chance to avail this offer.

    airtel free talktime to India

    • You need to sing up for a new account, you can recharge your account with just 5$, you will get additional 60 minutes (3.3$). So effective rate to India will be 3.3cents/minutes. I guess this is a very cheap plan to call India.

    • I would suggest you to recharge with minimum amount (5$) as call rates will be minimum for that amount. You will get talktime worth 151 minutes.

    • The most imporatant part - Offer valid for sign-up between 22-29th October.

    • Check Airtelcallhome how to use page to know more about using the service.

    • Though I could not find anywhere on their website, if Airtel plan is available to people all over India, but in order to use the service, you need to dial a USA toll free no. So, that means service is best for people calling India from USA/Canada only. Confirm this with their customer support.

    This is what is mentioned on Airtel website. 'Simply sign up till 29th Oct and get 60 minutes free to talk to your family and friends this Diwali.'

    I would suggest you to first confirm with Airtel (toll free no. 18772475150 ), clear all your doubts (if offer still valid) and then only purchase the credit.

    For more info, visit Airtelcallhome.

    In next few days we will be posting a lot more cheap and free calling offers. So, do check back or you can subscribe to the blog to get the latest updates.


    Diwali Offer : Cheap calls to India by Pingo Calling Cards


    Cheap and Free calling offers to India have been flowing this festive month of Diwali. Well the auspicious festival of Deepawali is just a week away. I have myself started its preparations, and I understand that people far away from their relatives in India must be missing them a lot.

    At Free PC to Phone calls, we will try our best to help you connect with your loved ones, your parents , freinds, and relatives in the best free and cheapest ways. At this Diwali you can just call and wish everyone you know in India.

    First of all, to connect to India for absolutely free, that is to make some absolutely free calls to India use the Free 5$ credit by Tabrio. (This will give you around 38 free calling Minutes to India).

    It would be best option to distribute your call in two or more voip providers. If 38 minutes to India by Tabrio ain't enough for you (most of the cases), you can go for Pingo Calling Cards.

    Pingo Calling cards has many a times provided with some of the best offers in the calling cards market. This Diwali too they have come up with a very nice offer.

    Diwali Offer by Pingo Calling Cards

    Pingo Calling cards if offering an effective free 200 Minutes to India. Actually they are offering an additional $13 bonus on purchase of 20$ calling card. That makes effective call rate to India of 4cents/min. Let me make it a bit clear to you.

    You need to buy a calling card worth 20$ with Pingo. You will get an additional 13$ credit Bonus to your account. So you pay 20$ and instead you get talktime worth 33$. Putting in another words you get 200 free minutes to India or in other words your effective talk value (call rate to India) is 4cents/minute.

    Considering the other voip providers rates, I guess this is one of the best rates to call India. So this Diwali you can call to your loved ones just paying 20$. I would suggest my readers to do make use of the offer.
    • NO special codes to use. Just follow this link (Diwali Offer by Pingo).
    • This offer is valid only for NEW CUSTOMERS.
    • Pingo offers best voice quality. So this won't hurt your long conversations.
    • You can use Pingo via your regular phone by dialing their access numbers. So, you can make use of Pingo from where in world (even if you go out of your country).
    • No Connection charges. PIN-Less dialing.
    • If you prefer using PC to phone calls, Pingo has launched its Softphone (PC application). So you can make cheap Pc to Phone calls.
    • You can gift Pingo Calling card to any your freind as a Diwali gift.

    Well, overeall this Diwali season Pingo has given you every reason to talk endlessly to your freinds in India. Check out Diwali offer by Pingo Calling Cards.

    Friends, as a Diwali gift from Free Pc to Phone calls blog, we will be giving away 10 calling cards (Pingo) each worth 10$. A total of 100$ gift. You can use these calling card yourself or even gift it to your freinds.

    To get the calling card, sign up for Diwali offer by Pingo Calling Cards, write a short review about Pingo calling cards (in the comment section of this blog post). After the post has received 15 reviews (comments), I will randomly select 10 out of them, and will mail them the prize (10$ worth) calling card details.

    Please post your email address(and name) in the review, which you used while registering with Pingo.


    Unlimited Calling to India & USA : Teleblend


    With the festive month of Diwali, calls to India increase to a great amount. Many Voip providers have come up with Diwali offers and some with unlimited calling plans.

    Unlimited calling to India plan is specially for Business purpose and for people who make a lot of international phone calls to India and other countries. For those who came looking for absolutely free calls, can make use of free 5$ credit by Tabrio to make calls to anywhere in world (India, Pakistan, Cuba, Philippines etc etc).

    TeleBlend is a broadband phone company that is offering phone service to homes around the nation with more coverage in the US that anyone in the industry. I have seen in recent past that broadband providers have started providing voip to their customers. (Indian major boradband provider MTNL also started Pigeonvoip), and they usually come up with unlimited plans.

    Teleblend is offering unlimited calling plans to USA, Canada, India, other Asian and European countries (Germany, Sweden, etc).

    Teleblend majorly offers one plan at 15.95$/mo in which they are giving unlimited calls to almost all regions of USA and Canada. Well this is not the end, Teleblend offers some addon to this package by which you can either make cheap calls to other countries or make unlimited calls to other parts of world. This is where our unlimited calling to India plans come.

    You can check the list of Addon packages on Teleblend website. Below are some major features -:
    • Unlimited India Plan - An additional $34.00/month. Total of 49.95$/mo. Unlimited calls anytime to anywhere in India. Why pay per minute? Talk as much as you like to India for one low price.
    • Unlimited Europe PlanAn additional $9.95/month to your Service Plan to get free calling to 54 destinations.
    • Platinum International Rate Plan - An additional $6.95/month. The lowest international rates such as 1 penny to Europe, Australia and South America and 6 cents to India.
    • Unlimited Asia Plan An additional $9.95/month to your Service Plan to get free calling to 30 destinations.
    • Unlimited Mexico and Latin America Plan - An additional $9.95/month to your Service Plan to get free calling to 33 destinations.
    • Unlimited World Plan - An additional $19.95/month to your Service Plan to get free calling to 116 destinations.
    *Activation fees of $29.95 will be charged additionally.

    Similar to Lingo service, it will be integrated with your phone. You can also use the PowerMail feature with that allows you to screen your calls using an application on your PC for an additional $1.00 per month.

    You can get this Teleblend devices (service) in USA only. Now the questions come "Can I take my device outside the US and use it?"
    Absolutely. As long as you have a broadband Internet connection, the service will work properly.

    Some of Teleblend features-:
    • 3-Way Calling
    • 7 Digit Dialing
    • Call Forwarding
    • Caller ID with Name
    • Call Logs
    • Call Return
    • Call Waiting
    • Call Waiting ID
    • Click to Call
    • Contacts
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Speed Dial
    So, overall if your business runs in India, or outside your country or if you call to India quite frequently, Teleblend can be a nice option for you.
    To remain updated to the latest free calling methods, subscribe to the fastest growing VOIP blog on the internet.

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    Nexus123 :, 10 Minutes Free voip calls

    With more and more voip providers coming into the market, competition is increasing and rates are dipping. Voip providers tend to give some free trial offers in order to build a customer base. And one of them which we discuss today is Nexus123 Calling Cards!

    Some give free credit, some free minutes. One can offcourse just make use of these free minutes to make absolutely free calls to their destination. A large part of our readers visit Free PC to phone calls blog in order to make free calls to India.

    Presently Free Calls to India and other countries can made easily. Tabrio is offering free 5$ credit to make free voip phone calls. Do make use of the Tabrio offer before it ends.

    Today's we will be discussing about another voip provider "Nexus123". The key part about Nexus123 is that, it is offering free 10 minutes of free voip phone calls to anywhere in world. Yes, you can make 10 minutes free voip phone call to India, Pakistan, Dubai, Canada, Philippines, and even Cuba using Nexus123.

    When some voip provider offer free minutes, the best part is that it can be used for making free calls to destinations which have very high calling rates. Some African and Asian countries where calling rates can also be called using Nexus123 Calling Cards. (Calls to Cuba will last for 3-4 minutes, actually calling rate to Cuba is very high).

    Nexus123 Saver from Nexustel is a service that will allow you to make long distance calls from your cell phone or any phone you want. Most importantly, there is no need to dial an access key or PIN so you will save time.

    To get your free 10 minutes from Nexus123

    1. Visit Nexus123, fill your details. You need to enter your correct phone number, email address. I am not sure if it is only available to people living in USA and Canada. However, calls can be made to any part of world.
    2. Check your email and click the confirmation link (sent by Nexus123) in order to verify your email.

    Your free account by Nexus123 is active now. To make free calls you need to dial the access number. A list of access numbers can be found on Nexus123 website.
    • No need to pay anything in order to get free minutes.
    • No credit card required to register for free account.
    • No maintenance fees or hidden charges of any kind.
    Call rates of Nexus123 are comparable with other calling cards and voip providers, calls to India from USA are charged at 5.6cents/min.

    To make the Nexus123 service a unlimited calling plan one, following things can be tried.
    • Register with another phone number and email address. ( you will get additional 10 free minutes).
    • Append a digit to your original phone number,(ex. if your phone number is 5126985, try registering with 51269850, 5126985(1-9). This way you can register with same phone but you will get more free calling minutes.
    I have not tried the above workarounds with Nexus123, It would be great if someone could try the workarounds and let us know if is works.

    Guys, Please leave your comments and suggestions to improve the blog. We are always looking to help you find ways to make free phone calls or find you the best voip deals so that you can reduce your phone bills.

    Just a reminder, ongoing promotion by Tabrio (Free 5$ credit) can be used to make free voip phone calls to any country in world. Make use of it before it ends.

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    Free Voip Phone calls Worldwide : India Included (Free 5$ credit by Tabrio)

    Update : You will get free 5$ trial credit only after you have registered with Tabrio and verified your phone number.


    A few days back, I posted about Tabrio and how it can be used to make free calls all over world including India. I have been continuously receiving mails people asking about making free Pc/Phone to Phone calls. I have been telling my readers to stop using their regular phones, use voip, follow our ways, make use of the offers and reduce/cut down your phone bills.

    Post about Tabrio went without the its due attention, so I thought to cover the topic again. If you have not made use of the offer by Tabrio and used it to make free calls to India or your destination, its time to join Tabrio to make some free calls.

    Tabrio being in Beta phase is offering new users Free credit worth 5$ that can be used for making calls and sending sms. That's too much for a free deal.


    Tabrio can be used from any country to call any country. Tabrio can be used to call destinaions like India, Pakistan, USA, Canada, Phillipines, Cuba, Dubai, African countries etc etc.

    To get free credit, you have to register with Tabrio, then you will be asked to verify your phone number (they will dial you, and ask to enter the code on your phone shown on your monitor screen). You get 5$ credit to your account (per phone number).

    To make calls-:

    1. Go to Tabrio homepage (main account page).
    2. Enter the number you want call, they will first call you and connect your call.

    So, its a web initiated free phone to phone calls. You can also download the softphone by Tabrio in order to make calls directly from your PC. (Free Pc to Phone).

    I tried the service and call quality is good.

    Your free 5$ credit will provide you talktime of 38 minutes when calling India from Canada. This will depend upon place from and where you call.

    You may refer Tabrio to your freind (new phone number) so that he can also make use of the free 5$ trail credit.

    Call rates of Tabrio are also very competitive, so after you are done with your free credit (which will obviously last long) you may buy some credit to continue with Tabrio.

    For more info and to get Free 5$ credit to make free calls visit Tabrio.

    EvaPhone Free Pc to Phone Internet Calls : Free Credit Daily

    In past few post, we have discussed a lot about cheap international phone calls to various destinations. Now its the time we start talking about some free calling offers. Few months back I came across Evaphone, but just skipped the service, because of their poor voice quality, bad design and insufficient information about their free calling service.

    Thanks to Mr. Chaturvedi for reminding me about Evaphone, which is a Free PC to Phone Calling Service. It basically provides a free internet phone on its website, from which you can make international calls. Evaphone does not offer subperb call quality and the call duration is also pretty less. So, I guess some people will not like this service, but for some people it can prove to be a good calling method. It can prove to be a great service, specially for calling those countries where call rates are high.

    How does EvaPhone Work

    - Visit
    - You will see a dialer
    - Dial your destination number and your call will get connected.

    EvaPhone Dailer

    Evaphone is basically supported by Ads. I think this ads supported calling method is the best option because people don't mind watching a few seconds ads as long as they are getting free calls.

    EvaPhone Service has been changed a lot now. It is no longer that simple, go to website and call service. If you are looking for websites similar to EvaPhone, then you can consider following.
    - GlobFone similar to EvaPhone for free calling
    - Call2Friends also similar to EvaPhone

    EvaPhone Free Credit and Call Duration

    Basically EvaPhone offers free credit daily based on the IP address (that is per computer). It offers different talking minutes for different destinations. Evaphone can be used to make free internet phone calls to India, Pakistan, UAE, Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Afghanistan, list is too long. You name it, you will find it. I won't recommend you evaphone for calling India as it only offer 30 seconds call.

    But yes Evaphone can prove to be a great method for calling countries like USA, UK, UAE, Dubai, Pakistan etc where the call rates are high and free minutes offered are also quite normal. Additionally you won't find a good free method to calls mobile phone in various destinations but with Evaphone you can make free calls to Mobiles too. Sometimes, you just want to say hello to your friend or in emergency if you require any free calling service, Evaphone can always be used.

    EvaPhone Hack to Make Unlimited Calls

    Evaphone only allows you to make one free calls per day per IP. You guys already know about using Proxy(to change IP address), so atleast this barrier should not bother you.


    EvaPhone has updated its free calling service. I recently visited their site again and found it completely changed. It has also started offering apps for smartphone and also started offering cheap calls.

    Calling Method
    - EvaPhone now offers PC Calling via a PC Application. Download it to your computer to make calls.
    - Use EvaPhone WebPhone for making calls straight from your browser.
    - EvaPhone offer apps for Android, iPhone, Tablets, Symbian, Blackberry etc... So make calls direct from your mobile.
    - It also offers SIP Calling. That is, using any compatible VoIP device gives you access to EvaPhone cheap rates.
    - Direct Callback : Register all your contacts and get local number for them. You’ll get an exclusive direct number for each contact. This gives you the opportunity to get in touch with your contacts fast.

    EvaPhone Features
    - It offers free credit when you first time sign up with them. Use it to make free trial calls.
    - No contracts or hidden costs
    - No need to pay for the calls you didn’t make
    - You can credit as little as $1 on your account

    EvaPhone Features

    EvaPhone Cheap International Calls
    Now it offers a cheap voip service. You can buy credit with them and make cheap international calls. The calling rates are quite competitive. Example call India at 1.3 cents per minute. Below is call rate comparison between EvaPhone and Skype.

    EvaPhone Vs Skype

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