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Nexus123 :, 10 Minutes Free voip calls

With more and more voip providers coming into the market, competition is increasing and rates are dipping. Voip providers tend to give some free trial offers in order to build a customer base. And one of them which we discuss today is Nexus123 Calling Cards!

Some give free credit, some free minutes. One can offcourse just make use of these free minutes to make absolutely free calls to their destination. A large part of our readers visit Free PC to phone calls blog in order to make free calls to India.

Presently Free Calls to India and other countries can made easily. Tabrio is offering free 5$ credit to make free voip phone calls. Do make use of the Tabrio offer before it ends.

Today's we will be discussing about another voip provider "Nexus123". The key part about Nexus123 is that, it is offering free 10 minutes of free voip phone calls to anywhere in world. Yes, you can make 10 minutes free voip phone call to India, Pakistan, Dubai, Canada, Philippines, and even Cuba using Nexus123.

When some voip provider offer free minutes, the best part is that it can be used for making free calls to destinations which have very high calling rates. Some African and Asian countries where calling rates can also be called using Nexus123 Calling Cards. (Calls to Cuba will last for 3-4 minutes, actually calling rate to Cuba is very high).

Nexus123 Saver from Nexustel is a service that will allow you to make long distance calls from your cell phone or any phone you want. Most importantly, there is no need to dial an access key or PIN so you will save time.

To get your free 10 minutes from Nexus123

1. Visit Nexus123, fill your details. You need to enter your correct phone number, email address. I am not sure if it is only available to people living in USA and Canada. However, calls can be made to any part of world.
2. Check your email and click the confirmation link (sent by Nexus123) in order to verify your email.

Your free account by Nexus123 is active now. To make free calls you need to dial the access number. A list of access numbers can be found on Nexus123 website.
  • No need to pay anything in order to get free minutes.
  • No credit card required to register for free account.
  • No maintenance fees or hidden charges of any kind.
Call rates of Nexus123 are comparable with other calling cards and voip providers, calls to India from USA are charged at 5.6cents/min.

To make the Nexus123 service a unlimited calling plan one, following things can be tried.
  • Register with another phone number and email address. ( you will get additional 10 free minutes).
  • Append a digit to your original phone number,(ex. if your phone number is 5126985, try registering with 51269850, 5126985(1-9). This way you can register with same phone but you will get more free calling minutes.
I have not tried the above workarounds with Nexus123, It would be great if someone could try the workarounds and let us know if is works.

Guys, Please leave your comments and suggestions to improve the blog. We are always looking to help you find ways to make free phone calls or find you the best voip deals so that you can reduce your phone bills.

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