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EvaPhone Free Pc to Phone Internet Calls : Free Credit Daily

In past few post, we have discussed a lot about cheap international phone calls to various destinations. Now its the time we start talking about some free calling offers. Few months back I came across Evaphone, but just skipped the service, because of their poor voice quality, bad design and insufficient information about their free calling service.

Thanks to Mr. Chaturvedi for reminding me about Evaphone, which is a Free PC to Phone Calling Service. It basically provides a free internet phone on its website, from which you can make international calls. Evaphone does not offer subperb call quality and the call duration is also pretty less. So, I guess some people will not like this service, but for some people it can prove to be a good calling method. It can prove to be a great service, specially for calling those countries where call rates are high.

How does EvaPhone Work

- Visit
- You will see a dialer
- Dial your destination number and your call will get connected.

EvaPhone Dailer

Evaphone is basically supported by Ads. I think this ads supported calling method is the best option because people don't mind watching a few seconds ads as long as they are getting free calls.

EvaPhone Service has been changed a lot now. It is no longer that simple, go to website and call service. If you are looking for websites similar to EvaPhone, then you can consider following.
- GlobFone similar to EvaPhone for free calling
- Call2Friends also similar to EvaPhone

EvaPhone Free Credit and Call Duration

Basically EvaPhone offers free credit daily based on the IP address (that is per computer). It offers different talking minutes for different destinations. Evaphone can be used to make free internet phone calls to India, Pakistan, UAE, Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Afghanistan, list is too long. You name it, you will find it. I won't recommend you evaphone for calling India as it only offer 30 seconds call.

But yes Evaphone can prove to be a great method for calling countries like USA, UK, UAE, Dubai, Pakistan etc where the call rates are high and free minutes offered are also quite normal. Additionally you won't find a good free method to calls mobile phone in various destinations but with Evaphone you can make free calls to Mobiles too. Sometimes, you just want to say hello to your friend or in emergency if you require any free calling service, Evaphone can always be used.

EvaPhone Hack to Make Unlimited Calls

Evaphone only allows you to make one free calls per day per IP. You guys already know about using Proxy(to change IP address), so atleast this barrier should not bother you.


EvaPhone has updated its free calling service. I recently visited their site again and found it completely changed. It has also started offering apps for smartphone and also started offering cheap calls.

Calling Method
- EvaPhone now offers PC Calling via a PC Application. Download it to your computer to make calls.
- Use EvaPhone WebPhone for making calls straight from your browser.
- EvaPhone offer apps for Android, iPhone, Tablets, Symbian, Blackberry etc... So make calls direct from your mobile.
- It also offers SIP Calling. That is, using any compatible VoIP device gives you access to EvaPhone cheap rates.
- Direct Callback : Register all your contacts and get local number for them. You’ll get an exclusive direct number for each contact. This gives you the opportunity to get in touch with your contacts fast.

EvaPhone Features
- It offers free credit when you first time sign up with them. Use it to make free trial calls.
- No contracts or hidden costs
- No need to pay for the calls you didn’t make
- You can credit as little as $1 on your account

EvaPhone Features

EvaPhone Cheap International Calls
Now it offers a cheap voip service. You can buy credit with them and make cheap international calls. The calling rates are quite competitive. Example call India at 1.3 cents per minute. Below is call rate comparison between EvaPhone and Skype.

EvaPhone Vs Skype

madhur article :

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October 12, 2008 at 8:57 PM

Thanx Mathur, but does proxy method work? And perhaps evaphone is allowing 2 calls/day not 1 calls.

April 7, 2013 at 1:27 AM

how i can make free call plz. help me?

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