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Make free Internet calls to USA via Gizmo5 Backdoor Dialing


At Free Pc to Phone calls, we have discussed many methods to make cheap and free internet calls to different places. Post about "Tabrio free trial 5$ credit, and its cheap rates to countries like India, Pakistan" has received a great number of hits.

Today, we will be discussing a way to make free calls to USA. USA is a big continent, with a lot of Indians living in USA. A large number of people living in USA have already switched to voip for their calling needs. Many of Free Pc to Phone calls visitors look for method to connect to people living in USA. Many of you must be running your business in USA, and you end up paying quite a big sum of Money. Let's see how can you make free calls to USA.

Gizmo5 has been a big name in voip industry. I am sure many of you must be knowing about Gizmo5, but I guess you may not be aware of Gizmo5 backdoor dialing features.

In the past too we have mentioned about Gizmo5. Gizmo5 is a big voip provider offering cheap calls to all over world. Gizmo5 offers Pc to Phone calls (softphone), mobile voip, file sharing, video calls and a lot more. It also gives trial credit worth .10USD to try its service. Coming back to Gizmo5 backdoor dialing method.

Gizmo5 makes makes it possible to dial about 11% USA phone numbers without going through the traditional phone system. This means you can call certain mobile and land line numbers from any computer connected to the net and talk for free. These are free Pc to Phone calls to USA using voip softphone.

How to do backdoor dialing:

  • Download and install Gizmo5 for PC/Mac/Lin.
  • Dial 0101 + 10 digit US telephone number.

  • Features about Gizmo5 -:
    • All calls are absolutely free. And yes its unlimited. (Unlimited free calls to USA).
    • Because backdoor dialing is bypassing the traditional phone network and taking a more direct route via VOIP you will often get higher quality calls than you normally experience.
    • Since its Pc to Phone calls, it does not matter from where you are making calls. As long as you are connected to internet, you can make free calls from anywhere in world to USA.
    • You can also use Gizmo5 backdoor dialing method from your wifi enabled mobile, or even SIP devices. You may also us a SIP based ATA using the Gizmo5 or SIPphone network. Just connect your device to the network with a valid Gizmo5 account and dial 0101 + 10 digit US number.
    Many of you must be wondering why these voip providers give free calls. Well, because these calls are VOIP calls they do not have the costs associated with phone calls historically. They are more like an email message or instant messaging transmission on the internet for which there is no cost beyond that of your internet connection.

    Many a times you need to dial the USA access numbers, Gizmo5 backdoor method will be highly useful for that.

    So, Gizmo5 backdoor method can be used to make free calls to many USA phone numbers. You may check on Gizmo5 website, if the number you want to dial via backdoor method will work or not.


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