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Nymgo offers 1750 minutes to India, Bangladesh for $20

Lately there has been quite a movement in the voip industry with many voip providers coming up with promotional offers. May be this is related to the festive season and every other voip provider trying to lure more customers. Be it the very old Rebtel offering calls to India at 1.69 cents/min, be it Tabrio offering free 30 minutes or the exclusive Pingo Voucher code to double your credit and make calls to India at 1.37cents/min.

But today we are not talking about these, instead we found a new voip provider named 'Nymgo' which is offering cheapest international calls. Nymgo is a new voip entrant from United kingdom offering cheapest calls all around the world. Its a great option specially to make unlimited (approx 2000min/month) calls to Asian countries and Australia.

Nymgo offers various ways to make calls, currently Pc to Phone Calls being the most famous and widely used method. Not only it is offering cheap calls to India, but use Nymgo for calling Bangladesh, Pakistan and SriLanka.

It has some of the features and some offers which are currently not matched by any voip provider. We have listed some of them below.

Nymgo offers Everyday Low pricing. Now what's that ?
Nymgo is the first telco in the world to offer its customers the assurance of Every Day Low Pricing. To do that, they trawl the internet calls marketplace each and every day. Thay promise that if they find a price that's lower than theirs, then Nymgo is going to lower its call rates. Well that's pretty cool.

Nymgo Calls to India

Monthly Subscription Plans by Nymgo

Asia And Australia
Monthly charges -: $20 and you get 1750 minutes to call 7 countries (India, Bangladesh, China, Singapore, Australia, Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan) . Some calling codes are not on the list, but for India most of them are included.
Simple maths - Effective rates of 1.142 cents/min. (I guess this is cheapest calls to India).

Europe and North America
With this package you can stay in touch for only $14.5 and get 10,000 minutes to 17 European countries plus USA and Canada.

Pay as you go plan
If you don't want to go for monthly plans you can opt for Pay as you go plans, calls to some countries at .003 cents/min (That's not even a cent, this is power of voip). You can recharge a min of 5$. Calls to India at normal price of 4-5cents, I guess Pingo proves better option here giving call rate to India at 1.37cents/min.

For more information on these calling plans to check the latest calling rates, please visit Nymgo.

How to use Nymgo

- Pc to Phone Calls using Nymgo : It offers a softphone which you can use to make calls. Please note that some people have experience bad voice quality. You can improve this quality by simple tweaks.
- Nymgo offers voip application for both Android, iPhone and  Windows Mobiles. 
- Nymgo also offers its SIP Settings which you can use to configure Fring, Nimbuzz of any other SIP client.
- If you face any difficulty in making calls with Nymgo, just let us know in the comment section and we would love to help you out.

Please note that this plan of 1750 minutes for $20 is no longer valid. Instead Nymgo is offering better plans and better calling rates. In simple pay as you go plan it has reduced its calling rate to India at just 1.3 cents per minute. You do not have to buy any monthly package and simply buy as low as $5 (and start using Nymgo).

VoipZoom : Unlimited Free Phone calls at 2.5Euros/month


Though I am not in favor of Betamax providers but still their low rates and free calls package attract a lot of people to try their service.

Well, a new betamax service names VoipZoom has been recently launched. Those who have tried betamax before and those who want some very cheap calls can try this service. With VoipZoom you can call lots of destinations for FREE for just EURO 2,50 a month.
Well, with the Christmas season so near, call volumes to European countries, USA, Canada extend to a great extent. I guess this is a very smart step by Betamax to launch this service at this point of time.

By Paying 2.5 Euros per month (3.20 USD), you can make free calls to about 41 countries. Well, it looks pretty cool to make free international calls by just paying very less amount. You can try Voipzoom and make lots of free calls this holiday season.
voipzoom free unlimited calls
I don't recommend it for buying heavy credit with Betamax services, as they sometimes terminate your account and don't return your credit amount. So better pay only 2.5Euros for making free calls to these 41 countries.

However, if you want to make calls to India, Pakistan I would suggest you Tabrio (it giving free 30 minutes) and Pingo calling card (it has lowered its rates to half price).

As like with every other betamax, Voipzoom also has a fair use policy which limites the maximum minutes per week to around 300 minutes measured over last seven days per unique IP address. Well, still the deal ain't any bad.

So, if you want to make some free international calls by paying a monthly fee, visit VoipZoom.

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Free Windows Mobile Video Chat : Vzochat

Some years back, communication with your loved ones was a distant dream. Then came landline phones and made the job easy. However, it was the launch of Mobile Phones that created created a revolution in telecom industry. Now almost everyone in world have a mobile phone. But now its time for Video Chat on Mobile Phones, that too free : Find out how to make free video chat on windows mobile.

With the changing time and technology, new gadgets and features are launched each new day. Be it Iphone, Nokia tube, PDA Phones and our own voip phones all the welcomed in this market.
Have you notice that nowadays almost all camera phones have a VGA camera at the front. What is it for. Guys its for Video telephony, the video calls or the video chat on mobile.

Well now its time to make some video phone calls to your loved ones. Just wonder you living in USA and your Mom in India. Now you can not only talk to her for free but can also Video chat with her. I am sure one will not feel the distance. Do you own a Windows mobile, figure out on making video calls from windows mobile.

Guys if you came looking for some Free PC to Phone calls or Phone to Phone calls, I would suggest you to try Tabrio (free 30 minutes international calls) and Pingo calling cards (half rates - cheap calls to India).

Free Video Chat VzochatVzochat, a company which offers free Video chat application for your PC has launched a new application for your Mobile PDA phone.

"Vzochat Mobile" : They claim to be the first Mobile Videochat company. However, the mobile videochat feature is still in beta phase, and Vzochat is asking users to review the service and give them a feedback so that they can improve upon.

VZOchat Mobile is a free mobile video chat software for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0. It works on PDA phones having Windows installed.

1. Register with Vzochat.
2. Download the Vzochat application for your Mobile. You can access their mobile site here.

You simple require internet connection and if your friend also has the Vzochat application, you can have a Video chat with him. And hey nest part -: "Its free". (All you pay is for internet charge, which offcourse is free in many wifi hotspots).

I am sure the market of Mobile video chat is very high. With more and more companies coming with their application, customers will get the best features.

For more info, Visit Vzochat.

TollFreeForwarding : Get a local toll free number : Demo account with 10$ credit


By now you must have came across many methods and ways to make free or cheap international phone calls. Well, Voip is growing and so are new ways coming each day.

Today we will be discussing another method to make cheap/free phone calls to any country in world. Well its basically Toll free forwarding. You actually get a local phone number in many cities of world and forward all your calls to your original phone.

Tollfreeforwarding is giving a toll free access number in major countries of world. Example, you can get a toll free USA phone number and when anyone calls you on this number all your calls will be forwarded to your original phone (mobile).

Tollfreeforwarding is offering free 10$ credit to try out their service. This credit can be used to make some free calls anywhere in world. Yes you can try this out to make free calls to India. I guess tollfreeforwarding is a great service if you run a business in USA. Call rates are also very cheap. It can be a good option to use their service for official purpose.

For whom is Tollfreeforwarding service useful -:

  • If you belong to India, Pakistan or any other country and run a business in some other country say USA. So whenever you want to connect to your customer, Customer needs to dial International number. Now you can offer him a local toll free number to your customer. This can be really good for your business. You can be TollfreeForwarding customer, try their service and if you like you can continue with TollfreeForwarding.
  • If you make calls to India, Pakistan at a single number. You can use Tollfreeforwarding to make cheap calls to that number.
1. Register with Tollfreeforwarding.
2. Select a local access toll free number of your country. (If you are from USA, select it).
3. In the send your existing calls field, enter your destination number. (Indian number, if you want to call India).

It ask for your credit card details. It is for verification purpose only.

Now once you get a toll free number. You can dial that number from your phone (since it is local to you) or you can use voip to connect to those numbers.

Overall, Tollfreeforwarding can prove very nice option for business purposes.

Guys if you came looking for free calls to India, then you can try Tabrio (it is offering free 30 minutes).

For some cheap options, my suggestion is Pingo Calling card. Best voice quality and cheapest price. (2.7cents/min to India).

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Voxox : Free Phone and two hours talktime : Video Conferencing : IM


There has been again a new entry in this Voip industry. Voxox has been launched by a TelCentris (based in SanDiego). Well Voxox is launched just yesterday, and we are the first few ones to post about this amazing service.

I have myself tried my hand out at Voxox and personally I very much liked this service. Though their is lot of scope for them to work upon, but considering that its launched a day back, and being in Beta phase, I would rate them very high.

Voxox is also offering two hours of free calls together with a free phone number. (Voxox number based in USA). But there is a lot to cheer about.

Vovox Free phone and calling credit
So, What is Voxox and how can it useful to you.

Voxox is a desktop application with a large number of features. It combines the features of VoIP, IM, and video conferencing, and it also supports social media, such as Facebook, SMS, fax, e-mail, and content sharing.

Before going into its features, let me give you some idea about its interface. Well, both the voxox website and Pc application are based on Iphone theme with latter one giving you a complete look of Iphone. Must say I found it really good. But yeah Pc application is about 26Mb for download, but considering its Iphone interface (graphics) its quite acceptable.

Coming back to Voxox features -:

  • Voxox allows it users to make Pc to phone calls. As to initially try out this feature, they are giving all their new users "Free two hours of calling talktime". I guess this feature works for calling USA and Canada only. But this nowhere mentioned on their website and try if it works for calling your destination. To make use of this feature and to make free Pc to Phone calls you need to download their Pc application.
They will initially give you free two hours calling credit (Free Phone and calling credit), to get more calling credit you can refer your friends to Voxox (invite a freind feature) and when they join both of you get two hours of calling credit. Isn't that amazing. Apart from that, they will soon be lauching more options to earn more calling credit.

Vovox Pc application softphone
  • Voxox is giving all its new users a free Voxox phone number. They have a reach-me feature and I think people can call you on your voxox from their landlines and Mobile.
  • Video Conferencing feature.
  • One very nice feature of Voxox is that it can integrate all your contacts from different application and then you can just call anyone of your contact at easy of a single click.
Voxox will soon be launching a application for mobile phones, by which you will be able to make cheap and Free phone calls.

  • Voicemail and interactive voice response "personal assistant"
  • Two-way texting
  • Call forwarding and "one-number-follow-me service"
  • Inbound faxing and fax-to-e-mail.
  • Integrates with all major social networks, including Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn
Now coming to most liked feature. They are offering free callback feature. Similar to a lot other voip providers like Jajah, Tabrio, Voxox is offering callback feature. You need to enter your phone number, destination number you want to dial. Voxox will call you first and then it will connect your call. You may try this feature if it works for you to make free calls to India, Pakistan or your destination. I used this feature and found the voice quality very good.

Overall, comparing Voxox to some other voip provider I would rate it very high, though not the best. I would recommend all Free PC to phone calls readers to try Voxox. Don't forget its offering free two hours of talktime to all its new users.

Friends just leave your comment if you face any difficulty is using Voxox, we will be very happy to help you out.

Free411 Directory assistance service in USA from your Home landline and cell phone


A lot of Free Pc to Phone calls blog are from USA. We have been already posting a large number of methods to make cheap and free calls all over the world. (Free calls to India, Pakistan, USA, etc)

Well, I recently came across a new service "free 411 directory assistance" from Free411. To let you know this Free411 works only in USA.

How many times it has been that you are away from your home, and in need for a phone number of nearby restaurant, or even any business location. How many times it has been that you require a phone number of a person (your friend). The solutions is right here and best part its "free".

The service actually is a Free Directory assistance service. You guys must be knowing about the 411 service.

Free 411 Directory assistance USA

So, what you require to do. Call Free411 service phone number its " 1800-373-3411 ". It will ask for your city and state. It will confirm if you said is correct or not. Confirm it by saying yes it will recognize using speech recognition. Then it asks whether it is a government, business or residential listing. Then you state what you want to lookup and it tells you the phone number. Isn't that pretty cool..? (keeping in mind its free).

Now you don't need to pay for this directory assistance service(411 service) anymore. However, you local call charges may apply for dialing the access number.

So you must be wondering why is this free and who pays for it ?

Actually all the sponsors cover the service cost by playing short advertising messages (about 15 seconds) – ads usually based on your search request. Say you’re looking for a local pizza place. They might play you a special offer from Dominos. I guess no one minds these advertisements as long as you are getting it free.

You call also use this Free Directory assistance from their website. Many of you must be having voip phone in your house and you can't dial it from many of them (Vonage).

For skype users, the call to service can be made for free. Double benefits for Skype users. You could use SkypeOut to dial 800-FREE411. You can call Free411 using FREE SkypeOut calls to, simply dial 800-FREE411 (800-373-3411). Well, I am not very sure about this skype free calls to Free411, it would be great if any of readers confirm this up.

For more info, Visit Free411.

Magicjack : Free Calls to USA And Canada from Anywhere in World

With voip all around, calling USA and Canada for free ain't any big deal. Yet a lot of people spend big bucks for making these international phone calls. At Free Pc to Phone calls Blog, we have been suggesting our users to switch to voip (Internet phone calls) for all their calling needs. This way they will save a lot of bucks. Phone bills are a huge burden on people living in India (who have relatives living in USA or Canada), as international calls are too costly here. Similarly it is a costly affair for people living in other countries who make regular international calls.

In this post, we will be a discussing about a method (rather a device) using which you can make free international calls to USA and Canada. The best part is that it can be used from anywhere in world (as long as you have internet connection). We are talking about the Skype killer : "Magicjack". Though there are other Skype alternatives as well, but this product has been rated as 2008 product of the year and is considered as best alternative.

First let me tell you some of its calling feature and for whom will it be useful.
- You can make unlimited free calls to USA and Canada for free using Magicjack. You require only Magicjack device, a phone line and broadband connection.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Get a free USA Phone number
  • Free calling anywhere in the world between magicJack users.
  • Free Local and Long Distance Calling anywhere in the US & Canada.
  • Free calling from outside USA/Canada to USA/Canada (even cell phones)
  • Use the magicJack anywhere you find high speed Internet service.
  • Take the magicJack with you when you travel to other countries. 

The device is extremely popular among -:
- People living in USA and Canada, as they will be able to make local calls for free.
- For NRI's living in USA and Canada as they make lot of international calls to India, calling their friends and family back home. What you can do is gift your parents a Magicjack device get them broadband at their home. And they can call you at your USA number for free. (I guess this would effectively prove to be a lot cheaper than you calling regularly India).

How to use MagicJack

- Plug any household phone into Magicjack.
- Plug Magicjack into any USB port of your computer.
- Wait 60 seconds for completion screen to appear
- Pick up the phone and talk for free anywhere in USA and Canada.

Availability in India

After capturing the market of USA and Canada, officially Magicjack is now launched in India. Voip-ms is marketing and sales partner of Magicjack outside USA and Canada. Now anyone from India can get this ultimate device for making free calls to USA and Canada.

You can purchase this magicjack device from Voip-ms. Essentially, MagicJack is an analog telephony adaptor (ATA). In India, Magicjack cost 49.95$ (one time for Device) and annually subscription of around 20$. People from USA and Canada can get Magicjack directly from Magicjack website and gift it to anyone they like. Infact Magicjack is now available to most parts of world, it should not be a problem for people making free calls to USA or Canada.

Update : Launch of MagicJack Plus

With the huge success of Magicjack (the old device), the company has launched its upgraded version. This new device is being called MagicJack Plus. Offcourse there are lot of advantages with the new version of this device, however the most noticeable is that it can be used Without Computer. We have covered a detailed post on differences betweeen MagicJack and its Plus Version.

Update : Make Free Calls from SmartPhone

Magicjack has gone one more step ahead and launched their smartphone application. You can download this application on your iPhone and make unlimited free calls to USA or Canada. The best part is that anyone can use this app (no compulsion to buy the device) and this app is free.

Moreover now anyone can try MagicJack device for free. They are giving the device (limited number) free for a month. After your 30 day trial, you can receive service for just $29.95 a year. That is right-A YEAR. That is less expensive than your taxes on your current phone bill for just one month. It seems that device will cost you nothing and its just annual charges now.
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