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Free411 Directory assistance service in USA from your Home landline and cell phone


A lot of Free Pc to Phone calls blog are from USA. We have been already posting a large number of methods to make cheap and free calls all over the world. (Free calls to India, Pakistan, USA, etc)

Well, I recently came across a new service "free 411 directory assistance" from Free411. To let you know this Free411 works only in USA.

How many times it has been that you are away from your home, and in need for a phone number of nearby restaurant, or even any business location. How many times it has been that you require a phone number of a person (your friend). The solutions is right here and best part its "free".

The service actually is a Free Directory assistance service. You guys must be knowing about the 411 service.

Free 411 Directory assistance USA

So, what you require to do. Call Free411 service phone number its " 1800-373-3411 ". It will ask for your city and state. It will confirm if you said is correct or not. Confirm it by saying yes it will recognize using speech recognition. Then it asks whether it is a government, business or residential listing. Then you state what you want to lookup and it tells you the phone number. Isn't that pretty cool..? (keeping in mind its free).

Now you don't need to pay for this directory assistance service(411 service) anymore. However, you local call charges may apply for dialing the access number.

So you must be wondering why is this free and who pays for it ?

Actually all the sponsors cover the service cost by playing short advertising messages (about 15 seconds) – ads usually based on your search request. Say you’re looking for a local pizza place. They might play you a special offer from Dominos. I guess no one minds these advertisements as long as you are getting it free.

You call also use this Free Directory assistance from their website. Many of you must be having voip phone in your house and you can't dial it from many of them (Vonage).

For skype users, the call to service can be made for free. Double benefits for Skype users. You could use SkypeOut to dial 800-FREE411. You can call Free411 using FREE SkypeOut calls to, simply dial 800-FREE411 (800-373-3411). Well, I am not very sure about this skype free calls to Free411, it would be great if any of readers confirm this up.

For more info, Visit Free411.

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