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TollFreeForwarding : Get a local toll free number : Demo account with 10$ credit


By now you must have came across many methods and ways to make free or cheap international phone calls. Well, Voip is growing and so are new ways coming each day.

Today we will be discussing another method to make cheap/free phone calls to any country in world. Well its basically Toll free forwarding. You actually get a local phone number in many cities of world and forward all your calls to your original phone.

Tollfreeforwarding is giving a toll free access number in major countries of world. Example, you can get a toll free USA phone number and when anyone calls you on this number all your calls will be forwarded to your original phone (mobile).

Tollfreeforwarding is offering free 10$ credit to try out their service. This credit can be used to make some free calls anywhere in world. Yes you can try this out to make free calls to India. I guess tollfreeforwarding is a great service if you run a business in USA. Call rates are also very cheap. It can be a good option to use their service for official purpose.

For whom is Tollfreeforwarding service useful -:

  • If you belong to India, Pakistan or any other country and run a business in some other country say USA. So whenever you want to connect to your customer, Customer needs to dial International number. Now you can offer him a local toll free number to your customer. This can be really good for your business. You can be TollfreeForwarding customer, try their service and if you like you can continue with TollfreeForwarding.
  • If you make calls to India, Pakistan at a single number. You can use Tollfreeforwarding to make cheap calls to that number.
1. Register with Tollfreeforwarding.
2. Select a local access toll free number of your country. (If you are from USA, select it).
3. In the send your existing calls field, enter your destination number. (Indian number, if you want to call India).

It ask for your credit card details. It is for verification purpose only.

Now once you get a toll free number. You can dial that number from your phone (since it is local to you) or you can use voip to connect to those numbers.

Overall, Tollfreeforwarding can prove very nice option for business purposes.

Guys if you came looking for free calls to India, then you can try Tabrio (it is offering free 30 minutes).

For some cheap options, my suggestion is Pingo Calling card. Best voice quality and cheapest price. (2.7cents/min to India).

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madhur article :

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May 26, 2010 at 10:46 PM

For me VoIP services are the best solution if your company is searching ways in saving the cost of communication.

August 14, 2010 at 3:55 AM

Toll free numbers have helped every business that used them. They are so popular and efficient that this fall, the 855 toll free numbers will be released.

February 21, 2012 at 10:37 AM

I can't even remember when was the last time I called such a number. Probably before having my incredibly cheap cell phone plan.

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