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Magicjack : Free Calls to USA And Canada from Anywhere in World

With voip all around, calling USA and Canada for free ain't any big deal. Yet a lot of people spend big bucks for making these international phone calls. At Free Pc to Phone calls Blog, we have been suggesting our users to switch to voip (Internet phone calls) for all their calling needs. This way they will save a lot of bucks. Phone bills are a huge burden on people living in India (who have relatives living in USA or Canada), as international calls are too costly here. Similarly it is a costly affair for people living in other countries who make regular international calls.

In this post, we will be a discussing about a method (rather a device) using which you can make free international calls to USA and Canada. The best part is that it can be used from anywhere in world (as long as you have internet connection). We are talking about the Skype killer : "Magicjack". Though there are other Skype alternatives as well, but this product has been rated as 2008 product of the year and is considered as best alternative.

First let me tell you some of its calling feature and for whom will it be useful.
- You can make unlimited free calls to USA and Canada for free using Magicjack. You require only Magicjack device, a phone line and broadband connection.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Get a free USA Phone number
  • Free calling anywhere in the world between magicJack users.
  • Free Local and Long Distance Calling anywhere in the US & Canada.
  • Free calling from outside USA/Canada to USA/Canada (even cell phones)
  • Use the magicJack anywhere you find high speed Internet service.
  • Take the magicJack with you when you travel to other countries. 

The device is extremely popular among -:
- People living in USA and Canada, as they will be able to make local calls for free.
- For NRI's living in USA and Canada as they make lot of international calls to India, calling their friends and family back home. What you can do is gift your parents a Magicjack device get them broadband at their home. And they can call you at your USA number for free. (I guess this would effectively prove to be a lot cheaper than you calling regularly India).

How to use MagicJack

- Plug any household phone into Magicjack.
- Plug Magicjack into any USB port of your computer.
- Wait 60 seconds for completion screen to appear
- Pick up the phone and talk for free anywhere in USA and Canada.

Availability in India

After capturing the market of USA and Canada, officially Magicjack is now launched in India. Voip-ms is marketing and sales partner of Magicjack outside USA and Canada. Now anyone from India can get this ultimate device for making free calls to USA and Canada.

You can purchase this magicjack device from Voip-ms. Essentially, MagicJack is an analog telephony adaptor (ATA). In India, Magicjack cost 49.95$ (one time for Device) and annually subscription of around 20$. People from USA and Canada can get Magicjack directly from Magicjack website and gift it to anyone they like. Infact Magicjack is now available to most parts of world, it should not be a problem for people making free calls to USA or Canada.

Update : Launch of MagicJack Plus

With the huge success of Magicjack (the old device), the company has launched its upgraded version. This new device is being called MagicJack Plus. Offcourse there are lot of advantages with the new version of this device, however the most noticeable is that it can be used Without Computer. We have covered a detailed post on differences betweeen MagicJack and its Plus Version.

Update : Make Free Calls from SmartPhone

Magicjack has gone one more step ahead and launched their smartphone application. You can download this application on your iPhone and make unlimited free calls to USA or Canada. The best part is that anyone can use this app (no compulsion to buy the device) and this app is free.

Moreover now anyone can try MagicJack device for free. They are giving the device (limited number) free for a month. After your 30 day trial, you can receive service for just $29.95 a year. That is right-A YEAR. That is less expensive than your taxes on your current phone bill for just one month. It seems that device will cost you nothing and its just annual charges now.

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November 3, 2008 at 9:07 AM

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May 28, 2010 at 9:33 AM

*Free call to USA or CANADA from anywhere in the world
*Your own free phone number
*Free calls from the USA to any magicjack-enabled phone in world!
*Free calls from any magicjack to any magicjack in the world
*Its portable you can use your magicjack anywhere there’s high speed internet service (DSL, Broadband, Wifi, etc.)

PLUS you get voice mail, call waiting, three ways and fallow me to farward your incoming calls to any other phone - and it’s all free.
*you pay just Rs 3000/- for magicjack
*First year service free!
*Only Rs.1000/- per year there after!

Free shipping anywhere in India

Master Distributor for India:
Phone +919966564416

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