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VoipZoom : Unlimited Free Phone calls at 2.5Euros/month


Though I am not in favor of Betamax providers but still their low rates and free calls package attract a lot of people to try their service.

Well, a new betamax service names VoipZoom has been recently launched. Those who have tried betamax before and those who want some very cheap calls can try this service. With VoipZoom you can call lots of destinations for FREE for just EURO 2,50 a month.
Well, with the Christmas season so near, call volumes to European countries, USA, Canada extend to a great extent. I guess this is a very smart step by Betamax to launch this service at this point of time.

By Paying 2.5 Euros per month (3.20 USD), you can make free calls to about 41 countries. Well, it looks pretty cool to make free international calls by just paying very less amount. You can try Voipzoom and make lots of free calls this holiday season.
voipzoom free unlimited calls
I don't recommend it for buying heavy credit with Betamax services, as they sometimes terminate your account and don't return your credit amount. So better pay only 2.5Euros for making free calls to these 41 countries.

However, if you want to make calls to India, Pakistan I would suggest you Tabrio (it giving free 30 minutes) and Pingo calling card (it has lowered its rates to half price).

As like with every other betamax, Voipzoom also has a fair use policy which limites the maximum minutes per week to around 300 minutes measured over last seven days per unique IP address. Well, still the deal ain't any bad.

So, if you want to make some free international calls by paying a monthly fee, visit VoipZoom.

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November 18, 2008 at 4:57 PM

IDEAINDIACall: Free calls to try and cheap calls to India from Canada and USA

IDEAINDIACall is offering 10 mins free calls from Canada and USA to India, Pakistan, Bangaladesh or Europe. This offer is for the registered users only. Regularly they offer five minutes but they promise us to give 10 mins for each new registration.

User needs to register with valid phone # (where the calls will be made from) and a valid email address, The confirmation email will be sent with the access number in USA or Canada to dial and PIN.

To get the free call offer

Sign-up (
Check your mail for PIN and access number
Now dial the access number
Dial the PIN when asked
Dial the destination number without 00 or 011, means if you want to call Delhi India, dial 9111XXX12345.
We tried calling from USA to INDIA via the Candian access number, the call quality was nice.

Access Numbers:
16472585431(Toronto, Canada)
12016800886(Jersey City,USA)
19703730822(Greeley, USA)
12064247196(Seattle, USA)

They offer cheap calling rate to India, 4 cents per minute and the best thing, they offer minimum $1 purchase via paypal to call for 20 minutes. If you like you can buy more credits, you can purchase.

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