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Trueroots Calling cards : Buy one get One free


Well with Airtelcallhome giving so many cheap offers, tata's Trueroots don't want to remain behind in this race. Tata group already holds a big place in Indian telecom industry, and its Trueroots calling card is one of the best calling card to call India. Trueroots is giving some very interesting offers.

Firstly, this offer is not just for people calling from USA, Trueroots has its options to call from UK and Canada. So, I guess people from USA, Canada and UK have a chance to make some cheap calls using Trueroots calling card.

Trueroots Cheap calls to India
This holiday season trueroots is offering all new and old customers "Buy one get one free" offer. If you buy a calling card, you get another one for free. Basically, its like Double your minutes or Double your money or Double your talktime offer.

Another offer by Trueroots is for their old customers. This is "Hit a deal with Autorecharge". Each time you auto recharge your account before 29th Dec, you get another one for free.

I actually like those voip providers offering something both for new and "old" customers, otherwise everyone just offers new deals for new customers.

Additionally, if you refer your friends then too you get additional talktime.

Much like many other calling cards, you can use trueroots by dailing access numbers. Lets talk about call rates. Trueroots offers calls to India at 6.6 cents/min and with this Double minutes offer, effective rate to India is 3.3 cents/minute.

Actually, I also noticed that it offer 13cents/min to Pakistan, so I guess with "buy one get one free" offer effective rate to Pakistan is 6.5 cents/min which is very cheap compared to other providers.

Overall considering the reliable service, good customer support, cheap rates and good voice quality one can give try to Tata's Trueroots calling card.

Happy Cheap calling...!!

Cheap calls to Myanmar : Bamar talk International calling cards


At Free PC to Phone calls, we have covered a lot of cheap and free calling ways to India, Pakistan, America, Canada and other destinations where call rates are low now. But we have not talked about cheap ways to make calls to some expensive destinations.

So, I thought to cover some voip providers offering cheap calls to these countries. Myanmar is one of those country, where calling rate is much high. I checked out with webcalldirect and found the calling rate to Myanmar about 35cents/min, Rebtel offers a rate of 39 cents/min, Pingo does not include Myanmar to its calling list, Lowratevoip offers rate of about 30cents/min, even Mediaringtalk offers rate of 39cents/min to Myanmar.

I guess calling Myanmar is not a cheap deal, but we have found a voip provider offering a much lower calling rate to Myanmar. Bamartalk offers a rate of about 18cents/min to Myanmar.

Cheap Calls to Myanmar
BamarTalk international calling cards also offers cheap calls to other destinations, but I guess their main promotion is for Myanmar only, their rate being the much cheaper than many others.
Some part of Bamartalk website is in I guess Burmese language (I am not sure of it, as I myself don't know the language), but still a major part is in English (from which info about method of calling, rates is clear). (A video is also included on the website, which explains everything)

  • Bamartalk offers 18cents/min phone calls to Myanmar.
How to Call using Bamatalk.
Well you can make calls to Phone in Myanmar directly from Gtalk. So, basically its Pc to Phone calls. You can check video on Bamartalk website about the method of making calls with Bamartalk.

Overall, Bamartalk looks quite good for making Cheap calls to Myanmar. Guys, if you know any other voip provider offering cheaper calls do let us know, so that everyone can get benefited.

C2Call : Web based calling service : Web Phone


Web based voip providers are really growing. C2Call is another such voip provider which lets you make web-based phone calls straight from your browser. You can talk to anybody on the web for free.

The calls can be made via a Java applet, which is loaded to your browser. Well, C2Call was launched sometime back, and many updates have been made to the C2Call service. Thanks to Jennifer Lim from C2Call for telling us about the new updates. She also provided us with the latest press release, the key points are presented below.

C2Call has launched the second beta of C2Call, which allows a computer user to call any other computer user around the world – for free.

C2Call also introduced new APIs, software tools that enable social media sites to add browser-based voice calls to any Web site.

Instead of tapping out messages to online friends on social media sites, C2Call gets people talking.

There is nothing to download. The time when users had to install, configure and update special software, just to make VoIP calls or just to talk only to users on the same service, is over. The genius was to make everything happen in a browser.

For users, computer to computer calls made with C2Call are free. Computer to landline and computer to mobile calls cost as little as two cents (Euro) per minute, depending on tariffs – and C2Call displays rates when they apply, as that call is made. There are no connection charges or set-up fees.

To make a call, use the C2Call invite function. This transmits an invitation via email to anybody you want to talk to – and they just click the invitation to start the talking -- without installing software, without having to register with C2Call first.

For web sites that use the developer kit to integrate C2Call, the API supports secure single sign on, instant messaging, call forwarding, address books, call reports, and more. Sites may customize the user interface to add pay-per-click premium services, pre-paid calling plans and calls to landline and mobile/cell phones, extending use of the site to the offline world. The developer kit is free. Developers may access the C2Call server for testing for €99. A monthly subscription for a site to use C2Call is €199.

For more info, Please visit C2Call.


Free Phone calls to America : CallingAmerica


With the global economic recession, companies and individual are trying their best to cut down their cost and expenditures. Well, there is lot of scope for people to cut down their phone bills.
And as I have said before, keep following Free PC to Phone calls to remain updated with latest free and cheap calling features.

Voip providers like Goober voip network, try their best to provide free phone calls and help people lower their phone bills. Sometime back, Goober network launched youcall, and Goobercall which were a big hit. Now Goober network has launched a new voip service called Callingamerica.

Well, at this time of Holiday season, you can connect to your freinds and family absolutely free with Calling America.

Similar to iCall, you can make unlimited Free PC to Phone calls to any landline or Mobile in USA (America). I receive many emails people saying that they do not receive good voice quality in Pc to Phone service. Guys, offcourse it does depend on the voip provider, but also on speed of your internet connection. If you are having braodband connection, then you should be getting good voice quality.

  • No voip application to download.
  • Directly free calls to USA from the web.
  • You require computer (with internet), mic, speakers. (All things will be automatically configures).
  • Hey best part, its free.
Register with Callingamerica, to get unlimited free calls to America, however if you choose not to register you can still make free calls (each call being limited to two minutes).

I have myself tested the service, and found the call quality good. I myself disconnected the call after 5 minutes, So I guess the call length is more than 7-8 minutes (it may be unlimited, test it yourself).

So, how is Callingamerica supporting your phone calls ?

Well, similar to many others, it is ad supported free calling. You are required to watch a 10-15 sec advertisement before your free phone calls to America is placed. I don't think people mind watching few seconds advertisement when they are getting free calls.

For all those living in different parts of worlds (India, Pakistan, Dubai, Japan, Australia etc), who have friends, relatives or clients in America its a free Pc to Phone calling offers for you to connect to your loved ones in America.

So, I guess you should register with Callingamerica to make unlimited free calls to America.

Friends, please subscribe to the blog as it will help you keeping updated with latest free calling offers.

Happy Free calling this Christmas.

PennyTel : Transfer money and talk for free


PennyTel is a big name in unlimited calling service. PennyTel, being a Australian voip provider is very popular in Australia and New Zealand. PennyTel has launched a new money transfer service named as PennyTransfer.

You all must be wondering why am I talking about a money transfer service on a voip blog, well actually PennyTel is giving you some free minutes when you transfer money using Pennytel money transfer service PennyTransfer.

Transfer Money and talk for free
PennyTel Transfer is a secure, online money transfer service. PennyTel Transfer is powered by one of Australia's biggest banks, so you can be confident it is both reliable and secure. You can easily transfer funds, locally or internationally, from any computer. You can also transfer VoIP credits from the same interface.

  • Each transaction is charged only $8AUD no matter how large the transfer amount.
  • I guess only people sending money from Australia get these free minutes.
  • Min sending amount is 100AUD.
As I said you get free minutes of talktime by Pennytel, when you transfer money using Pennytransfer. You get the free calls to the country you transferred the money to.

Many of the Indians living in Australia must be sending money to their parents living in India. So, I guess they can enjoy dual benefit now, their money is transferred at a cheap transaction charge plus they will get free minutes to talk to their loved ones in India.

Suppose, you send 100AUD using PennyTransfer from Australia to India, you get a good exchange rate and additionally you get 144 minutes of free talktime. Free minutes depend on the place you are sending money, you can calculate the free minutes in PennyTel website.

Overall, a nice Money transfer option, giving you free minutes. For more info, visit PennyTel.

iCall launches Free calling Directly from the Web


One of the well known voip provider is iCall. iCall has been known for giving free calls from your computer. In the past also, we mentioned about iCall but at that point of time, you were required to download their voip application (softphone) to make free calls.

iCall offers three plans to make cheap or free calls.
  • Firstly the Pay as you go plan (you just pay for your phone calls at the actual rate). This plan is similar to what many others are offering.
  • Then comes the Total access plan, at monthly rental of $9.95, you get unlimited calls (unlimited duration) to USA and Canada plus a lot many other features like ( Call Forwarding,Ad-free calling, Customizable voicemail, Personal phone number).

  • Now comes the best known plan, the free calling plan. In this plan you can make "free" calls to USA and Canada. (call length limited to five minutes per call) but you can make any number of free calls, so effectively its unlimited free calling.
Recently, iCall has launched Free calling to USA and Canada directly from the web. You need not to download any softphone, one can directly make free calls from iCall website. (Though the widget can also be embedded on any other website.

Free calls to USA and Canada
  • iCall for the web lets you make free 3-minute phone calls to anywhere in the US or Canada.
  • Just enter the number you want to call, first you have to listen the Ad (around 30 sec) then your call is connected.
  • Voice quality is average.
Overall, iCall for the web is a nice option for making free calls to USA and Canada. All the calls are ad-supported. I guess the market for ad based free calling is growing and indeed it is very pleasing for the customers, I hope no one minds listening to few seconds ad if one is getting free minutes for international calling.

So, for all looking to make free calls to USA and Canada, iCall is the answer for you.

Happy Free calling.

Airtel CallHome Call India Christmas Offer


Airtel Call home is one of the calling cards provider constantly providing new offers and free talktime to attract new users. In the past too, Airtel Call Home came up with thanksgiving offers and other offers to call India at a very cheap rate.

If you prefer good voice quality, good customer support, reliable service, and offcourse a nice brand then answer for you is AirtelCallhome.

Airtel Call Home is one of the best calling cards to call India at cheap rates. AirtelCallHome has come up with a Christmas offers.

Call India from US using Airtel calling cards!

This Christmas call India at an effective rate of just 3.8 c/min on local access. You can sign up with Airtel Call home with different denominations.

AirtelCallHome Christmas Call India

I would suggest you to buy a 5$ or a 10$ calling card which you make your effective call rate to India 3.99 cents/min. (Actually AirtelCallhome is giving free talktime, on purchase of 5$ calling card you get 34 minutes free talktime).

  • The Christmas recharge offer ends on 17th Dec'2008.
  • Airtel prepaid calling card has no hidden cost or activation fees and is easy on your pocket.

Keep in mind that after your first purchase, you will get different talk value at your recharges. You won't be getting any free talktime at your recharges (since you are a old customer now). So your call rate will be 5.5 cents/min then. However, Airtel is offering free talktime on recharge worth 50$ and 100$.

Overall, the offer looks good, though many other voip provider are offering cheaper rates but keeping the voice quality, and other features in mind one can go for AirtelCallHome.

Friends, please subscribe to the blog as it will help you keeping updated with latest free calling offers. If you are following Free Pc to Phone calls, then you are surely paying cheapest for your phone calls.


Mediaringtalk reduces call rates to India : Call India at 1.9 cents


The holiday season is quite near, and voip providers have again started giving new offers . Call volumes increase to great extent during this season and voip companies leave no stone unturned to attract customers.

Anyways, the beneficiary is always the user, and if you are following Free Pc to Phone calls, then you are surely paying cheapest for your phone calls. A few months back, India was supposed to be a costly calling country, but now with voip all over calls to India are at their cheapest.

Now call rates to India by different voip providers are in range of 1.3 -2.8 cents/min. The latest offering or reduction in price to call India is by Mediaringtalk.

Mediaringtalk is a big name in voip industry, specially for making Pc to phone calls. Many of you must already be having a account with Mediaringtalk, for others Mediaringtalk is a reliable voip providers offering cheap rates, good voice quality and good customer support.

Mediaringtalk has lowered its call rates to India. Now Mediaringtalk users can call India (both Mobile and Landline) at just 1.9 cents/minute. If you are a new customer or even a old one, call rates are same 1.9 cents/minute.

Mediaringtalk Call India at 1.9 cents

In my opinion, this is the best offer(Pc to Phone) as call rates are low (flat rate), plus there is no bound like using any code, offer apply to both new and old users (nothing like getting benefit only on first purchase).

A few others thing about Mediaringtalk -:

  • Free calls to 8 destinations. Singapore, Australia, China, USA etc.
  • Calls to India (mobile and landline) at 1.9 cents/min.
  • Pc to Phone service.
  • Instant Messaging (IM) - chat with your contact or collaborate with up to 5 users
  • You need to purchase credit worth 10$. No hidden charges, No connection fee.
    Credit valid for 6 months and for calls to other countries too
  • Call to many others countries (France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, New Zealand,Italy,Austria, Russia,Denmark, Norway,Poland, Hungary ) at just 2 cents/minute.
So, I guess this Mediaringtalk India Promo (India Promotion offer) is surely worth trying. Do let us know if you have any problems and if you liked the offers. Please post your comments so that we can build a good voip community. (Subscribe to the blog).

Happy Cheap calling.

Vectone Mobile Review : Vectone Calling Cards India

I am sure a large part of Free Pc to Phone calls readers must be saving some big bucks on their phone bills. Well, in the recent past we have covered a lot many cheap methods to international calls. Not to forget about Tabrio (giving 30 free minutes) and off course Pingo Calling card (India at 1.37cents/min). Today, we will be discussing about Vectone Mobile : Vectone Mobile Review.

Vectone Mobile is a mobile network operator with customers in the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Basically Vectone Calling Cards offers two ways to make cheap international calls, one Topup2world and other being a calling card named Chillitalk. Lets learn about them one by one.

Topup2world : Vectone Mobile

Its rightly called Instant international calling service. Topup2world by Vectobe Mobile is a service that lets you buy calling credits by sending an SMS. You can then use these calling credits to make calls to anywhere in the world and save too!

You need to SMS TALK to 83183. Amount worth 5Pound will be deducted from you balance, that is SMS will cost you 5 Pounds. I guess this option should work only for those who are carrying a mobile with Vectone as provider. ( I am not sue of this).

Call rates are similar to other voip providers, Call to India can be made at 2.5 pence/minute (3.75 UScents/min), Pakistan at 4p per min. It also provides cheap calls to other countries.

So, I guess Vectone Mobile is a nice option for people looking for some instant calls.

Chillitalk plan : Vectone Calling Cards

This plan by Vectone is similar to a calling card, with competitive call rates. Call rates wih Chillitalk is more cheaper than Topup2world. Call to India at 2p per minute. Available at 33,000 shops displaying the e-pay or payzone signs. In order to make calls, you need to dial the access number and then enter the PIN.

So, overall if you looking got changing your voip provider, Chillitalk can prove to be a good option. If you are looking for cheap calling options for India, Pakistan then Vectone is a good option.

Make Free Phone calls from Your Ipod Touch : Truphone


Many of Free Pc to Phone calls readers must be aware of the Power of Voip. Well, the power is growing and the recent voip application is turning your Ipod touch into a Mobile phone. Yes you heard it correct. You can now use your Ipod Touch to make phone calls.

Truphone has been launched on the iPod Touch, effectively turning the device into a mobile phone. This means you can now call other iPod Touch owners for free, you don’t need a contract, you don’t need a SIM card, and you don’t even need any money as IPod Touch calls are currently free.

We were told about this application by Mr Peter from Truphone, I would like to thank him for bringing this forward to us.

Turn Ipod to PhoneThe funniest and the coolest gadget iPod touch may now be the ‘useful-est’ too thanks to FREE software - Truphone for iPod Touch – which allows you to make VoIP calls, effectively turning one into a mobile phone.

Not only is the mobile VoIP software free, but calls made using Truphone’s application for the iPod touch are also FREE - just in time to save precious cash when making those Christmas calls to friends and family.

What do you need -:

1. You offcourse need your Ipod touch.
2. A free download of Truphone for iPod touch
3. A headset and microphone like those for the iPhone.
4. Friends also using Truphone!

Types of FREE call that can be made:
  • iPod touch to iPod touch
  • iPod touch to Truphone (some Nokia handsets)
  • Truphone (same Nokia handsets plus iPhone) to iPod touch
  • iPod touch to Google Talk PC user
You can also make some cheap calls to regular mobile phones or landlines using Truphone application directly from your Ipod Touch.

Truphone for iPod touch is easily downloaded from Apple’s App Store in exactly the same way as any other iPod touch application. Actually the software uses the iPod touch’s Wi-Fi connection to carry calls over the Internet to its destination.

Well, if you are having an Ipod Touch, then I would suggest you to try this cool Truphone application, I am sure you will like it.

Cheers to The Power of Voip.
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