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Web based voip providers are really growing. C2Call is another such voip provider which lets you make web-based phone calls straight from your browser. You can talk to anybody on the web for free.

The calls can be made via a Java applet, which is loaded to your browser. Well, C2Call was launched sometime back, and many updates have been made to the C2Call service. Thanks to Jennifer Lim from C2Call for telling us about the new updates. She also provided us with the latest press release, the key points are presented below.

C2Call has launched the second beta of C2Call, which allows a computer user to call any other computer user around the world – for free.

C2Call also introduced new APIs, software tools that enable social media sites to add browser-based voice calls to any Web site.

Instead of tapping out messages to online friends on social media sites, C2Call gets people talking.

There is nothing to download. The time when users had to install, configure and update special software, just to make VoIP calls or just to talk only to users on the same service, is over. The genius was to make everything happen in a browser.

For users, computer to computer calls made with C2Call are free. Computer to landline and computer to mobile calls cost as little as two cents (Euro) per minute, depending on tariffs – and C2Call displays rates when they apply, as that call is made. There are no connection charges or set-up fees.

To make a call, use the C2Call invite function. This transmits an invitation via email to anybody you want to talk to – and they just click the invitation to start the talking -- without installing software, without having to register with C2Call first.

For web sites that use the developer kit to integrate C2Call, the API supports secure single sign on, instant messaging, call forwarding, address books, call reports, and more. Sites may customize the user interface to add pay-per-click premium services, pre-paid calling plans and calls to landline and mobile/cell phones, extending use of the site to the offline world. The developer kit is free. Developers may access the C2Call server for testing for €99. A monthly subscription for a site to use C2Call is €199.

For more info, Please visit C2Call.


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