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Cheap calls to Myanmar : Bamar talk International calling cards


At Free PC to Phone calls, we have covered a lot of cheap and free calling ways to India, Pakistan, America, Canada and other destinations where call rates are low now. But we have not talked about cheap ways to make calls to some expensive destinations.

So, I thought to cover some voip providers offering cheap calls to these countries. Myanmar is one of those country, where calling rate is much high. I checked out with webcalldirect and found the calling rate to Myanmar about 35cents/min, Rebtel offers a rate of 39 cents/min, Pingo does not include Myanmar to its calling list, Lowratevoip offers rate of about 30cents/min, even Mediaringtalk offers rate of 39cents/min to Myanmar.

I guess calling Myanmar is not a cheap deal, but we have found a voip provider offering a much lower calling rate to Myanmar. Bamartalk offers a rate of about 18cents/min to Myanmar.

Cheap Calls to Myanmar
BamarTalk international calling cards also offers cheap calls to other destinations, but I guess their main promotion is for Myanmar only, their rate being the much cheaper than many others.
Some part of Bamartalk website is in I guess Burmese language (I am not sure of it, as I myself don't know the language), but still a major part is in English (from which info about method of calling, rates is clear). (A video is also included on the website, which explains everything)

  • Bamartalk offers 18cents/min phone calls to Myanmar.
How to Call using Bamatalk.
Well you can make calls to Phone in Myanmar directly from Gtalk. So, basically its Pc to Phone calls. You can check video on Bamartalk website about the method of making calls with Bamartalk.

Overall, Bamartalk looks quite good for making Cheap calls to Myanmar. Guys, if you know any other voip provider offering cheaper calls do let us know, so that everyone can get benefited.

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