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Free Phone calls to America : CallingAmerica


With the global economic recession, companies and individual are trying their best to cut down their cost and expenditures. Well, there is lot of scope for people to cut down their phone bills.
And as I have said before, keep following Free PC to Phone calls to remain updated with latest free and cheap calling features.

Voip providers like Goober voip network, try their best to provide free phone calls and help people lower their phone bills. Sometime back, Goober network launched youcall, and Goobercall which were a big hit. Now Goober network has launched a new voip service called Callingamerica.

Well, at this time of Holiday season, you can connect to your freinds and family absolutely free with Calling America.

Similar to iCall, you can make unlimited Free PC to Phone calls to any landline or Mobile in USA (America). I receive many emails people saying that they do not receive good voice quality in Pc to Phone service. Guys, offcourse it does depend on the voip provider, but also on speed of your internet connection. If you are having braodband connection, then you should be getting good voice quality.

  • No voip application to download.
  • Directly free calls to USA from the web.
  • You require computer (with internet), mic, speakers. (All things will be automatically configures).
  • Hey best part, its free.
Register with Callingamerica, to get unlimited free calls to America, however if you choose not to register you can still make free calls (each call being limited to two minutes).

I have myself tested the service, and found the call quality good. I myself disconnected the call after 5 minutes, So I guess the call length is more than 7-8 minutes (it may be unlimited, test it yourself).

So, how is Callingamerica supporting your phone calls ?

Well, similar to many others, it is ad supported free calling. You are required to watch a 10-15 sec advertisement before your free phone calls to America is placed. I don't think people mind watching few seconds advertisement when they are getting free calls.

For all those living in different parts of worlds (India, Pakistan, Dubai, Japan, Australia etc), who have friends, relatives or clients in America its a free Pc to Phone calling offers for you to connect to your loved ones in America.

So, I guess you should register with Callingamerica to make unlimited free calls to America.

Friends, please subscribe to the blog as it will help you keeping updated with latest free calling offers.

Happy Free calling this Christmas.

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