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iCall launches Free calling Directly from the Web


One of the well known voip provider is iCall. iCall has been known for giving free calls from your computer. In the past also, we mentioned about iCall but at that point of time, you were required to download their voip application (softphone) to make free calls.

iCall offers three plans to make cheap or free calls.
  • Firstly the Pay as you go plan (you just pay for your phone calls at the actual rate). This plan is similar to what many others are offering.
  • Then comes the Total access plan, at monthly rental of $9.95, you get unlimited calls (unlimited duration) to USA and Canada plus a lot many other features like ( Call Forwarding,Ad-free calling, Customizable voicemail, Personal phone number).

  • Now comes the best known plan, the free calling plan. In this plan you can make "free" calls to USA and Canada. (call length limited to five minutes per call) but you can make any number of free calls, so effectively its unlimited free calling.
Recently, iCall has launched Free calling to USA and Canada directly from the web. You need not to download any softphone, one can directly make free calls from iCall website. (Though the widget can also be embedded on any other website.

Free calls to USA and Canada
  • iCall for the web lets you make free 3-minute phone calls to anywhere in the US or Canada.
  • Just enter the number you want to call, first you have to listen the Ad (around 30 sec) then your call is connected.
  • Voice quality is average.
Overall, iCall for the web is a nice option for making free calls to USA and Canada. All the calls are ad-supported. I guess the market for ad based free calling is growing and indeed it is very pleasing for the customers, I hope no one minds listening to few seconds ad if one is getting free minutes for international calling.

So, for all looking to make free calls to USA and Canada, iCall is the answer for you.

Happy Free calling.

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December 18, 2008 at 8:33 AM

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