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PennyTel : Transfer money and talk for free


PennyTel is a big name in unlimited calling service. PennyTel, being a Australian voip provider is very popular in Australia and New Zealand. PennyTel has launched a new money transfer service named as PennyTransfer.

You all must be wondering why am I talking about a money transfer service on a voip blog, well actually PennyTel is giving you some free minutes when you transfer money using Pennytel money transfer service PennyTransfer.

Transfer Money and talk for free
PennyTel Transfer is a secure, online money transfer service. PennyTel Transfer is powered by one of Australia's biggest banks, so you can be confident it is both reliable and secure. You can easily transfer funds, locally or internationally, from any computer. You can also transfer VoIP credits from the same interface.

  • Each transaction is charged only $8AUD no matter how large the transfer amount.
  • I guess only people sending money from Australia get these free minutes.
  • Min sending amount is 100AUD.
As I said you get free minutes of talktime by Pennytel, when you transfer money using Pennytransfer. You get the free calls to the country you transferred the money to.

Many of the Indians living in Australia must be sending money to their parents living in India. So, I guess they can enjoy dual benefit now, their money is transferred at a cheap transaction charge plus they will get free minutes to talk to their loved ones in India.

Suppose, you send 100AUD using PennyTransfer from Australia to India, you get a good exchange rate and additionally you get 144 minutes of free talktime. Free minutes depend on the place you are sending money, you can calculate the free minutes in PennyTel website.

Overall, a nice Money transfer option, giving you free minutes. For more info, visit PennyTel.

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