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Trueroots Calling cards : Buy one get One free


Well with Airtelcallhome giving so many cheap offers, tata's Trueroots don't want to remain behind in this race. Tata group already holds a big place in Indian telecom industry, and its Trueroots calling card is one of the best calling card to call India. Trueroots is giving some very interesting offers.

Firstly, this offer is not just for people calling from USA, Trueroots has its options to call from UK and Canada. So, I guess people from USA, Canada and UK have a chance to make some cheap calls using Trueroots calling card.

Trueroots Cheap calls to India
This holiday season trueroots is offering all new and old customers "Buy one get one free" offer. If you buy a calling card, you get another one for free. Basically, its like Double your minutes or Double your money or Double your talktime offer.

Another offer by Trueroots is for their old customers. This is "Hit a deal with Autorecharge". Each time you auto recharge your account before 29th Dec, you get another one for free.

I actually like those voip providers offering something both for new and "old" customers, otherwise everyone just offers new deals for new customers.

Additionally, if you refer your friends then too you get additional talktime.

Much like many other calling cards, you can use trueroots by dailing access numbers. Lets talk about call rates. Trueroots offers calls to India at 6.6 cents/min and with this Double minutes offer, effective rate to India is 3.3 cents/minute.

Actually, I also noticed that it offer 13cents/min to Pakistan, so I guess with "buy one get one free" offer effective rate to Pakistan is 6.5 cents/min which is very cheap compared to other providers.

Overall considering the reliable service, good customer support, cheap rates and good voice quality one can give try to Tata's Trueroots calling card.

Happy Cheap calling...!!

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