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Make Free Phone calls from Your Ipod Touch : Truphone


Many of Free Pc to Phone calls readers must be aware of the Power of Voip. Well, the power is growing and the recent voip application is turning your Ipod touch into a Mobile phone. Yes you heard it correct. You can now use your Ipod Touch to make phone calls.

Truphone has been launched on the iPod Touch, effectively turning the device into a mobile phone. This means you can now call other iPod Touch owners for free, you don’t need a contract, you don’t need a SIM card, and you don’t even need any money as IPod Touch calls are currently free.

We were told about this application by Mr Peter from Truphone, I would like to thank him for bringing this forward to us.

Turn Ipod to PhoneThe funniest and the coolest gadget iPod touch may now be the ‘useful-est’ too thanks to FREE software - Truphone for iPod Touch – which allows you to make VoIP calls, effectively turning one into a mobile phone.

Not only is the mobile VoIP software free, but calls made using Truphone’s application for the iPod touch are also FREE - just in time to save precious cash when making those Christmas calls to friends and family.

What do you need -:

1. You offcourse need your Ipod touch.
2. A free download of Truphone for iPod touch
3. A headset and microphone like those for the iPhone.
4. Friends also using Truphone!

Types of FREE call that can be made:
  • iPod touch to iPod touch
  • iPod touch to Truphone (some Nokia handsets)
  • Truphone (same Nokia handsets plus iPhone) to iPod touch
  • iPod touch to Google Talk PC user
You can also make some cheap calls to regular mobile phones or landlines using Truphone application directly from your Ipod Touch.

Truphone for iPod touch is easily downloaded from Apple’s App Store in exactly the same way as any other iPod touch application. Actually the software uses the iPod touch’s Wi-Fi connection to carry calls over the Internet to its destination.

Well, if you are having an Ipod Touch, then I would suggest you to try this cool Truphone application, I am sure you will like it.

Cheers to The Power of Voip.

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