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Vectone Mobile Review : Vectone Calling Cards India

I am sure a large part of Free Pc to Phone calls readers must be saving some big bucks on their phone bills. Well, in the recent past we have covered a lot many cheap methods to international calls. Not to forget about Tabrio (giving 30 free minutes) and off course Pingo Calling card (India at 1.37cents/min). Today, we will be discussing about Vectone Mobile : Vectone Mobile Review.

Vectone Mobile is a mobile network operator with customers in the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Basically Vectone Calling Cards offers two ways to make cheap international calls, one Topup2world and other being a calling card named Chillitalk. Lets learn about them one by one.

Topup2world : Vectone Mobile

Its rightly called Instant international calling service. Topup2world by Vectobe Mobile is a service that lets you buy calling credits by sending an SMS. You can then use these calling credits to make calls to anywhere in the world and save too!

You need to SMS TALK to 83183. Amount worth 5Pound will be deducted from you balance, that is SMS will cost you 5 Pounds. I guess this option should work only for those who are carrying a mobile with Vectone as provider. ( I am not sue of this).

Call rates are similar to other voip providers, Call to India can be made at 2.5 pence/minute (3.75 UScents/min), Pakistan at 4p per min. It also provides cheap calls to other countries.

So, I guess Vectone Mobile is a nice option for people looking for some instant calls.

Chillitalk plan : Vectone Calling Cards

This plan by Vectone is similar to a calling card, with competitive call rates. Call rates wih Chillitalk is more cheaper than Topup2world. Call to India at 2p per minute. Available at 33,000 shops displaying the e-pay or payzone signs. In order to make calls, you need to dial the access number and then enter the PIN.

So, overall if you looking got changing your voip provider, Chillitalk can prove to be a good option. If you are looking for cheap calling options for India, Pakistan then Vectone is a good option.

madhur article :

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June 9, 2010 at 8:22 AM

I was working for Vectone mobile for 3 months and I am so happy that I could find another job so soon. Its not only the company itself that doesn't respect its employees and customers, everything starts from the management in the company that is so poor. I was disappointed of how the staff is treated (without respect, working more that 10 hours and even more for a basic salary, and so on). I feel sorry for the customers who are calling for few months and cannot get any response from customer service, because there are no people enough to respond or nobody just cares about them.
Every day we received angry customers' calls asking to give their money back...I am not even talking about the mood at work, everybody was unhappy and looking for another job after a short time.

I would never recommend to deal with such a company as Vectone, you will just waist your precious TIME, MONEY AND PATIENCE...!!!

May 27, 2011 at 9:34 AM

Vectone mobile must be one of the worst international call providers around and beware as they are crooks.
They are advertising on their website that they charge 1p a min to international countries but taking 8p per min. I made a complaint to them at least 5 times by calling customer services which is by the way the worst, most unhelpful customer service I have ever experienced also I complained in writing too. I tried explaining the problem to them and I was told that I was being charged 1p a min. I told them that I have not been charged that amount and have been monitoring my balance by checking on the phone and checking my call history on the website. I was put on hold for ages, then finally they came back to me and told me that my call is logged and that someone would get back to me. I was cut off 3 times to which I had to call back and speak to a manager which was also a long process, who told me that I was also being charged 1p a min. When I explained to him that I have it on my call history that I have been overcharged, he said that I will be credited to my account straight away. I never received any credit and was sent an email to say that I have been charged 1p a min for my calls. I then went to check my call history and it seems that Vectone mobile have actually deleted all the itemisations details which showed I was over charged. Now I have no proof that I was over charged. All I know is that I will never use Vectone mobile ever again as they are a bunch of crooks and everyone should stay away from their service as they are seriously ripping people off.

September 5, 2011 at 4:42 PM

Hey Guys can anyone help me to find the address of veticon mobile in stockholm i wanna personally meet those scum bags. plz let me know the office address.

September 7, 2011 at 1:34 AM

1 Pence International Package: GOOD
World Bundle: WORSE
2)Customer service says it can take upto 6 hours after activation, before you can use World Bundle.
3)VERY VERY Rude customer service, definitely outsourced to some other country outside UK.

Never used for UK Mobile / Landline

November 23, 2011 at 10:05 AM

Highly unprofessional company. Need to improve the customer service levels extensively. Need someone with fresh ideas who can just turnover things upside down. Management who was recruiting was not even aware of CS SLA's and had not patience to even wait for interviewee response.

Richard; Suffolk UK
December 1, 2011 at 8:39 AM

"call quality is as good as I have ever had"

I have gone for the £1 PCM 30 day Rolling-Plan as this bundle has pretty much the quantities I will normally use, so for £12 P/A it’s a bargain. So far over the two months I have been using it call quality is as good as I have ever had, Texts are fine as well, Internet Data reasonably fast from where I’m located (in the Suffolk countryside) so no complaints at all I have been checking and my Web-Acc page accurately and instantly is updated with every call and text I’ve made, however I think you could get caught out if you make calls to expensive 0870, 0844, No’s that penny-pinching Businesses use as these do not come out of your package and will soon clock up your bills!
I have had occasion to call their free customer service on two occasions, first to disable the Voicemail/Answerphone service (for me it’s very annoying not having time to get phone out of pocket before it cuts in after 4 rings) both times I have called them I got a human within a minute or two, the operator had no problem in switching off the voicemail immediately for me, the second time I was enquiring about setting up MMS on my HTC this up to now has been unsuccessful? However I found the operators quite polite and helpful, as long as you can understand the Far-Eastern English dialect you would have little problems IMO

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