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FAQ : Making free calls using Pennytel

First Wishing all my blog readers a very very Happy New Year. This time of year, almost everyone wish their friends and family, the call volumes increasing to a great extent.

Well, Few days back we posted about PennyTel voip service and their new year offer in which it offered unlimited free voip calls to India and other 5 destinations. Many people have been sucessful in using this PennyTel voip service and have been making more than 3 Hrs of phone calls each day.

To bring to your notice that the PennyTel voip service is still working good, and you will be able to make free calls to India and wish everyone a happy new year. For those who were not able to make calls using PennyTel, just check the few points below and check where you were wrong.

1. You registered on the website "PennyTel" and received email confirmation with login details. Now you are able to login properly.

2. You filled your email address on the xmaspromo page on the pennytel website - Link.
Only this will entitle you to get free 10 M minutes of free calls.

3. You received confirmation mail regarding free 10 M minutes - that is SIP details. Now when you login to your account you can see the plan type as "Free access Plan (10 M Minutes Free) [ON your home page - when you login to your account ]

4. You have successfully launched PennyTel softphone : and it shows Registered (after it has loaded). (Check the Pin I posted in the earlier post).

5. To dial the number you dial : 919891XXXXXX (India Mobile) or (00919891XXXXXX)
India Landline as - 91 11 XXXXXXXX or (00 91 11 XXXXXXXX).

Your call should get connected now. But if you miss any of above said steps and probably you should correct it to make free calls.

Dial91 : Dial India, India Calling Card : 1.5 Cents/Min

This holiday season, a large number of voip providers have lowered their call rates to India. If you are paying more than 1.5-2 cents per minute to call India, then you are definitely losing money.

We have so many options now to make calls to India. Free Calls to India is offered by Pennytel this holiday season (till 2nd Jan2010), it also offers free voip calls to other countries. If you talk of calling cards Pingo is obviously a good option, but you can explore others too.

Due to the every growing competition, many voip providers are forced to lower call rates. Dial91 has reduced its call rates to India. Dial91 is now offering 1.5 cents/minute to call India. One of my friend is using Dial91 to make calls from USA to India, and he is very much satisfied with the call quality.

Another good thing about Dial91 is that you can buy as low as a $2 calling card, which will give you 134 calling minutes to India with effective calling rate just 1.5 cents/minute. So I guess you can try it by buying a $2 card, and continue with the voip service if you like it. Soon you will be able t access Dial91 from Skype, another cool thing !!

FriendCaller Calling Guide: Get Free Calls Credit

Yesterday I posted about FriendCaller and about its giving free voip credit to make free voip calls. FriendCaller is giving 10 Eurocents credit, so that you can make free calls. The call rates to India is around 2 eurocent so your trial call will lasts for 5 minutes.

However, a lot of people complained that they were not able to register properly, and did not got free calling credit. I have checked again and yes FriendCaller is still offering free voip credit.
free calls friendcaller

Follow the steps below :

1. Visit Friendcaller (Its a Java applet so you may need to install some program depending on your browser).

2. Click on Register (left sidebar).

3. Enter Details (Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password).

4. Do note that enter a valid Email address (as each unique user is tracked via email address, and you will get free credit only when you verify your email address.

5. Submit the form.

6. You will be automatically be logged in (without credit- you wont be able to place calls as you still have no credit.). So Logout.

7. Visit your mail and check mail by FriendCaller, verify your mail address using the link Friendcaller mailed you.

8. Login again. Now you should see 10 eurocents credit in your accoun. I have pasted a Printscreen image showing the free credit.

9. To make calls, click on phone sign below your name (homepage). Enter the number and enjoy free calls.

If you like the FriendCaller voip service then you can continue with them by buying voip credit as the call rates offered by FriendCaller are also cheap.

FriendCaller : Webphone : Free Voip Calls (Browser based calling)

Making calls directly from your web browser has been very popular. You dont need to download any softphone (Pc application) to make Pc to Phone calls, neither you have to dial any access numbers.

Now with FriendCaller make FREE Internet calls and cheap phone calls straight from your browser. If you have internet connection, PC, Headset and mic bingo, you can make free voip calls. With FriendCaller, no software installation required. It's a Java-based temporary browser applet that is loaded onto your browser when you log-in.

The best part about FriendCaller is that it is offering free voip credit to test their service using which you can call India or any other country for free. The test credit lasts for about 5 min-7min call to India. Register with FriendCaller, and make free calls using the its Java applet.

If you have iPhone, then you can also use FriendCaller on your iPhone.

If you like FriendCaller Voip service and wanna talk for long then you purchase credit from Friendcaller and make free voip calls.

PS: To make unlimited free calls to India during these holidays (till 2nd Jan 2010) try Pennytel.

Airtel Call India : Airtel Call Home No Rental Plan

Airtel Call Home is used by many, many calling India from USA (famous among NRI's). The service by Airtel call home is indeed good, and that's the reason people favor it.

When Airtel Call home launched its 1 cent plan to call India (Airtel call India) people did not registered for it because of the rental thing. Actually Airtel Call Home was charging some rental for India Calling Plans. Now Airtel Call home has launched another plan with Zero Rental. With thins Airtel Call India, you can make very cheap calls to India.

Airtel Call Home (Airtel Call India) Zero Rental Plan :
Plan Value : $15
Talktime : 938 Mins
Duration or Validity : 60 Days

Plan Value : $25
Talktime : 1563 Mins
Duration or Validity : 90 Days

Effective call rates to India by AirtelCallHome was 1.6 cents per minute (which is same as its 1 cent per minute plan). Good things about this plan is validity is long, good for the ones who don't talk too much and spend about $10/month for calling India. Airtel Call Home is worth trying voip provider if your calling minutes don't exceed 1000.

PS: This holiday season don't spend any money for making calls to India. Check out PennyTel for making free calls to India. It is offering 10 Million free till 2nd Jan 2010 to make free voip calls to India, Australia, UK, USA etc.

PennyTel : Unlimited Free Calls to India, International using Pennytel

This is about making Free international calls using Pennytel. Its the new Pennytel promotional offer, a Christmas and New year promotion by voip major PennyTel. When you avail this Pennytel offer, you will get entitled to 10 Million free minutes of calling to India, Australia, Canada, China, UK and USA.

Pennytel promotion is during the holiday season and it wont last for long. Let me put this in detail.

To help you talk to your friends and family this holiday season Pennytel is offering unlimited free calls to above said countries (India included) ( 10,000,000 minutes of FREE calls ).

free calls to india

Pennytel Free International Calls : 10M Minutes Free Promotion

This Pennytel offer is available to all new customers as well as old customers. So, if you have not signed up with PennyTel earlier then you can sign up now and make use of the offer. Again : Pennytel offer is for limited time, so make most use of it now.

PennyTel 10 Million free minutes offer will run till 2nd Jan 2010, or when you have used all your minutes (whichever is earlier).

Now Pennytel offers a variety of ways to use their service, use SIP or you can even use PC to Phone calling (Use softphone directly from their website).

I have myself registered for the service and have been using Pennytel softphone to make calls. The call quality (using the softphone is very good) and call lasts for as long as yo talk.

UPDATE : Please refer to the youtube video below to make free calls using Pennytel. Simply use Pennytel SIP settings in Nimbuzz to make Free PC to Phone Calls.

My review is very positive (considering it is unlimited free calls). So I would recommend Pennytel to everyone. This will indeed help you save all your money which you would have otherwise spent on wishing your friends and family "Happy New year".

Make most of it now, Share your reviews and please post your comments if you face any difficulty (We will help you out as we have been using it for making free calls). Signup with Pennytel now !!


Vopium Call India , Call Pakistan , Call Bangladesh Plans

First wishing all my blog readers Merry Christmas. Hope Santa brings you lots of gifts !!

Yesterday we talked about Vopium Christmas and new year offer. Vopium is very popular as a mobile voip provider, so if you want to make calls from your mobile phone and club that with the benefit of using voip then Vopium suits your needs.

Vopium offers quite attractive packages to call India, Call Bangldesh and to call Pakistan. We thought to discuss these calling packages with you.

Vopium Call India : Call India for EUR 0.01/min only.
Buy the "Call India" package and receive 750 min for only EUR 9.95 to call any landline and mobile in India. You also get 100 free international SMS on top. The package is valid for 30 days

Vopium Call Pakistan : "Call Pakistan" package allows you to call Pakistan for EUR 0.04/min only!
Buy the "Call Pakistan" package and receive 350 min for only EUR 12.95 to call any landline and mobile in Pakistan. You also get 100 free international SMS on top.The package is valid for 30 days.

Vopium Call Bangladesh : "Call Bangladesh" package allows you to call Bangladesh for EUR 0.02/min only!
Buy the "Call Bangladesh" package and receive 750 min for only EUR 12.95 to call any landline and mobile in Bangladesh. You also get 100 free international SMS on top.The package is valid for 30 days.

PS: If you are looking for a calling card to India, then you must try Pingo Calling cards (offering less than half a cent per min to India).

IndiaLD : India Calling card : Call India for 0.7Cents/minute

IndiaLD Cheapest calls to Call India This holiday season with Christmas and new year around, we assure you that you will not spend much on your phone calls. Thanks to the latest new year promotions and offers by various voip providers offering cheap and free voip calls.

Yesterday we posted about Pingo Calling cards which is offering very cheap calls to India clubbed with some great offers (offering effective rate of less than one cent). Today we will discuss another such offer by well known IndiaLD.

Already very popular IndiaLD is celebrating its 1st anniversary with some very good promotions to call India. Lets talk about these promotions and benifits in details.

1. 5000 Mins for $35.00 plus tax with effective calling rate of .007 Deal :
Call India Land & Mobile For $.007/min.
45 Day Validity. Recharge Allowed.
No Fees. No Hidden Charges.
Pinless Dial Per Account.
The sad part - USA ACCESS NUMBER ONLY! (California access number (949) 259-9907.)

2. 1.5¢ India Calling Card, NEW From IndiaLD :
Call India Land & Mobile For 1.5¢/min.
90 Day Validity. Pay As You Go.
No Fees. No Hidden Charges.
Send Free SMS to India.
Call From 11 Countries.

According to me, if you are from USA and making a lot of calls to India then $35 plan is good for you. It is not for the people who make less call to India and are not sure that they will be able to consume 5000 minutes in 45 days.

Pay as you go plan is good by IndiaLD, the calling rate to India is very competitive. I guess Pingo Calling card is equally good or a better option for those who want to make calls to India. So I would suggest you to check both and then make a choice.

Pingo Calling Cards Reduces Call rates to India : Free Credit

Its been long we have posted about Pingo. Pingo Calling cards is one of the most widely used calling cards to make calls to India. The call quality is good, cutomer support is good and method to call is also easy.

In the past too, we have posted about Pingo Calling cards and all the new offers it has launched in the market. Lately, Pingo has come up with new offers and the best part is that Pingo has reduced its normal calling rates to India.

Without any offer : The calling rate offered by Pingo Caling card is 1.95 Cents/min.
Now lets talk about the offers Pingo is offering. If you sign up for 5$ you will get $10 (that is $5 bonus). If you sign up for $10 you will get $20. That is like 50% bonus. This makes your effective calling rate to India to just .9 cents (that is less than one cent -- once again its approx 1 cent per minute).

50% off calls on Wednesday : Promotion will be available starting 2nd month from your sign up. Example: If you signed up in month one, your 50% off calls on Wednesday promotion would be applied starting your 2nd & 3rd month of service.

That means, your calling rate to India on Wednesday gets to - half a cent per minute (0.5 cent or $0.005 per minute).

One more good thing about Pingo Calling cards is that it is now offering a softphone (so unlike other calling cards, you can use Pingo from anywhere in world if you ar connected to Internet). You can use Pingo softphone to make calls to India.

If you are having a smartphone then you can even use Pingo in your mobile phone, now the best part-- You will get $5 free voip credit to try Pingo in your mobile phone.

For more info, and to sign up Visit Pingo.

Poketalk : free credit and cheap voip calls : Poketalk Pro

Poketalk is already a very famous and widely used voip provider, rated as no 1 free calls provider by many voip blogs. We have also posted about Poketalk, and the post was a big hit.

Poketalk has introduced some new exciting offers and also changed some of the plans. Earlier Poketalk was limited to offering free calls from few countries to about 60 countries. Now Poketalk offers web initiated calling, this means you can now use Poketalk from anywhere in the world (not everywhere but many countries -- most included).

Now Poketalk doesnot offer unlimited free calls but when you sign up for free service then you are being offered 5 free calls each of 10 minutes (phone to phone calls using web initiated calling method). You can also try Pin access, local numbr method or the SMS method to make calls. More information about this is available on the Poketalk website (with videos explaing the method of making calls).

If you enjoy the service you can then upgrade to PokeTALK Pro for the best valued calls at the highest quality.
You will get then get free calls upgrading to Pro. Yes of course. With each purchase you receive bonus calls, and the more credit you add the more bonuses you receive.

What is PokeTALK Pro?
Pro offers you the best valued calls at the highest quality. PokeTALK offers multiple services including web callback, sms call back, dial in numbers, and more, all of which are accessible with Pro credits. PokeTALK pro saves you up to 95% on you long distance bills by offering calls at local rates.

Lets get to the point : Free credit to make free international calls.
Poketalk is offering free calling credit in the month of December. For the FULL month of December, every invite that you send your friends will have a coupon with free Pro credits to call anywhere they want! You can login to share and invite all your family and friends to call free these holidays!

Each invite will have a different amount of credit between $1-$10, so your friends will be able to call you for hours. Once your friend receives the coupon and registers, they enter it in the ‘Got a coupon’ link. If you want to invite multiple friends quickly you also have the option to import your full email contacts.

Free Calls to India from worldwide (different countries)

Access based number dialing is getting very popular now. Lots and lots of new access based number services are coming up which offer free international phone calls. Earlier, there was only Freedomcalls which offered a Australian access number dialing which you can connect to 60 countries for free.

Today, local access numbers are offered from various parts of world. You can use mobile cap minutes to dial these numbers for free and then dial your international number (international part is covered by these voip providers).

Below is the access number and calling procedure from various countries. Note that you need to check with your telecom provider if they offer free/cheap calls to these local access numbers.

1. Free calls to India from Australia :
Dial access number 0424 21 5054 .
Press 1 to make calls.
Dial Destination Number
Dial the international number (destination number). Prefix 0011 + Country code + Destination Number + #
e.g. To Make a call To India Dial 0011 91 (destination number) # Get connected straight away in the cost of local mobile call.

2. Free calls to India from New Zealand :
Dial our access number 028 3000 010/020/030
When prompted, dial the international number starting with the country code.
e.g. To Make a call To India Dial 0091 (destination number) #
+91 (destination number)#
Get connected straight away in the cost of local mobile call.

3. Free calls to India from South Africa:
Dial access number 087 5102 035
Dial Destination Number
When prompted, dial the international number starting with the country code.
e.g. To Make a call To India Dial 0091 (destination number) #
+91 (destination number)#

4. Free calls to India from UK:
Dial access number :08430180011
Dial the number you wish to call, including 00 and the country code.

Note :: I am again repeating that you may be charged too much by your telecom provider to call these local number. So first check with your telecom provider, if its free or the calling rate is very cheap then you can easily enjoy free international calls. (Some even offer free calls to Pakistan).

BDPhoneOnline Review: Unlimited calls to India Bangladesh Worldwide

Its the new year time, the call volumes increase during this time of year. We thought to explore some more voip provider which offer cheap International phone calls. We found a voip provider names BDPhoneOnline which is offering unlimted worldwide calling at cheap rates.

Bdphoneonline is offering unlimited phone calls to about 60 countries which include India and Bangladesh. Yes this means, that its unlimited phone calls to India.

It also includes low international rates & free "in-network" calling
Free phone adapter.-- Linksys Phone adapter to make phone calls from your normal phone.
Includes features such as Call Waiting, Forwarding, Voicemail and more!

First let me tell you the price, the price mentioned at the homepage says - $20.99 per month. (Thats actually not the exact price). You will have to pay ($20.99+$7.00 tax/fees + $2.00) $29.99 every month.

You initial order will cost you (1st mo $20.99+ setup $10.00 + Tax $7 + Shipping & Handling $8.95 + $2.00) $48.94. After that only $29.99 every month.

One more thing to has to be noticed is the calling limit -:
Average 2 hrs daily or 60 hrs/month for FREE international call. No Limit for calls to USA, CANADA, incoming call and call between BdPhone to BdPhone. Over the limit Free International call will be charge at 3 cents per minute.

Now in terms of money, the call cost comes to be less than a cent per minute, but the thing is, offer by BDphone is useful only if you are spending $30 per month with your other voip provider. The deal is useful for the ones who talk more than 3000 minutes to India or these 60 countries.

If you have already used BDphoneonline then your review (comments) will be very useful for others. Please share your views.

Rebtel Computer Calls : Make Phone Calls from Laptop

If you talk about voip then what comes to our mind is Skype. But do you know that Rebtel is also liked by large number of people and it has become world's second largest voip provider. It has been very popular on this blog. Last year, Rebtel launched many promotions offering very cheap international calls. It time to time offers new voucher codes like double money where you can get twice the credit you buy.

The general method of calling it offers is that it offers a local number for each of your contact, dialing which you can connect to your friends and family. Now suppose, you don't have a Mobile, landline phone and still want to make calls using Rebtel. (This situation is quite common with Indian students living in USA and not having any mobile or landline). The only option you have is making calls using your laptop (which I suppose everyone has).

Rebtel has recently launched computer calls, using which you can make cheap international calls without the need of a mobile phone. The good thing is this service can also be used from the countries where Rebtel does not provide local phone numbers (like UAE, India etc).

Rebtel Computer Laptop App

Currently Rebtel does NOT itself offer any PC application, so they provide a sort of workaround method. With Computer Calls you’re able to call your Rebtel contacts from anywhere in the world using your regular Skype™ client. You initiate the call on the Rebtel website and use your Skype client to talk. As you’re calling directly over the Internet with Rebtel, you don’t have to pay a single cent for connection fees or high per-minute rates to Skype. Only the Rebtel rate. Computer Calls also allow you to get a local number for your friends Skype Name and call them on it from your regular phone.

Using Computer Calls To Call Rebtel Friends

1. Go to your contact list on the Rebtel website, click on the local number of the friend you want to call and choose the new “Call from your computer” option.
2. Your Skype client is launched and you will be connected to your friend. You only pay the Rebtel rate.

So, the people who were not using Rebtel just because they wanted to make Pc to Phone calls can now go ahead and start using Rebtel Voip service.

Rebtel has understood that they need to provide more ways to make calls. It has started offering voip client for all the smartphones (be it Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry).
Rebtel has launched its official PC Application (its just a softphone which gets installed on your computer/laptop). We recommend using this application instead of the computer calling method we described earlier. 

VoipPRO offers wholesale voip cheap rates

Another voip provider by Delmont Sarl. And this is a wholesale voip provider, which is good for heavy users, small and medium businesses and call centres. Cheap calls are offered by many voip providers like Rynga, ActionVoip but a very few offers wholesale rates.

Voippro is the voip provider for small and medium businesses. VoipPro provide prepaid VoIP termination at top quality and rates, thanks to interconnections with more than 100 carriers worldwide. Whether you are a carrier, reseller, VoIP service provider or run a small busines, callcenter or callshop, you don't need any minimum volume to benefit from the cheapest wholesale rates on the market!

Calls to India are at 1.13 cents per minute to landlines and 1 cent to Indian mobiles, calls to Bangladesh are also cheap 1.4 cents. Another good thing is calls are billed in 1 second increments except Mexico fix and mobile which are billed in 60 seconds increment. Only bad thing is that you need to buy minimum credit worth 100 Euros.

Calls are also offered via SIP. Use following settings :
Username: Your VoipPro username
Password: Your password
SIP/Proxy registrar:
Domain/Realm (optional):
STUN server:
If you would only like to connect using fixed IP addresses, you can insert your fixed IP addresses in your myaccount area.
After that, you can connect by using the following VoipPro-IP address:
SIP en H323:

Please share your feedback on VoipPRO.

Free International calls from New Zealand to India and other countries

Voip is really growing. Now a lot of people have started using Voip, making free international calls. Calls to India are very cheap now with many voip providers even offering free calls to India. is a very famous voip provider offering free calls to India and other 70 destinations from Australia. It is widely used by many in Australia to make free international calls. How about a similar service from New Zealand.

Yes the owners of Freedomcalls have launched their voip service in New Zealand. is new service launched in New Zealand. It is access number based service using which you can make free calls to India and other destinations frm New Zealand.

The calling procedure (lets assume you want to make free calls to India):
1. Call access number : Any of :
028 3000 011
028 3000 022
028 3000 033

2. Follow the prompt and then dial destination number.
Format– Prefix 00 + Country code + Destination No. + # e.g. to call India free dial - 00 +91+ 98123XXXXX

Please note that you will be charged for the local leg of the call (mobile call charge), but if your local calls in New zealand are free then your total call cost to India will be effectively free.

Other countries where you can make free calls :
Argentina + mobile Hong Kong + mobile Puerto Rico Australia Hungary Paraguay-Asuncion Albania Iceland Romania Andorra India + mobile Russia Austria-Vienna Ireland San Marino + mobile Azores Israel Singapore + mobile Bahamas Italy South Africa Bangladesh + mobile Indonesia-Jakarta Spain Belgium Iraq-Baghdad Sweden Brazil Japan Switzerland Bulgaria Jordan Satellite 1-Ellipso
Brunei Kazakhstan-Almaty Slovakia Canada + mobile Kenya-Nairobi Slovenia
Chile Korea South-Seoul Trinidad & Tobago China + mobile Latvia Taiwan
Colombia Luxembourg Thailand + mobile Costa Rica Macau + mobile Turkey Croatia Malaysia + mobile United Kingdom Cyprus + mobile Mariana + mobile U.S.A. + mobile
Czech Rep Mexico US Virgin Islands Denmark Macedonia-Cosmofon Venezuela Dominican Rep. Malta Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City only)Estonia Martinique France Monaco
French Antilles Netherlands Georgia New Zealand Germany Norway Gibraltar Northern Marianas Greece Peru Guam Poland Guadeloupe Portugal.

So try this free service, make free internationl calls from New Zealand, and give your feedback.

Tpad offers free calls to and from Pakistan.

Tpad is a big name in this voip industry. Tpad is most widely used voip solution for business purposes. For home calling needs, Tpad is a good option. Few months, back Tpad was offering free $2 credit to all readers of Free PC to Phone calls.

Now here is the latest from Tpad. Tpad is now offering Free calls to and from Pakistan. This clearly means that you can connect to your loved ones in Pakistan. It seems that the attention of voip companies has now shifted to other Asian countries specially Pakistan after the lowering calling rates to India. The Asian market has a big potention and now voip companies have started to focus on it.

With so many providers already offering free calls to India and cheap calls to India, we also thought to discuss about making international calls to other destinations.

Tpad Break-In Numbers (sometimes called Local Access Numbers) allow callers to use the Tpad network from a normal landline or mobile phone for just the price of a local call. You can dial this number at the cost of a local call. This Tpad break in number method is very useful if your friend living in Pakistan dont have access to internet.

Lets talk about this method to make free calls to Pakistan. Let me show it to you in simple steps.
Lets suppose you want to talk to your parents living in Pakistan and you live in USA.

1. First you need to register with Tpad. You will get a Tpad number. So basically you can receive calls on his number. You can receive calls on Voip softphone or you can configure your SIP device or you can forward the calls o your mobile or landline phone.

2. Ask your parents to dial Pakistan local access number from their local phone (landline or mobile). You can get this local access number once you register with Tpad. They will be charged local rates for calling this Pakistan phone number.

3. Wait for automated message then they press 1 on the telephone pad.

4. Then they dial YOUR Personal Tpad Number. (e.g. 1125139)

5. The Call will then be connected and you can answer using the Softphone or VoIP Device (ATA / IP Phone / Softphone / WiFi Mobile).

Your parents need not to be a Tpad user neither they require any internet connection. So this way you can call Pakistan for free. Do share your views and let us know if you face any difficulty.

VoipGain : Cheap international calls to Pakistan

Voip has changed the calling ways so much. Now people have started using Voip for making international and national phone calls and saved a lot of money. Specially if you now talk about calling India, then there are so many cheap voip providers.

Here is another new entry in the voip market. Betamax has launched another voip provider names VoipGain. Apart from offering cheap calls to India, VoipGain offers very cheap calls to Pakistan. We discussed about Rebtel offering free calls to Pakistan, and now betamax is offering cheap calls to Pakistan.

VoipGain offers 2.2 cents per minute to call Pakistan landline and 4.5 cents to call Pakistan mobile. VoipGain also offers cheap calls to many other destinations apart from Pakistan. Its a good option for maing cheap international phone calls.

VoipGain allows you to make Pc to Phone calls, SIP calls and phone to phone calls.
Voipgain SIP setting

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your VoipGain username
Password : your VoipGain password
Display name/number : your VoipGain username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

What I suggest to you is buy minimum credit with VoipGain, and try it. Continue with VoipGain service if you like it. Cheap International calls to India

If you are still paying high for making international calls, then you certainly needs change. Change to Voip or your vop provider. We have already discussed about so many voip provider which offer cheap and free international calls. Specially to India, the calling rate is now in the range of 1-2 cents/min.

Today we will talk about another voip provider, we are not very sure but heard that this even works from UAE. So all the UAE people who are looking for working voip provider, can try for making calls to India.

The calling rate offered by to call India is 1.3 cents/minute, calling rate to other countries are also very cheap.

Softcall provides Mobile voip service, it also provider SIP support so you it from any SIP phone. SoftCall can also be used from your PC for making PC to Phone calls, as it provides PC voip application. Some features of its Softphone are :
Address Book
Call History
Credit Balance Display
Call To, Calling Destination Display
Cost Per Minute Display
Call Duration Display
Check CDRs
Speed Dial, Redial

Softcall also provides 10,000 free minutes to USA, Canada at price of just $4.99/month. For more info, Visit

Going for Vacation : Wowtel International Prepaid Sim Cards

We have discussed a lot on making cheap international phone calls, but have not really discussed about making cheap phone calls whn you are going abroad for a vacation.

A lot of Indians go abroad for business trip, leisure, students go for higher studies. Now offcourse since you are going for few days, you wont be buying a phone connection in your destination country. Ultimately you end up having no phone connection when you are travelling abroad, not able to talk to your loved ones in your home country.

A simple option which most people choose is to get their International roaming activated, and you know the call charges in international roaming are so high that you end up spending a lot of money. (Call charges in International roaming to India are in range of Rs 50-100. More than $1.)

So what all options do you have and how can we help you save on your phone bills. A good option is to get an international prepaid sim cards. These sim cards are normal sim cards which will work in your destination country and best part is that call charges are less than half of what you pay when in International roaming.

We have already discussed about one, Matrix Sim cards (which is already very popular). Lets now talk about other such services. One such service is WowTel International Prepaid Sim cards.

Wowtel offers International Prepaid Sim cards in five countries which includes USA, UK, Belgium, Thailnd, Switzerland.

The initial cost of Sim Card is Rs 1499, and you dont even need to return the card when you get back to India. Initially you will get some free calling minutes and free sms plus wowtel to wowtel local calls are free. The local call rates and call rates to India are also very cheap. When you have used your free minutes, you can easily topup your sim to talk more.

Using Wowtel (USA sim) to call India will cost you 15 cents per minute (approx Rs8) but you know on International roaming you may need to pay more than Rs 100/min. So this clearly shows you how much you can save if you take International prepaid sim cards with you while travelling abroad.

SimpleCall Free and cheap calls to India

Firstly wishing all my blog readers a very Happy Diwali. I hope you will enjoy this festival to the fullest. To all my NRI readers, just go through the blog and you will find many post regarding making cheap and free calls to India, one of them being Rynga Voip service. This Diwali just call all your relatives and friends in India and wish them up. I guess with Voip you will be able to do so with very low cost.

Lets now discuss about another voip provider, SimpleCall. Thanks again to Mr. Harry for informing us about it.

SimpleCall is offering all new users free 1USD to try their service for free. You can make use of this free credit to make free calls to India. The calling rate offered by SimpleCall to India is also just 1.6 cents per minute. So this free credit will enable you to make approx. 62 minutes of free call.

Since the calling rate being so cheap, I guess you can continue with SimpleCall as Harry gave good reviews about the service.

Using SimpleCall is lot more easy with many ways to use it. You can either use local access number service, dial local access number followed by international number and connect to ones living in India. You can also use SimpleCall Pc application (softphone) for making cheap Pc to Phone calls.

Apart from cheap rates to India, SimpleCall also provides very cheap rates to other Asian countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan.

So, go for SimpleCall. Try the service for free and please do post your reviews as it will help others know about the Simplecall service.

Pinless World Calling Card : India Bulk rate 1.6c per minute

Thanks to Mr. Harry for informing us PinlessWorld Calling card. Its one of the cheapest calling card to India in the market widely used by many.

PinlessWorld Calling card offer calling rate of 1.6 cents per minute to call India. Unlike other calling card companies that offer low rates with an expiration date, PinlessWorld offers its low rates without any fees or expiration date. This is indeed good as they is no validity and you can use your credit at your pace.
Use your minutes when ever you need to and never be afraid of being charged any fees or having to use your minutes within a certain period of time.

Speed Dial: Enter your destination numbers and assign them to a quick dial number. At the balance prompt just dial the Speed dial number followed by #.

PIN Recharge: Instantly recharge your existing pin online via your PIN Manager.

Rounding: There is one minute rounding when using any one of our calling plans.

Call History: You can view all the calls you made from your PIN online in your Pin Manager. Get the Date and Time of each call you make as well as the number you called from and called to. Also view the duration of each call made online.

Dialing Instructions: To place a call to India you need to follow these steps
1) Dial Access number
2) Enter Pin Number (If Pinless Dialing is set up, please skip step 2)
3) Enter your destination number in the following format 011+Country code+City Code+Number

PinlessWorld calling card offers many local access numbers. So, this Diwali you have one more option. Try PinlessWorld Calling card.

Free Calls to Mexico Mobiles Using Rebtel Application

Mexico is one of the most called destination in the world (apart from Asian countries like India, Pakistan). And because of this reason we started exploring the cheap and free options for calling Mexico. It was no surprise that lots of voip provider offer very cheap calls rates to this country. Infact many calling cards also offer highly cheap calls to Mexico. But this does not mean that you start using any random calling card or voip service (only considering the rates). We have to choose a voip provider which not only offers cheap rates but good voice quality and great customer support.

Rebtel (one of the biggest voip provider) is also offering very cheap calls to Mexico. It is now offering just 1 cent a min so that all the Mexicans living in USA can connect to their loved ones in Mexico. Its actually result of the war between prepaid calling card industry and voip industry that has prompted Rebtel to slash their calling rates to Mexico.

A Rebtel survey this month showed that 79 percent of participants believe they had consistently received fewer minutes than promised by calling card providers. With Rebtel there is no charge to set up a Rebtel account. No monthly fees. No connection fees. No hidden costs. Rebtel works with any phone – even the most simple, cheap mobile phone – without modification, software downloads or changes to the user’s calling plan with their cell phone provider.

Rebtel Calls to Mexico

From calling USA to Mexico, Rebtel offers 1.9 cent per minute to call Mexico landline phones and 9.9 cents/min to call mobile phones.

You can also use Rebtel app on your android mobiles, iPhones or Blackberry mobiles for cheap calling to Mexico. It also offers a PC application for making calls. The usual method of calling (local access) is still valid and works great.

Free International Calls to Mexico Using Rebtel

To bring to your notice Mexico is one of the 50 Countries (Rebtel Supported). In the 50+ countries listed below, you can also use Rebtel's local numbers to call your loved ones abroad. You use your regular operator for the local call, but the international part is connected by Rebtel over the internet! Best of all, you can use any mobile or landline when calling with local numbers. When you use our new Rebtel 2.0 applications, you can even switch from a WiFi or 3G data call to a local number in the middle of a conversation.

For Free Call, simply call your friend using the local number you got from Rebtel. When they pick up, ask them to hang up and call you back while you stay on the line. You see, when you call a friend in one of the 50 countries where Rebtel is available, a number that is local to your friend is displayed on their phone. When they call you back up, the call is instantly connected and you can talk for as long as you like without paying anything. Do you know that you can also use Rebtel service for sending free or cheap sms.

This free calling procedure is also explained in the video below :

Any question ?
Shoot them up in the comment section and we will be happy to help.

AirtelCallhome Holi to Diwali Offer : Calling Card to India

Its time for Diwali and the free and cheap calling to India are now in action. The first one to launch Diwali offer is AirtelCallhome. AirtelCallHome calling cards are widely used by NRI to call their loved ones in India. Specially in this festive season, the call volumes to India increase to great extent.

Voip providers bring their best deals to attract more customer. Lets now talk about AirtelCallhome festive offer named "Diwali to Holi offer":
Plan Value: $24.99
Admin fees: $6.99
Talktime: $18.00
Calling Minutes: 1353
Validity: 6 months

The good things about this offer by Airtelcallhome is the extended validity and cheap rates. The effective calling rate to India is just 1.84 cents per minute. Considering that the service is Phone to Phone (a calling card), the rate is cheap and AirtelCallhome service is surely worth trying.

The reviews about Airtelcallhome have always been mixed on this blog. Many people dont prefer Airtel but still a lot of people say that AirtelCallhome service is good and recommended.

It should be noted here that AirtelCallhome other plans like India one plan and Aapno Gujrat plan still holds, and people may opt for those.

Rynga : Cheap Voip calling Rates : iPhone Mac Android

Rynga Voip Service is another launch of voip provider by the well known Betamax/DellMont Sarl. Every now and then betamax launch a new provider which offers the cheapest calls rates, free calls to many destinations. And this time the new voip provider is Rynga Voip Service. The new launch (Rynga) happens when the prices of other betamax providers increases.

The launch of Rynga: Discount voip provider, offering very low rates calls to India, free call to countries like Bangladesh (mobile and lndline), and this has come after the prices have actionvoip, smartvoip and Jumblo increased. So you should move to Rynga for making international calls, specially cheap calls to India !

Special thanks to Varsha for informing about Rynga. First lets talk about the call rates presently offered by Rynga for calling India.

Rynga is offering 1 US cent per minute to Indian mobile and 1.5 US cents to call landlines. Since most people in India carry a mobile, the deal by Rynga seems to be good option.

You can use Rynga as a PC to Phone calling service using their free softphone : Download Rynga. Use can also use Rynga SIP settings for making SIP calls:

Rynga SIP settings:

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave blank
Account name : your rynga username
Password : your rynga password

Another way of using Rynga Voip is using access numbers: this way make phone to phone calls. Rynga offers access numbers in many countries. Web initiated calling method is also there. You can now also use Rynga on your iPhone, Rynga for Mac or Rynga on your Android Mobile.

Well overall Rynga service looks good, but the only problem with betamax is they increase the price anytime. Another bad thing is poor customer support. So I would advice to buy minimum credit and use the service till the price hike takes place. If you start liking Rynga service you may then continue.

Do give your feedback about Rynga Voip.

Free UK Virtual Phone Number : IndiaLD

IndiaLD is quite famous and used by large number of people for making cheap voip calls to India. Here is another great voip service by IndiaLD, which allows users from UK to connect to your loved ones living in India.

Actually IndiaLD latest Virtual phone number service not only allow people to connect to India but also other 27 countries.

What you get after registering with IndiaLD virtual phone number service is a Free UK Virtual Phone Number. With this Free UK 0843 Phone Number That Can Call Your Phone In India or 27 Other Countries.

Confusing huh..? Let me clear the procedure to you. IndiaLD offers a UK Virtual phone number. It simply means that you get a UK phone number calls on which can be forwarded (directed) to a phone in India (or other 27 countries).

This way you save time and money by setting up your very own UK phone number. IndiaLD will forward it directly to you wherever you are. Its like making a local call from the other side of the world, and it's free for you. It will cost people in the United Kingdom 2 pence per minute to call you. The call will be charged directly to their phone bill. There is no need for them to create accounts, buy credits, or call access numbers. It's simple, and the cheapest way to call India from the U.K.

Now suppose you are living in UK and want to connect to your Parents in UK (cheap voip calls).
Register with IndiaLD virtual UK Phone number service. Register with your Parents number in India (or other 27 countries).
IndiaLD map your phone number to a UK 0843 number instantly, and email you with a new phone number.
Now you are living in UK and you have got a local UK phone number for your parents in India. Dial this UK number (use your UK phone), call will be forwarded to your parents in India. You will be billed at 2 pence per minute. The charge will appear directly on their phone bill.

List of countries where the calls can be directed.
* Countries that offer virtual number forwarding to mobiles and landlines. All other countries will only forward to landlines.
Australia Austria Belgium Canada* China* Denmark France Germany Hong Kong* India* Israel Italy Japan Luxembourg Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Singapore* Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand United States*

A very nice voip service for making calls to India and other 27 countries from UK.

Free International Calls from South Africa :freecall087

If you are following Free Pc to Phone calls, then I am sure you are saving a lot on your phone bills. I hope you are now calling India free, using the ways we have blogged about in this past.

In our last post about freecall2india, I mentioned about the popularity of access dailing method and so many more voip provider coming up with idea of offering free international calls when you dial there access number. For Australia, Freedomcalls is the answer. For USA, UK, Brazil Freecalls2india is the voip provider for you.

And for making free international calls from South Africa, is the answer. Yes, freecall087 offers a local South African access number dialing which you can call many countries for free. The best part, India is included in the free calling list which allows you to call India free.

The free calling destination list is soo long that it would be better if you check website. The countries vary from USA,India, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, UK, Turkey, Portugal, South Africa etc etc etc.

So how to use freecall087 service to make free international calls :
1. Dial the access number 087-805-5762 from your mobile phone/landline. You can use your FREE minutes on your contract, or standard network charges apply if you've run out of free minutes.
2. The voice prompt will ask you to enter your destination number followed by #, in the following format:
00 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number #
E.g.For UK you would dial: 00 44 207 032 1234 #

Another good thing, you need not to register with freecall087 to make free calls using them. Other features of freecall087:
Call from any mobile or landline
Easy to use service – Just dial and save!
No contract
No commitments
No set up fee
No pre-payments
No account to open
No Extra Bills
No Credit Cards
No Hassle.
Suported on Vodacom, CellC, MTN, Telkom, Neotel

Time to make free calls to India and other countries from South Africa. : Call India Free : Free International Calls

I remember last year same time, I was blogging about various cheap offers to call India. The calling rate to India at that time was about 3-5 Cents per minutes and now the call rates to India was decreased soo much.

Today, there are voip providers which are offering Free calls to India. Last week we blogged about Freedomcalls which offers access numbers (local Australian numbers) dialing which you can connect to India for free. Today we discuss about another similar voip provider which offers USA, Brazil and UK access numbers.

Its good that more and more such local access number services are coming up. Actually they get the money by call termination cost (you pay to your telecom provider when you call their access number).

Bet hey..if you are having free local minutes by your telecom provider then you can effectively call India and many other countries for free (since you dial these local access numbers for free).

First let me tell you about the local access numbers which freecalls2india is offering :

RJ (21) 7878-8511
BH (31) 7878-8511


DC 202-658-7961
FL 305-515-5352
MA 617-861-6087
MD 301-375-2152
NJ 732-504-6098
NY 631-763-1059
NY 718-971-5399
PA 610-540-7003
RI 401-314-2026
VA 703-459-9344

The best thing about freecalls2india is that there is no need for registration, credit card info or any other information. Just dial these access numbers directly and connect to India.

So here is the method by which you can call India free (call India free from anywhere in world):
1. Register with betamax provider like Telbo, ActionVoip, or use Google Voice or any other voip provider offering free calls to USA (there are many).
2. Dial the above access number using webcalldirect/google voice for free.
3. At the prompt dial destination number in the format :
Country Code (USA) + Area Code (Miami) + Phone Number #

Apart from India, you can use freecalls2india service for making free international calls to following countries:

Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.

After trying this service, please give your feedback.

Jaxtr Number Service : Use it like a Free Calling Card

This is not the first time I am saying this that in my view, Jaxtr is the most innovative voip service. There are lot of services (which includes voip) which take feedback from customers but that go waste and is never implemented. Jaxtr actually listens to its users and make changes. People were already very satisfied with Jaxtr FreeConnect service, by which people are using it to make free calls to more than 50 countries. Similarly Jaxtr On the Go is also very popular for making calls straight from your mobile (without involving computer).

For making calls with Jaxtr, you were provided with a local Jaxtr number for each of the destination number which you want to dial. Thus if you want to make calls to 10 numbers then you were provided with 10 local Jaxtr numbers. Nothing's wrong in the above method but its difficult to manage so many numbers, each time either consult Jaxtr account or store this information somewhere. As I said, Jaxtr listens to its customers so they have made the calling procedure more easy.

How to make Calls with Jaxtr

It works more like a calling card now.
- You simple dial one local access numbers.
- You are prompted to dial the destination number
- You are connected to your destination

This means depending on your location, you got to store just one number (local access number). Another important benefit is that you can use this service anywhere, even if you are traveling to other city/state (your local access number will get changed).

Jaxtr Number Service

This does not change the calling rate or call quality you are used to, it has just slightly changed how you use jaxtr. The free countries list still remains the same.

Other benefits of Jaxtr

Talk free - Free calls in over 50 countries
Send SMS - Free global SMS (Text) messages for Premium members
Make calls - Super low calling rates worldwide.
Click to call - Connect without dialing when you're online
Jaxtr On-The-Go - Get local access wherever you go
Jaxtr link - Lets people worldwide contact you locally via calls and SMS
Online voicemail - Listen to voice messages from global callers online
SMS updates - Get voice and text message notifications via SMS
Forward calls - Forward incoming jaxtr calls to any phone
PrivacyShield - Send unknown callers to voicemail
Block callers - Block unwanted callers at any time
"Call Me" widgets - Get voice comments and calls anywhere online

Jaxtr India
Jaxtr local numbers in India have been disabled by one of their telco partners. That means no more Jaxtr local numbers in Mumbai. However please note that you can still make calls to anywhere in India (from anywhere in world).

Make Free international calls by sending SMS : Australia

You must be aware of Freedomcalls which offers free calls to large number of countries (yes free calls to India) by dialing Australian mobile number. Are you aware of SMS top up service by

Named, "SMS Top UP" - it offers you to make free international calls using the credit which you earn by sending SMS/Text message to a regular Australian phone number.

You can use SMS top up service in simple steps:
1. Send a text message with the word –“Topup” to Access Number 0424215599.

2. For every successful text message sent you collect credit to call overseas free depending upon your destination. For example, for 10 sms you get 5 minutes to call India.

3. To make free overseas calls simply dial their landline access number from the same mobile or landline. -
Sydney 02 9004 2024
Melbourne 03 8416 7024
then for E.g. to call India dial– 0011 + 91 + 9829227700 + #

This SMS Top up service is really very good for people who enjoy the unlimited sms service from their telecom provider. Also if your SMS rates are cheap, then too its worth a deal.

Another good feature added by SMS Top up is Group SMS. SMStopup offers quite a number of phone numbers on which you can send SMS. Just save those phone numbers in a group and send the SMS in one go. You would collect good credits to make free international phone calls.

PS: Please also note that the free minutes/credit is different for different countries. Just check on to know how many minutes you would get sending sms's.

MotherIndia Calling Card : Cheap Calls to India

Most of people living in USA who make calls to India, make it using a calling card. Its lot better and cheaper than using your telecom provider calling plan. But the big question here is which is the cheapest one, which offers you good voice quality.

Many use AirtelCallhome calling card for making calls to India. But a large group also uses locally available calling cards which are not so popular but they really offer you a good deal. Apart from cheap rates, the voice quality and service is also good.

Thanks to Archan, regular reader of Free Pc to Phone calls who informed us about MotherIndia Calling card. This calling card is also available in local stores and on offcourse online purchase.

First lets see the calling rates offered by MotherIndia Calling card:
On local access :
By spending $10, you will get 500 minutes of talktime (400 current + 100 promo). This makes your effective calling rate of just 2 cents/minute. The best part is you need not to buy in big denominations. Just try this card for $10.

On toll-free access:
By spending $10, you will get 300 minutes of talktime. Effective rate here goes to 3.3 cents/min.
I would suggest you to go for local access methos (widely used one). Some other features of
MotherIndia Calling card :

Pinless Dialing
Speed Dialing
Easy To Setup
No Hidden Charges
After dialing the access number, the MotherIndiaCard system recognizes the caller-id of the phone numbers you register, so you never have to enter a pin to make a long distance international/domestic call.

For more information and for signing up, visit MotherIndia Calling card.

PS: Guys, it may be possible that you are also aware of such calling cards. Please share the details of such cards with us so that other also enjoy the benifit of cheap calling.

NuEraTelecom Voip service Review : Should you use it.

Lately there have been lot of new entries into this voip market. Not all make big, some are proper fraud services. Some dont have customer support, some take your money and you are not able to make voip phone calls. You need to be very careful while choosing these voip services.

In the morning, I got a mail from one of our regular blog reader (wont be ethical to disclose his name). He wanted to know more about this voip provider named NuEraTelecom.

First let me give you brief details what this service is offering. A person from NuEraTelecom calls you up and offers you a very good deal. He ask you to try thier post paid service and ask for around $39 refundable security deposit.

Nueratelecom offers you :
1. 1.5 c to India.
2. 180 minutes free to a country (Your choice) eg. Bahrain
3. 180 minutes free to UAE (again your choice).
4. 3.9 c connection charge per call.

Now the thing is. Is the deal offered by NuEratelecom worth, is the service legitimate.

Well, the calling rate to India is good but not the cheapest. (Airtelcallhome is also offering the same even less). The connection charges also have to be taken into account. Effectively Nueratelecom is not the cheapest and their are more better options in the market.

Regarding free minutes offered (to UAE etc), these are just one time and for one day. This also does not make any sense.

This service is a postpaid service, and I honestly like Prepaid voip services. To check if service is not a fraud one, I googled about them. (Also observed that site is not even SSL secured). On contact info, a PO box

Below are some of the reviews which I recollected from other websites and blogs.

One person said "I paid 39 dollars deposit which they promised to return in case I cancel their service. Now when I tried calling India using this service, I always get a message saying the number is invalid. I could not make any calls and finally after frustration, when I tell them to cancel, they say they can't refund any money".
One more guy review "I tried calling Pakistan and India for 4 days and never got through. And I found out I was charged $34.95 on a monthly basis.Then i called Nuera Telecom customer service line and all of the sudden THEY DONT SPEAK ENGLISH!".

Well, I guess above reviews says it all. My vote is also against them. I wont suggest people to register with Nueratelecom.

FreedomCalls : Send Free international SMS

Freedomcalls is very popular among Australians for making free international phone calls. You know Freedomcalls also offer a service using which you can send free international sms.

Texting is very expensive in many countries, and when you talk about International SMS its too much. But sometimes you need to send a text sms then a voice call.

Freedomcalls allow you to send International SMS at the cost of a local SMS (offcourse for Australians), for others if your SMS charges are too very low for Australian numbers then you can also use this service.

To send free international SMS follow these simple steps:
Step1: Type your destination where you want to send SMS eg. for India (9198912XXXXX) without + or 0011
Step2: Leave a space and type your message.
Step3: Send the SMS to 04242155777.

You just pay the cost of local SMS and international part is free. Use this service to send free sms to India. If you have used this service then please let us know feedback (comment).

linQ : Call india FREE for 20 mins : Check User Review

NOTE: Guys, many people have reviewd this service. linQ has been reported as spam by many.
Check the latest post on linQ Voip.

Here is another entry of a Voip provider in this big voip market. linQ "Link to India" is a new voip provider which is not only offering very cheap call rates to India, but is also offering some free trial minutes to India (about 20 minutes)

Mr. Alpesh from linQ itself mailed me today asking to test their service and give them feedback.

You can use linQ via a softphone which it offers for free. Using this application you can make free Pc to Phone calls. linQ also offers access numbers dialing which you can connect to your destination.

Now talking about the calling rate to India. After you have consumed your 20 free minutes, linQ is offering introductory offer: call India at US 0.5c/min.
Regular rate to call India only US2.99c/min.

Free Trial details
You can register for a free trial to one phone number in India.
You can call that number for about 20minutes in the free trial.
No credit card details needed to register for free trial.
No need to pay for calls if you do not sign-up for the service.
No ads, no spyware.
You cannot sign-up without the free trial first.

Introductory offer details
After the free trial, sign-up under introductory offer.
Call upto 10 numbers in India at US0.5c/min.
Introductory offer limited to first two payments.
The second payment must have auto-debit enabled.
Third payment resets your account to normal India calling rate of US2.99c/min.
Limit of 1000 discount minutes to any number in India from all accounts together.

Well, the first thing is to try this service (yeah make free calls to India). If you like the voice quality, feel that calling rates are cheap then you should for buying credit.

After trying linQ for making free calls to India, please post your feedback. It is very important for us and for linQ.

Vonage Unlimited calls to India Package

Now every other telecom provider and Voip provider in USA is offering so much low rate calls to India. Calling India from USA is proving to be cheaper deal than calling India to India.

A lot many voip providers are now offering unlimited calling packages to India. Vonage, a well know voip provider in USA has also started offering unlimited calls to India package. Thanks to our regular reader "evilbrick1414" for informing about this plan.

Vonage is offering a world package in just $24.99/month, in this plan you can make unlimited free calls to about 60 countries. The best part India is included in these 60 countries list. Let me put forward the free country list here itself.

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas*, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei*, Bulgaria, Canada*, Chile, China*, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guam*, Hong Kong*, Hungary, Iceland, India*, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Macau*, Malaysia*, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico*, Romania, Russia, Saipan*, San Marino*, Singapore*, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand*, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States*, U.S. Virgin Islands*, Venezuela, Zambia

Actually Vonage is offering many other unlimited/limited calling offers. Just find the right deal for you on

One of another good features about Vonage is that it is offering 30 days money back Guarantee.

Other features-:
Keep Your Existing Phone Number
No access codes , pin codes, calling card
No Setup Fee, Equipment or shipping Fee (with one year agreement)

You first need to confirm about the long term contract (One year I guess, and other terms and conditions).

Well the offer is nice, it is good for all those you makes a lot of phone calls to India. The plan is also good for small business. But if you not usually spending $25 in making phone calls, then this Vonage plan aint for you. You should try other voip providers like ActionVoip, Nymgo, AirtelCallhome, Mediaringtalk etc.

Dial91 : Cheap calling card to India

Calling India from USA is a very cheap deal now. You will be amazed to know that calling India from USA is cheaper than what we have to pay making local calls in India. Voip has made all this possible.

Calling cards market is USA is quite huge. Specially there are many calling card providers offering best deals for making calls to India. The reason for this is these calling card target the Student community (India students in USA) and others NRI's who have been working in USA.

Few months back, I posted about Dial91. That point of time, it was offering calling rate of about 2.8 cents/minute to India. Many of my friends in USA have been using Dial91 Indian calling card. Actually Dial91 has lowered their call rates to India. They have reduced the price to just 2.5 cents/min. I came to know from one of my friend that Dial91 is charging him just 1.3 cents/minute if he buys a the plan worth $10 (validity one month). This thing is not mentioned on their website, but I have contacted them about this thing (will post as soon as I get some answer). offers a full range of user option features designed to make long-distance and international calls as convenient and economical as possible.

With Dial91 you can dial India with no connection fee. Here are some of the easy-to-use features of our virtual calling card:

  • Instant sign up
  • Recharge instantly
  • PIN-FREE dialing
  • Speed dial/Address book
  • Superior quality
  • No connection fee
  • Call any numbers In India
  • Pulse rounding to 60 seconds
  • Best rates to most countries

Dial91 also offers cheap rates to Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. I guess Dial91 understand the scope in Asian Calling market and is targetting it. Other nice feature about Dial91 is that it offers as low as $2 credit. So you can test their service for that low.

Atleast someone giving competition to Nymgo, ActionVoip.


VoipBlast Review and Rates : Free International Calls

One more voip service by the Voip company dellmont Sarl : VoipBlast. Many voip blogs and websites have been stating that Betamax and Dellmont Sarl are one and the same, so may be VoipBlast is one of another betamax voip provider! Just like other betamax services you can use VoipBlast on your iPhone, Android Mobile, Windows mobile or on your PC to make Pc to Phone Calls.

Most of the betamax voip providers offer very cheap calling rates but a lot of people don't favor Betamax because of their 'NO' customer support, fluctuations in calling rates, loss of credit etc etc (the list is so long that I can cover one post on this thing only). Lets see if VoipBlast also prove to be the same or it can change the face of betamax.

But trust me, using voip will help you save a lot of money. Voip is an efficient and cost effective alternate of landlines phones. Switch to voip and start saving on your phone bills!

A lot other people go for Betamax and find no problems with them. So, I guess if you are in favor of betamax then you can also try this new voip provider "Voipblast", but if you have not tested betamax then I would suggest not to try this new betamax.

Coming back to the new voip service, Voipblast and its features. You can use the free VoipBlast software (Download Voipblast PC application) to make free calls to regular phones in various popular destinations. The free destinations include USA, Canada, Sweden, UK, Belgium, Brazil etc (check the voipblast website to find other free destinations). VoipBlast rates are also cheap for other destinations, specially India.

Now talking about the calling rate which VoipBlast offers for making calls to India. Well Voipblast offers a very cheap rate of just 0.7 cents/min to India (yeah..less than one cent), but hey hold on -- this voip service (voipblast) has a connection fee for every Pc to Phone call and Phone to Phone calls which is 3.9 cents/call.

I guess the connection fees of VoipBlast is way too high (approx 5 times the calling rate to India). If you make longer duration phone calls then the connection fees wont hurt you and your effective calling rate will be still less than a cent. But if you make calls of just 1-2 minutes, then I wont suggest you VoipBlast.

VoipBlast SIP Settings :
  • SIP port : 5060
  • Registrar :
  • Proxy server :
  • Outbound proxy server : leave empty
  • Account name : your VoipBlast username
  • Password : your VoipBlast password
  • Display name/number : your VoipBlast username or voipnumber
  • Stunserver (option) :

A lot of other calling cards (phone to phone) charge you about 5 cent connection fees, so atleast Voipblast is better option from them. Another good thing about Voipblast is that minimum recharge Amount is only 1Euro, so you try this service with minimum amount (then if you like the service you may buy more credit).

You can use VoipBlast on iPhone, VoipBlast on PC (Download Voipblast), Voipblast on iPod Touch, VoipBlast on Android Mobile, VoipBlast on Mac!

So, its time now to try VoipBlast.

Mo-Call Unlimited Free Calls - Mobile to Mobile (using Wifi)

After the PC voip (using Voip in your computer), its time now to explore Mobile voip as well. With lots and lots of new features added to your mobile phone each day, using internet in your mobile is quite common. A lot of people all over world use Internet facilities in mobil phone.

You know using this internet in your mobile, you can make voip calls which can help you save on your phone bills By using Voip you will be able to make mobile to mobile calls (cutting down your telecom provider).

Today we discuss one such mobile voip provider. Mo-call is a mobile voip provider whih offers a Mobie application using which you can make voip phone calls. They have made a new version of MO-Call software that let's you make cheap and free international calls whenever and wherever you have Wi-Fi access on your mobile.

MO-Calls made over Wi-Fi to other connected MO-Callers are completely free. So, say if you and your friend (in any other part of world) is using Mo-Call and both of you are connected to Wifi then you both can talk for free endlessly.

The new MO-Call software works on some Nokia N and E series mobiles. The list is as follows -:
Nokia E66, Nokia E71, Nokia E51, Nokia 63, Nokia E90, Nokia N82, Nokia N95, Nokia N81.

Mo-Call is also developing a application for Windows based phone and iPhone. Time to switch to mobile voip and star exploring its new options.

Matrix Sim Cards : Use them when going abroad

A lot of students and business people make visit to international places. So, when you are say going to US, UK or Canada or some other destnation from India, what do you use to connect to ones living in India. How to make Cheap international calls : Well use Matrix International Sim Cards!

Don't you activate your international roaming and pay heavily to these telecom provider in India. That's the most obvious choice and the most expensive one. provides you international sim cards when you go abroad. These sim cards are way cheaper then what you pay to telecom providers. Apart from cheap rates, is Matrix has various offers for students, professionals etc. Matrix International Sim Cards are far better than your local telecom provider roaming charges.

Benefits of a Matrix SIM card

Local post-paid mobile number of the country you are traveling to.
Offers up to 60% savings on international roaming bills.
Free incoming calls in most countries.
Free itemised bills or view your bills online.
Convenience of carrying a local number before you travel abroad.
Billing in Indian rupees.
Delivery anywhere in India.

You can roam free with Matrix international roaming SIM cards in the following countries - Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Holland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, U.A.E., U.K. and U.S.A.

You can lower down your international mobile expenses by almost 60% with a country-specific mobile connection from Matrix.

As I have already mentioned that Matrix Sim Cards offers a good number of offers, so if you are planning to go abroad and was worried about phone bills, then Matrix Sim Cards is the answer for you.

Google Voice + Gizmo5 : Gizmo Voice (Free Voip Calls)

A few days back Google Voice added SIP connectivity via Gizmo5. This has led to free inbound and outbound calls. Now with the help on Gizmo5 to Google service you can connect any SIP device or SIP Phone for making free calls anywhere in USA.

One of the best part is that Google Voice offers DID numbers in almost every part of USA, and due to this feature people can very easily make calls to anywhere in USA without paying anything.

Gizmo5 has launched its beta program called Gizmo Voice which ebales you to combine the two services to get full featured US telephone without paying penny.

Free US calling (All calls are routed through Gizmo5's high quality PSTN network)
Free inbound calls on Wi-Fi phone, smart phone, ATA or software of your choosing
Receive/Make Google Voice calls right from your browser on your Google Voice page
No monthly fees! No annual fees! No long term commitment!

Answer calls from your Google Voice US number on any device or software
Callees automatically see your Google Voice telephone number as Caller ID
Integration with Google Voice voicemail using transcription
Use sophisticated Google Voice answer features like 'listen in voicemail' from your PC or handset
The catch is call is limited to 3 minutes, however you can sign up with the service for longer calls (it cost $10). Its a very nice deal.

PS : The whole step by step procedure is given on Gizmo Voice website. Please refer to it for configuring Gzmo5 with Google Voice.

Useful tips for using Google Voice

Google Voice is the next big thing in the voip market. Just after few days of its launch, the internet is flooded with discussions on Google Voice. I hope by now, most of our USA blog readers must have got an invite and joined Google Voice service. So apart from already known famous features of Google Voice, what other additional benefits can you get using Google Voice.

Today we discuss two of the most useful tips of Google Voice.

First making free calls from your mobile phone : I guess most of you have mobile phones like iPhone, blackberry etc. Most of these phones comes with plans of AT&T, T-mobile etc. Now these service providers offer a limited amount of monthly minutes. Some operators offer 'unlimited free minutes' to certain numbers and these numbers are not counted monthly minutes. If you are making calls to Google Voice number (include this in your free calling list) and we know Google voice allows you to call other USA numbers for free, then effectively you got unlimited calls free.
This tip is simple based on fact that Google bears the call charges from Google Voice to other USA phone numbers.

Calling USA phone number directly from browser : Calling using Google voice from Firefox.
This I guess should also work for using Google Voice on MAC.
A free Google Voice addon is provided by thatsmith for firefox. Here is the link for Google Voice Add-on for Firefox.
Click a phone number on any page to place a call using Google Voice. Displays your number in the status bar and lists your most recent call when hovered. Select text to send as a text message or dial and text from the status bar.

I hope these two tips prove helpful to you. Do share your views about it.

Betamax Rate Comparison for calling India

Few days back, we posted about betamax companies offering cheap calls to Indonesia. I have been getting emails from blog readers about various betamax companies like Jumblo, smartvoip etc offering very cheap calls to India.

So, I thought to once again look at the prices offered by various betamax providers so that people can choose the cheapest one. Below is just the rate comparison, to know more about these betamax providers just visit the respective blogpost.

Jumblo : It is offering very cheap rates to India and I guess the cheapest these days.
1 Euro cent to Indian landlines and .7 cent (less than one cent) to call Indian mobiles. SIP support is also there.

SmartVoip : It is offering the same rate of one eurocent to both Indian mobiles and landlines. So if you call landlines most then SmartVoip is equally good.

ActionVoip : It is offering 1 eurocent to Indian mobile but for lanlines it is cheaper than above two. Actiovoip charge .9 cent/min to call Indian landlines.

Webcalldirect: And many others are offering about 2eurocent/min to call India. I guess above three are a good options. If you have no other problems in using betamax then prefer Jumblo, Actionvoip over others.

Cheers to Voip !!

Cheap calls to Indonesia by Betamax

Indonesia is again such a destination where lots of people make voip calls to. While I was just going through my blog post, to my surprise we have not actually covered a dedicated post for making cheap calls to Indonesia.

A large number of people use calling cards for making voip calls to Indonesia, but if you will check various calling cards websites, then you will see that call rates ain't cheap. I checked the website of Pingo calling cards (famous to provide cheap rates to India), and it was offering call rate of 7.5 cents/minute. Similarly other calling cards and voip providers are offering calling rates in range of 4-15 cents per minute.

Then I moved onto check the rates of Betamax companies, and voila I found a good deal for you. Coincidentally many betamax companies were flashing about their cheap rates to Indonesia.

Jumblo is offering 2.1 cents per in (1.5 euro cents) to make calls to both Indonesia landlines and mobile phones. Other betamax companies are not too far behind. SmartVoip and ActionVoip are offering the same deal and the price (2.1 cents/minute).

Though betamax has not always been among the favorites but still considering the price difference, I would suggest you guys to use Betamax for making calls to Indonesia. The only thing to consider while choosing betamax is that you should buy the credit in small chunks (min at one go), so even if you loose this because of some reason (its normal with betamax) then you would have lost small amount.

I just hope as the prices have reduced for calling India, similarly it should happen for Indonesia. The price war begun by Betamax should lead to make all other voip providers offer cheap calls to Indonesia.

Tuitalk free calling to India option : Minutes officially declared

Tuitalk was one of the very first voip service which started offering free calls to India. At the time it India was included in the free calling country list, we informed our blog readers. I was a big hit with large number of people all over world making free calls to India.

For those who are unaware of this service, Tuitalk offers free voip calls to about 55 countries (India included) in return of watching advertisement. You need to register with Tuitalk, fill your extended profile, download their softphone. Using the Pc application, you could make free pc to phone calls.

After few months, Tuitalk stopped offering its service from India (people can't use Tuitalk in India to make free voip calls), however still free calls to India can be made. Many people reported that Tuitalk offers the free minutes depending on the country you call. For India it was earlier 10 min per call, then it got reduced to 2 min per call.

Now Tuitalk have officially declared the free minutes call duration it offers to different countries. To India, each call will last for just 2 min with a max of just 3 calls per day. (that makes 6 minutes per day)

Well I guess this makes Tuitalk not worth for making free calls to India (2 min is too less man..). But yeah you can use Tuitalk for making calls to other countries like Sweden, USA, Turkey etc where your call would lasts for 6 min (18 min a day).

PS: You can use Tuitalk for making free calls to Australian landlines then forward your calls to India uing Freedomcalls. Check out this post on Freedomcalls to make free calls to India.
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