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Free Callback Trial Credit by


We have been regularly covering posts about making cheap and free calls to India. Lot of working ways to make free calls to different countries have been covered on this blog. Readers just need to surf the blog to find right deal for them. is #1 online phones comparision websites. I check their website and yes they have a huge listing of mobiles phones and price comparisions which actually proves very useful for people when buying a mobile phone. Apart from this mobile phones comparision, is offering web callback service. is offering each new user free trial credit worth 2.5 $ to test their service. This credit can be used to make free calls to anywhere in world to anywhere in world (yes you can make free calls to India).

Lets look at the prcedure to get free trial credit.
1. Visit callback page. (Clicking on make a free test call at the top of homepage).
2. Now Register with (provide your correct details)
3. Verify your email address by clicking on activation link.
4. Now in your account page, you will be asked t verify your mobile number.
5. Click for verification of your mobile. They will send you verification SMS.

You will then instantly get $2.5 free trial credit in your account. You can make use of this credit to test their service for making phone calls or sending sms.

After you have ended up your trial credit, and if you liked their service then you can buy more credit from and continue with them. Their call rates are very competitive. You can also buy sms credit to send sms anywhere in world.

One can add contacts to their account, also you can import contacts from your skype account.

Its actually a great launch by with a lot more features. Three cheers to

Zakophone offering 60 Free Pc to Phone Minutes


Who says Voip market is saturated. Indeed its just the beginning of the Voip era. Its time people should leave their landline and traditional phones and try voip phones or the popular Pc to Phone calling method.

I know a lot of people in India, don't have even heard of voip (or Free Pc to Phone calling) and those who have heard of it, never used it. At this time of recession, one of the ways to save money is by making Free Pc to Phone calls.

If you are paying money to make international calls specially calls to USA, Canada, European countries( Sweden, Germany etc), Australia then must say you are actually wasting your money.
New entrant in this voip market is Zakophone. ZaKoPhone is a free service that use voip technology to bring high-quality voice communications to people all over the world without the needs of Software installation. You can make free calls around the world only by using your Browser (with adope flash payer), all you need is a connected headset (speaker and microphone), there is requirement of downloading any softphone.

Zakophone is offering Free 60 minutes Pc to phone calls to many countries. (INDIA IS NOT INCLUDED). It means you can't make calls to India, however you can make calls from India to those free calling countries.

Free one hour calls can be made to -:

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hong Kong - Mobile, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama ,Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Singapore - Mobile, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United States, United States - Hawaii, US Virgin Islands.

I have tried the Zakophone service to make free calls, it do worked however the voice quality was not very good (it was just average). One should not complain much when they are getting it free.

Though there are many other services offering free calls to these destinations (Poketalk) but trying out others won't hurt (you never know which one may help you at the time of need).

In order to get free 60 calling minutes, one needs to register with Zakophone.
Confirm your eail address by clicking the activation link and you are don'e. You will get free 60 minutes to your account.

I was wondering that since they only require you to verify your email address, one can make multiple accounts and get more free minutes. So, its actually an unlimited free calling deal for you.

For making free calls to India, you need to surf the blog around (you will find many working ways).

Unlimited Calling Annual plan by Teleblend


We have been suggesting people to make use of voip for making phone calls. A large number of people living in USA and Canada have already replaced their traditional calling system with voip phones. Even many offices in India, small and large businesses have shifted to voip for making national and international calls and must say they must be saving lot of money at this time of recession.

Now once you have decided that you want to use voip for making phone calls, next is to decide a voip provider (a package) which suits you and will help you save money. It completely depends what package may suit you but considering that a large part of calls are local calls only (USA to USA, Canada etc) its better to choose a package offering you cheap international calls (Cheap calls to India, Cheap calls to Pakistan) and unlimited calls to USA (I have said this will completely depend on your type of business and target customers).

Anyways, considering an annual plan may be a nice options for several reasons. Firstly no tension of monthly payments, second and most important reason being that it will again save you money. Annual calling plans are much cheaper than monthly packages. These plans have their disadvantages too (service has got to be reliable otherwise you will have to suffer a whole year or cancel your package).

Teleblend, a very well known voip provider has revealed a new annual service plan that will feature a reduced rate for customers who want to pay for an entire year of service in advance.

The annual calling plan plan is available nationwide and features Unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for only $169.95 per year. They say that it will help you around $500 (annual).

Teleblend targets to provide a superior home phone service that offers increased functionality, free calling features, unlimited long distance calling and low international rates.

TeleBlend also has a unlimited calling plan for international users (making calls toIndia), the product is called the Free India Plan.

Free Indian plan offered unlimited calling to India, the U.S., and Canada for only $49.95 per month. It is available to new customers nationwide(USA) with no contracts or minimum commitments, it was indeed, one of the first calling plans available that features unlimited calling to India.

Apart from all these calling plans, Teleblend also offers Refer a friend program in which it offers one free month of voip phone calls for each referal.

I was wondering f any voip provider offer annual calling plan for making unlimited calls to India. I guess it will save you lot of money. Do let us know if you know any of such service.

Enjoy Cheap calling...

Send free sms from Internet to Mobile in USA

Sms industry is very big. More people like to send sms than to talk. We have many a times posted about various services to send text sms directly from Internet (your PC) to mobile anywhere in world. You can send free sms to Cuba, India, Pakistan just anywhere in world.

IMJunky allows you to send free sms to anyone living in USA. You can send unlimited number of free text messages to their cell phone for free.

Step by step procedure -:

1. Visit Imjunky
2. Enter the receiving mobile number. (Where you want to send sms)
3.Enter the subject.
4. Enter the message.
5. Select the receivers operator.
6. Click on Send Message.

Enjoy sending free sms to mobile directly from your Pc using Internet.

Free Local Calling minutes in India by Reliance; 3G ready GSM Service


Competition among the telecom providers in India is getting healthy and this clearly is shown by the latest offer by Reliance telecommunications (Rcom).

After launching its voip calling service Reliance iCall for its international users, Reliance has launched its 3G ready service in India and become the India's first private telecom provider to offers its service in both CDMA and Gsm technology. Their network is really vast and Beyond calling and messaging, it lets you e-mail, MMS, download videos, get live cricket scores, listen to music of your choice, blog and even surf the Net.

Actually this time Reliance has launched an amazing offer for its Indian users. It is offering free minutes on daily basis till three-Six months plus free sms plus talktime and all this at a very cheap rate.

This offer is called Customer Experience pack and is available to people living in following states-: Andhra Pradesh, Chennai ,Gujarat ,Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh-E and Uttar Pradesh-W.

Let me put forward the customer pack for Mumbai people -:
Validity - 6 months
First E-Recharge MRP - Rs 50
Talktime you get - Rs 44.50
Special benifit (its great) - Rs 10/Day (free)
Night calling : Free to local/Intra Circle Reliance GSM & CDMA Mobile

This talktime can be used to make all local calls and to send all local SMS to any network.
All unutilised balance given free will be forfeited at the end of the day.

The Special benefit of Talktime and night calling is subject to First E-recharge of Rs 50 and will be valid for first 3months.

The free minutes and first recharge varies with the states and for some states first recharge MRP is as low as Rs 20.

This customer Experience pack by Rcom has left other telecom companies (Airtel, Idea) amazed. We have seen that if one companies bring any new offers in the market, soon the other telecom companies follows with either same or a better offer. But Rcom customer experience pack is a very bold step by Rcom (Reliance is a very big company and they can obviously afford these steps) but it will be very difficult for other companies to match it.

I guess this Rcom offer will bring a lot of new customers to Relince. Now many of you might be thinking of switching to Rcom, hey just don't think go for it. Its really a great offer. I would suggest you to buy Reliance new sim (extra sim) as its really cheap and you don't want to miss this one.

For our international readers, guys if you are looking for Free calls to India or Cheap calls to Pakistan then just surf the blog, these days voip calling rates are very cheap and I am sure you will find a good deal.

Happy Free calling....!

Are you satisfied wih Mediaringtalk ? Which is better Nymgo or Mediaringtalk


Mediaringtalk has made a big name in this industry, but keeping the name is a big deal. Nymgo on the other hand just launched its service, offers very cheap rates (cheaper than mediaringtalk), good voice quality and it too has become very popular among voip users (I guess we were the first few ones to post (blog post) about Nymgo).

This questions is actually a tuff one to answer which service (Nymgo or Mediarintalk) one should go for ?

You will find both positive and negative points for both services (both satisfied and unsatisfied customers).

One of the very important point to be checked while choosing your voip provider is its customer support. Many a times it happens that after purchasing credit you face some difficulty making calls, you try to contact customer support (but no response) and you end loosing up money.

Recently, this happened with one of our regular readers Mr Alpesh (Problem with Mediaringtalk). He posted about his experience in the comment sections and asked me to make others aware of it. Below is Alpesh's experience lifted from comments section.

"I signed up for mediaring talk & subscribed for 10$. I am having lot of problem. Nymgo is far much better.

Here is the problem that I had & still having: I downloaded MediaringTalk, installed it & logged in. It logs out hardly in one minute after logging in. This is happening continuously. So, even if you make a call it gets disconnected (since it logs out on its own). I have been exchanging emails with them since last 3 - 4 days. But seems that I have wasted my 10$. I made a video showing them the problem, But i always got a reply telling that there is some problem with the zip file. I send them the application log file as well. Finally i was asked to disable firewall & antivirus. But that was also not a solution. I had received a call when I placed an order for 10$. So I asked them to call me back so that the problem can be fixed. But it seems that they call only for order confirmation & not to provide any support.

They keep on mailing me to open different TCP & UDP Ports. Why will i put in time to open ports. I would rather prefer putting in extra penny to get peace of mind. "

Its quite possible that majority of people may not face any problem with Mediaringtalk but for a voip provider to survive in this competitive market, its important to answer queries of all customers. Good Customer support is very important.

Mediaringtalk is really a very nice PC to Phone calling service and I just hope people from Mediarintalk read this post and take suitable action to correct the above said problem.

Virgin Mobile Free sms offers for Indian customers


Few months back Virgin mobile launched thier service in India. Their get paid to receive calls service was the first of its kind in India and still it is the only such service in India.

At Free Pc to Phone calls, we try to provide users with best deals and help them save money. As we have many Indian readers, I guess it will be benificial for them to know the latest offers by different service poviders in India.

Virgin Mobile website is full of offers, some are really great. Virgin Mobile is now allowing users to send 200 sms free of cost, just paying for first three sms. User will get 100 local sms and 100 national sms free. Isn't it great..?

Actually Virgin Mobile is totally targetting youth of India and I guess they are quite successful in that. Their advertisement, color schemes, mobile phone plans, calling rates everything suits for the Youth. It has been found in surveys that Youth sends 6 times more sms'es than phone calls and this is the reason mobile companies bring special sms plans.

For the above said plan, first 3 local sms will cost you Rs 1 each and first three national sms Rs 1.5 each, thereafter you will get 200 free sms to any network in India.

Apart from this offers, some of the ongoing offers by Virgin Mobile include "buy any super hot virgin mobile phone and get three months subscription to Femina or Filmfare or Topgear. You also get 499 Local Minutes, 499 Local SMS and a lot more".

Also to inform all our blog readers Reliance telecom has launched their 3G service in India (with some great offers) and we will be posting about it on this blog very soon.

Unlimited calls to India from France by


A good number of Indians live in France, actually the number of NRI's in this world is a big number and this is the reason voip provides specially target Asian market.

If you are living in France, then a has a deal for you. is a France based internet, television services and telecom provider. has recently launched a promotion in which it is giving Internet, television and telephone (here the big deal), all this for just 29.99 Euros per month.

By taking the above said offer, you will be able to make unlimited phone calls (landlines only) to about 87 countries. Offcourse, India is included in the list. This offer will enable you to make unlimited free calls to India. As the telecom provider is quite big (offering all three services), voice quality should be good.

I guess, you must be already paying a lot more than 30 Euros for these three things (Internet, TV and phone bills), and this deal will help you save a lot of money. Additionally since you will be getting all these services from one provider only, getting hold of customer support (if there is any need) won't be of much pain.

Well, from past few months we have seen that many voip providers have really lowered their price to call India with some offering free calls. I think day should not be far when one will be able to make unlimited free calls to India. (Though, it is already very cheap nowdays).

Use Voip for STD and Local Calls in India : Save Money

We have been quite active in recommending people living in USA and Canada to use Voip for making international calls to India. We have also posted about voip services for making international calls from India to other countries worldwide. But have you ever wondered if it is feasible and profitable to use voip for making STD (national) and even local calls.

People is US and other western countries have been using voip services for local, national and international calls (for quite a long time now). But why are we lagging behind. Will we save money if start using voip for STD Calls.

Though voip services in India ain't much advanced, still using softphones for making PC to Phone calls is legal. You can also use mobile voip or any SIP devices for making calls directly from your mobile.

Cut Huge Phone Bills

In this post, we will be doing some analysis to figure out if it is profitable to use voip service for local calls. And when I say using voip for making STD calls, I don't refer to using Indian voip providers like MTNL, or sifytalk but actually I refer to those voip providers offering cheap calls to India.

Let me come to the point. I live in Delhi and local mobile to mobile calls cost about Rs 1/min (2.3 cents/min) and STD calls cost about Rs 1.3-1.5 /min (3-4 cents/min). (These rates are for a normal mobile plan without any addon package).

Though the above rates don't seem much costly but actually considering voip rates, there is still lot of scope for cost reduction.

Now consider the rates by voip providers like Nymgo, Mediaringtalk and other cheap voip services. Nymgo offers a calling package (1750 min at just $19.99 per month), effective rates comes out to 1.13 cents/min (Rs 0.5/min). Mediaringtalk offers PC to Phone calls to India at just 1.9cents/min (Rs 1/min).

STD rate in India -: Rs 1.5
Nymgo rate to call India -: Rs .5
Per minute saving -: Rs 1
For 1750 minutes you save -: Rs 1750 (my god.....!!!)

By simply comparing voip and standard calling rates in India, simple maths shows that you can save lot of bucks if you use services like Nymgo and Mediaringtalk for making your local and STD calls in India. Even if you choose a pay as you go option like Rebtel (offering 1.5 cents per min), then also you will be saving lot of bucks.

After we wrote this post, one of our blog readers mailed us asking some questions. We thought these are quite relevant so answering them here itself.

Q. These services are PC to Phone. I prefer phone to phone. And what about voice quality.
Ans. About voice quality of Nymgo and Mediaringtalk, let me tell you it is good. These are quite known service with good customer support. Yes these are PC to Phone, but you can easily get Nymgo SIP settings and use your SIP device for making Phone to Phone calls. If its possible for you to use PC to Phone calls, then its just great. However there are many other voip providers (phone to Phone calls) offering cheap calls to India. You can try them.

Q. Should I go for voip for my STD and local calling needs..?
Ans. If you are a business guy, making lot of calls each month then Nymgo is best for you (monthly package) but if you make less calls each month then you can go for Mediaringtalk (1.9cents/min) and if you make very less calls each month then you should remain with your mobile service provider only (for your calling needs) and wait for the time when voip calls in India become free (or try those offering free calls to India).
Update: The time has come when you can use smartphone applications like Viber and start making free local and national calls.

Guys do share your views about the above plan, What do you think should we Indians start using voip for making Local and STD calls....?

Allvoi New year special offer : 500 minutes to India per month at 14.99$


This new year a lot of voip providers have compe up with some nice cheap and free calling offers. Voip provider understand the market trapped in Indian voip and try their best to attract callers to India.

Allvoi is offering a new voip plan in which it is offering cheap calls to India. This offer is good for those people who make lot of calls to India.

Allvoi is offering 500 minutes of talktime at a price of 14.99$ per month. When you sign up for ALL India 500 International Unlimited Plan, you will get Unlimited International calling plus 500 free minutes per month to India for FREE for the life of the plan (per month), and only 2.5 cents per minute above 500 minutes.

This offer is valid only with ALL India 500 International Unlimited Plan.
Introductory $14.99 per Month rate is valid for first 6 months of service for new subscribers only. After 6 Months, ALL India 500 International Unlimited plan will be $24.99 per Month.
Free activation with signup ($29.99 value).

I guess, you can enjoy really cheap rates till six months. Allvoi also offers cheap calling plans for other countries like Pakistan.

Though Allvoi is not the cheapest voip provider (mediaringtalk, nymgo offer cheaper) but if you like to try another voip provider than Allvoi can be a nice calling option.

    IdeaIndiaCall : Idea India call voip calls

    Growing number of voip providers giving cheap and free calls to India, this clearly shows the growth of voip in India and the progress of voip itself. Each new day a new voip provider is born and bring a new offer to attract new customers. Anyways customer is in no loss, indeed its getting something for free. One such new free calling offer to India and Pakistan from USA/Canada is by IdeaIndiacall. Idea India Call offers Free calls to India!

    Idea India Call Voip service was launched sometime back and it has gained a lot of popularity in short time only because of its new offer (both free calling and cheap calling).

    This time again IdeaIndiaCall have come up with a free calling offer. Anyone living in USA or Canada can make free calls to India or Pakistan. You need not to register with them in order to make free cals, neither you have to buy any credit. No softphone, no download straight phone to phone calls.

    The IdeaIndiaCalls calling service is web initiated that means,

    1. Enter your USA, Canada Phone number of their website.
    2. Enter your destination number (Indian number).
    3. Click call.

    Now after a sort delay of about a minute, IdeaIndiacall will call you first then it will connect you to your destination. You don't even have to pay a penny.

    However there are a few limitations with this Idea India Call promotion :

    1. Each call lasts for 5 minute. You can test the service again.
    2. You can test it again by making another call but only after 2 hrs have passed.

    IdeaIndiacall also offers some other interesting voip deals like Double your minutes offers, and getting free credit on referring our friends. You can opt for these offers if you liked their service, Idea India Call rates are also very competitive.

    Overall, a very nice free calling offer and a great service by IdeaIndiacall, surely worth trying.

    Globe7 International Calling Rates : Reduced Rates to India

    Globe7 is one of the very old and popular voip service. It has been in the market for quite a long time now. I started using Globe7 at the time when it was offering free credit by watching videos. We were allowed to use this free credit to make free pc to phone calls. However those good old days have gone now, and Globe7 has changed its calling plans.

    Globe7 still offers PC to Phone calls using its software. When you download the software, install it  and register for the first time - you will be given 60 free trial minutes. Read this tutorial on how to make unlimited free calls using a trick.

    Globe7 maintains a very good reputation in the voip industry. It offers its users PC to Phone calls whose voice quality is also good. Apart from that it also offers, TV channels, SMS service, Games, customized video channels etc.

    As said above you can use Globe7 to make free calls however in order to get more calls, you can need to follow some tricks. However if you don't want to some such complicated procedure you can buy credit to make international calls. The article below captures Globe7 international calling rates.

    One of the very popular destination is "India". During past few months, a lot of voip providers have reduces their call rates to India. Be it Mediaringtalk, Rebtel, Pingo, Airtel, Indiald and now its turn for the leader of PC to phone market Globe7.

    Internet calling major, Globe7 has reduced its calling rate to India. Globe7 is now offering calls to Indian mobiles at just 2.09 cents/min, call rates to landlines depend on city you are calling. However the call rates lie in range of 2.09 to 3.5 cents/min. Just check how much will it cost to call your destination. With this update, Globe7 is sure to give tough competition to Mediaringtalk (Call India at 1.9cent/min), both being Pc to Phone service.

    Hey you know that local calls in India cost about Rs 1, STD calls about Rs 1.5/min that means international calls using voip is much cheaper than local and STD calls in India. I guess local people of India should also try voip for making their local and STD calls.

    Globe7 Internet Phones

    Globe7 Internet Phones : $120 (Free Shipping)

    Globe7 powered with Wireless Internet Phone now makes communication Mobile.

    • Model - WIPA
    • Handset
    • Frequency Bands: 200-3400Hz : (High quality speaker phone)
    • Distance Range: 10meters
    • Standby/Talking: 100 hours/ 10 hours
    • Handset: 144mm x 45mm x 31mm
    • Base: 120mm x 140mm x 50mm

    Internet Storage Phones

    Globe7 powered with Internet Storage Phone now makes communication Portable

    • Model - ISPA
    • Built-in 1GB memory drive
    • Auto run function under windows 2000 SP4 or XP
    • Embedded Globe7 Soft phone
    • Un-plug & close automatically without affecting PC operations

    • Ear-phone jack and mic
    • No external power required
    • USB power LED indicator
    • Driver and sound card built-in USB Cable

    Globe7 International Calling Rates


    Unlimited Free Calls to India : Tajphone (From Australia)


    Our last post on calling India and lot more countries from Australia absolutely free by Freedom calls was a big hit. Many people from Australia have successfully used the service to make free calls to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

    After getting good response on such service, I thought to look for more such access numbers so that people can make free calls to their destination. And hey, actually found many. One such service much similar to Freedom calls is Tajphone.

    Tajphone also offers access number to make free calls to approx 70 countries. You just have to dial a local Australian mobile number followed by your destination number, Tajphone will connect you to your destination. those having a plan with their service provider (Free mobile cap minutes) and by using their mobile cap minutes, there call to India will be absolutely free.

    1. Dial access number, 0424 215 500 using your inclusive mobile minutes or Mobile CAP minutes.
    2. Follow the instructions in our prompt. When prompted, dial 0011 and the international number (including the country code). Alternatively you can use the + sign and then the international number (including the country code).

    No Calling Card required , No Credit Card needed, No need to open Account , No subscription needed , No pin numbers ,No bills from us(destination number never appear on any phone bills), No need sign up any where, No software to install ,No VOIP box ,No Tricks.

    Apart from calling India, you can make calls to large number of countries. (Pakistan, Bangladesh, America, Canada, China all are included).

    Some more such voip providers giving access numbers are smartcalling (access number being 0424215151) and comfortcalls (access number 0424215048). You can dial any of these numbers (Australian mobile number) and make calls to India.

    Well the above method is really very good for those living in Australia and having free mobile cap minutes but what about those not living in Australia. Hey, if they can dial these Australian mobile for free then they can get connected to India for free. I would suggest them to use some
    voip service itself to call these number. ( May be they try Reliance icall to these number free).

    Do us know if you were able to call free to your destination.

    Freedom Calls : Free calls from Australia to India


    Australia is a free voip country. A large number of voip provider are from Australia. One such new voip provider is Freedom calls.

    Freedom calls enables you to make international calls for a local mobile call charge. What does it mean...? Well you have to dial a local Australian mobile number followed by your destination number, Freedom calls will connect you to your destination. Freedomcalls won't charge you anything for your calls. You will be charged by your provider for dialing Australian mobile number.

    You have to dial the access number (Australian mobile) 0424215152. Then you have to press 1.
    At any time during the prompt you can dial the international number. Prefix 0011 + Country code + Destination Number + # e.g. To call India 0011 91 9812345678 #

    I guess, some of our Australian readers must be having a plan with their service provider and by using their mobile cap minutes, there call to India will be absolutely free. If you have mobile cap on your home phone, some service providers gives you Mobile calling cap (for eg. you can call to a mobile number from homephone/landline for around A$2 for 20 minutes). You need to find out from your service provider if you have any type of capping for calling the Mobile number and how much does it cost you.

    Apart from India, Freedom Calls offers free calls to large number of destinations. You can make free calls to Pakistan, USA, Bangladesh,China etc from Australia. Just check with Freedom calls, if your destination is listed in free calling list.

    No prepayments, no signups, no activation delay, No special phone needed, a very simple cheap calling service.

    Overall, a nice offer for people having free calling plan to call Australian mobile (from their phone service provider). Now you can make free calls to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.


    Reliance iCall offering Free calls till 15th Jan


    On one of the other blogs, I saw a post about the end of voip. Well, I guess voip is growing. With so many voip providers in the market, cheap calls to India, free calls to so many destinations and the latest entrant in the market is Reliance iCall.

    Thanks to our regular reader Mr. Satish for informing us about the new voip provider. Voip by Reliance, much similar to iCall is a Pc to Phone calling service. Calls rates are very cheap by Reliance iCall, the feature list is very long and best part is that Reliance iCall is offering "Free voip calls" to many destinations (till 15th Jan).

    Let me once again repeat it, Reliance iCall is offering all its users Free calls to many destinations till 15th Jan. You can make free calls to USA,France, Canada,Australia,UK , Singapore,Germany , Sweden, Japan, China and many more countries. Mr Satish also mentioned about calling African countries. I tried the service, and it do worked like charm. I experienced good voice quality and call lasted for more than 7-8 min (I myself disconnected it).

    I then tried calling India, but it didn't worked. I tried to search on their website (about the destinations) we can call, but no info was there. So, I guess you will only know(will you be able to call your destination) after you try it.

    What after 15th Jan..? Well, Reliance has a big name in telecom industry, and their service is also good. You can try now, and if you liked the service then you can remain connected with Reliance iCall. (Call rates are also not very high).

    Some other features of Reliance iCall are -:
    • PC to Phone calls. (Phone to Phone not at this time).
    • Call hold.
    • Call forwarding.
    • Call log, Caller Id.
    • Mised call alert.
    • Do not disturb.
    • Address book, Instant messaging.
    • Free PC to PC calls (using softphone only).
    So, to make some free calls till 15th Jan, just visit Reliance iCall, register with them, download the softphone and start calling.

    Overall, a very nice offer and a great calling service (Reliance iCall).


    Call India Cheap With Recession Busting Prices : India LD


    This new season, voip providers have lot more offers and cheap rates to your destination. With so many voip providers already reducing rates to India, I am sure calling bills won't hurt you much in the times of recession.

    With the aim to provide users cheap calls to India at wholesale price, India LD is offering some great calling deals. Now, high volume callers can pay wholesale costs to call India. Long distance calls to India, can be made at just 1.9 cents/min.

    First lets see the different plans offered by India LD. IndiaLD offers monthly package (much similar to Nymgo, we will later see the differences too). The best plan according to me is at monthly price of 19.99$, one gets 1000 min to India (making effective rate to India just 1.9cents/min). However, there are some heavy calling plan (like at 38$, you get 2000 min).

    • Each month your plan will automatically renew, and you will get a fresh set of minutes. If you go over your minutes, you can continue to make calls at 3.9 cent per minute.
    • Service includes calls to all destinations in India (both land and mobile).
    • No hidden fees, no connection fees.
    • Instant Activation
    • Pinless Dialing
    • Call From Multiple Phones
    • 1 Minute Rounding

    How to make calls.

    Well here comes the difference with Nymgo, Nymgo is absolutely Pc to Phone calling service, but India LD offers Phone to Phone service with access numbers in USA . I guess people outside USA who want to call India, should prefer Nymgo only.

    Apart from all this, IndiaLd also offers 30 days money back guarantee. 30 day money back guarantee is for first time customers only. The money back guarantee only applies if you have not exceeded 50 minutes of calls. Refunds can be requested by contacting their customer service department.

    I guess with more and more voip providers coming and offering cheap calls to India, the day is not far when one will be able to make unlimited free calls to India.

    Regarding IndiaLD, I have not tested the service, neither I have received any reviews about the service. It would be great if someone let us know their views about the voip service. I request all my blog readers to first contact them, clarify all their doubts before they actually order any plan.

    For more info, Visit IndiaLD.

    Nymgo Promotional Calling Package to Pakistan, Bagladesh and Sri Lanka

    Happy New Year 2009 to all our blog readers. So far it has been a great journey with all of you and we hope to continue the same. Since this is the first post of this year so we thought that we should cover it on the cheapest voip provider (as far we know), Nymgo. They have been quite successful to offer the cheapest price in the calling industry and thanks to this blog they have a good customer base now.

    Nymgo has been featured on FPPC quite a few times now, simply because they claims to provide you with cheapest Pc to Phone calls. Not only it offers pay as you go plan with cheap rates, it also offers various calling packages, best being the Pay Monthly package to various countries. In our last post, we blogged about the package for calling India at a very cheap rate, however at that time, Nymgo didn't included Pakistan and Bangladesh in its calling package.

    Cheap Calls with Nymgo

    But recently, Nymgo has added Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to its monthly packages. Thanks to our regular reader Mr. Vijay Chand for informing us about this update on Nymgo. For just $24.99 per month,you can choose one of the countries where you call most and get the respective minutes for each:

    - Bangladesh: 1,000 minutes
    - Pakistan: 500 minutes
    - Sri Lanka: 600 minutes

    I hope you are not confused, buy paying 24.99$ per month you can make calls to any ONE country. And you get respective minutes. For example, if you choose the package for calling Pakistan then you will pay approx 25$ and get 500 minutes (effective rate being just 5cents/min for Pakistan).

    Few more points to be considered here are -:
    • Nymgo offers PC to Phone calls using a softphone. Voice quality being average (You can enhance this voice quality by small tweaks).
    • Nymgo also offers monthly packages to other countries besides Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
    • One can also go for Nymgo pay as you go option. ( Call rates are also cheap there).
    • Monthly Package : The package expires in 30 days; remaining minutes are not rolled over to the next month.
    • All the calling codes (that is cities in countries are not on the list), so you will be able to make calls to certain calling codes only. Though many cities are included, but its better to check first before buying any plan.
    Nymgo has now started offering its voip application for android mobiles and its app for iPhone as well. So you don't have to get stuck with PC to Phone Calls and instead directly make mobile calls.
    It offers app for blackberry phones as well. Check below link.

    Overall, its a nice deal for people who makes lot of calls to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri lanka (as already call rates are not very cheap to these destinations). For more info, Visit Nymgo.

    We will be coming with lot more free and cheap calling ways to your destination, this year 2009, so just subscribe and remain updated.
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