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Allvoi New year special offer : 500 minutes to India per month at 14.99$


This new year a lot of voip providers have compe up with some nice cheap and free calling offers. Voip provider understand the market trapped in Indian voip and try their best to attract callers to India.

Allvoi is offering a new voip plan in which it is offering cheap calls to India. This offer is good for those people who make lot of calls to India.

Allvoi is offering 500 minutes of talktime at a price of 14.99$ per month. When you sign up for ALL India 500 International Unlimited Plan, you will get Unlimited International calling plus 500 free minutes per month to India for FREE for the life of the plan (per month), and only 2.5 cents per minute above 500 minutes.

This offer is valid only with ALL India 500 International Unlimited Plan.
Introductory $14.99 per Month rate is valid for first 6 months of service for new subscribers only. After 6 Months, ALL India 500 International Unlimited plan will be $24.99 per Month.
Free activation with signup ($29.99 value).

I guess, you can enjoy really cheap rates till six months. Allvoi also offers cheap calling plans for other countries like Pakistan.

Though Allvoi is not the cheapest voip provider (mediaringtalk, nymgo offer cheaper) but if you like to try another voip provider than Allvoi can be a nice calling option.

    madhur article :

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    January 17, 2009 at 10:24 AM

    This offer is only for US based users (as it is asking for US phone number at time of signup)... not for all users :(

    January 19, 2009 at 9:11 AM

    Very intelligent and articulate, well-composed comment, Mani. Please provide the name of your calling card company. I'm sure readers of this forum will rush to do business with you. I'm equally confident your calling card company is a very credible and reliable organization given that fact that you've represented yourself and your company in such a helpful, professional and comprehensible manner. Again, what is your company's website?

    October 31, 2009 at 4:59 AM

    Try for India calling. I have been using it over a year. They have excellent pricing 1.8c/min on mobile and 2.4c / min on landlines.
    If the price goes down, you do not even have to call, the rate is applied to your account automatically.

    Excellent voice quality, great price. Go for it.

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