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Are you satisfied wih Mediaringtalk ? Which is better Nymgo or Mediaringtalk


Mediaringtalk has made a big name in this industry, but keeping the name is a big deal. Nymgo on the other hand just launched its service, offers very cheap rates (cheaper than mediaringtalk), good voice quality and it too has become very popular among voip users (I guess we were the first few ones to post (blog post) about Nymgo).

This questions is actually a tuff one to answer which service (Nymgo or Mediarintalk) one should go for ?

You will find both positive and negative points for both services (both satisfied and unsatisfied customers).

One of the very important point to be checked while choosing your voip provider is its customer support. Many a times it happens that after purchasing credit you face some difficulty making calls, you try to contact customer support (but no response) and you end loosing up money.

Recently, this happened with one of our regular readers Mr Alpesh (Problem with Mediaringtalk). He posted about his experience in the comment sections and asked me to make others aware of it. Below is Alpesh's experience lifted from comments section.

"I signed up for mediaring talk & subscribed for 10$. I am having lot of problem. Nymgo is far much better.

Here is the problem that I had & still having: I downloaded MediaringTalk, installed it & logged in. It logs out hardly in one minute after logging in. This is happening continuously. So, even if you make a call it gets disconnected (since it logs out on its own). I have been exchanging emails with them since last 3 - 4 days. But seems that I have wasted my 10$. I made a video showing them the problem, But i always got a reply telling that there is some problem with the zip file. I send them the application log file as well. Finally i was asked to disable firewall & antivirus. But that was also not a solution. I had received a call when I placed an order for 10$. So I asked them to call me back so that the problem can be fixed. But it seems that they call only for order confirmation & not to provide any support.

They keep on mailing me to open different TCP & UDP Ports. Why will i put in time to open ports. I would rather prefer putting in extra penny to get peace of mind. "

Its quite possible that majority of people may not face any problem with Mediaringtalk but for a voip provider to survive in this competitive market, its important to answer queries of all customers. Good Customer support is very important.

Mediaringtalk is really a very nice PC to Phone calling service and I just hope people from Mediarintalk read this post and take suitable action to correct the above said problem.

madhur article :

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January 29, 2009 at 6:36 PM

I was told by MediaRing that my calls would last 6 months. However, we visit India for 2 months every year. So, that is not an acceptable option because we get only 4 months' use.

So, I signed up with Nymgo as they have no such expiry dates. I am extremely happy with Nymgo's call quality, the VERY friendly and helpful customer service, and the price.

However, I wish they would accept Canadian dollars instead of the pound or US dollars.


July 14, 2009 at 7:23 PM


I use MRtalk to call up phone numbers in India.The call quality on Mediaring talk is extremely poor.I have exchanged about 40+ emails with them and out of all that only once was the call quality better. I came across Nymgo here and am definitely switching to it.Had enough of mediaringtalks "the engineer has made some adjustment ".

I hope nymgo has decent call quality.

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