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Free Local Calling minutes in India by Reliance; 3G ready GSM Service


Competition among the telecom providers in India is getting healthy and this clearly is shown by the latest offer by Reliance telecommunications (Rcom).

After launching its voip calling service Reliance iCall for its international users, Reliance has launched its 3G ready service in India and become the India's first private telecom provider to offers its service in both CDMA and Gsm technology. Their network is really vast and Beyond calling and messaging, it lets you e-mail, MMS, download videos, get live cricket scores, listen to music of your choice, blog and even surf the Net.

Actually this time Reliance has launched an amazing offer for its Indian users. It is offering free minutes on daily basis till three-Six months plus free sms plus talktime and all this at a very cheap rate.

This offer is called Customer Experience pack and is available to people living in following states-: Andhra Pradesh, Chennai ,Gujarat ,Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh-E and Uttar Pradesh-W.

Let me put forward the customer pack for Mumbai people -:
Validity - 6 months
First E-Recharge MRP - Rs 50
Talktime you get - Rs 44.50
Special benifit (its great) - Rs 10/Day (free)
Night calling : Free to local/Intra Circle Reliance GSM & CDMA Mobile

This talktime can be used to make all local calls and to send all local SMS to any network.
All unutilised balance given free will be forfeited at the end of the day.

The Special benefit of Talktime and night calling is subject to First E-recharge of Rs 50 and will be valid for first 3months.

The free minutes and first recharge varies with the states and for some states first recharge MRP is as low as Rs 20.

This customer Experience pack by Rcom has left other telecom companies (Airtel, Idea) amazed. We have seen that if one companies bring any new offers in the market, soon the other telecom companies follows with either same or a better offer. But Rcom customer experience pack is a very bold step by Rcom (Reliance is a very big company and they can obviously afford these steps) but it will be very difficult for other companies to match it.

I guess this Rcom offer will bring a lot of new customers to Relince. Now many of you might be thinking of switching to Rcom, hey just don't think go for it. Its really a great offer. I would suggest you to buy Reliance new sim (extra sim) as its really cheap and you don't want to miss this one.

For our international readers, guys if you are looking for Free calls to India or Cheap calls to Pakistan then just surf the blog, these days voip calling rates are very cheap and I am sure you will find a good deal.

Happy Free calling....!

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