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Nymgo Promotional Calling Package to Pakistan, Bagladesh and Sri Lanka

Happy New Year 2009 to all our blog readers. So far it has been a great journey with all of you and we hope to continue the same. Since this is the first post of this year so we thought that we should cover it on the cheapest voip provider (as far we know), Nymgo. They have been quite successful to offer the cheapest price in the calling industry and thanks to this blog they have a good customer base now.

Nymgo has been featured on FPPC quite a few times now, simply because they claims to provide you with cheapest Pc to Phone calls. Not only it offers pay as you go plan with cheap rates, it also offers various calling packages, best being the Pay Monthly package to various countries. In our last post, we blogged about the package for calling India at a very cheap rate, however at that time, Nymgo didn't included Pakistan and Bangladesh in its calling package.

Cheap Calls with Nymgo

But recently, Nymgo has added Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to its monthly packages. Thanks to our regular reader Mr. Vijay Chand for informing us about this update on Nymgo. For just $24.99 per month,you can choose one of the countries where you call most and get the respective minutes for each:

- Bangladesh: 1,000 minutes
- Pakistan: 500 minutes
- Sri Lanka: 600 minutes

I hope you are not confused, buy paying 24.99$ per month you can make calls to any ONE country. And you get respective minutes. For example, if you choose the package for calling Pakistan then you will pay approx 25$ and get 500 minutes (effective rate being just 5cents/min for Pakistan).

Few more points to be considered here are -:
  • Nymgo offers PC to Phone calls using a softphone. Voice quality being average (You can enhance this voice quality by small tweaks).
  • Nymgo also offers monthly packages to other countries besides Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
  • One can also go for Nymgo pay as you go option. ( Call rates are also cheap there).
  • Monthly Package : The package expires in 30 days; remaining minutes are not rolled over to the next month.
  • All the calling codes (that is cities in countries are not on the list), so you will be able to make calls to certain calling codes only. Though many cities are included, but its better to check first before buying any plan.
Nymgo has now started offering its voip application for android mobiles and its app for iPhone as well. So you don't have to get stuck with PC to Phone Calls and instead directly make mobile calls.
It offers app for blackberry phones as well. Check below link.

Overall, its a nice deal for people who makes lot of calls to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri lanka (as already call rates are not very cheap to these destinations). For more info, Visit Nymgo.

We will be coming with lot more free and cheap calling ways to your destination, this year 2009, so just subscribe and remain updated.

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January 16, 2009 at 3:01 PM

Great Stuff!
Thanks for this new NYMGO service its very cheap and the quality is very good. i am glad.
i tried pakistan, it worked very nice... finaly a really cheap and streight forward provider!!!
NYMGO keep it up PPLEAASEEE! :)

April 19, 2009 at 10:30 AM

The package is no more available.

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