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Send free sms from Internet to Mobile in USA

Sms industry is very big. More people like to send sms than to talk. We have many a times posted about various services to send text sms directly from Internet (your PC) to mobile anywhere in world. You can send free sms to Cuba, India, Pakistan just anywhere in world.

IMJunky allows you to send free sms to anyone living in USA. You can send unlimited number of free text messages to their cell phone for free.

Step by step procedure -:

1. Visit Imjunky
2. Enter the receiving mobile number. (Where you want to send sms)
3.Enter the subject.
4. Enter the message.
5. Select the receivers operator.
6. Click on Send Message.

Enjoy sending free sms to mobile directly from your Pc using Internet.

madhur article :

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February 2, 2009 at 4:16 AM

5. Select the receivers operator.
how can i know which one?
i dont know should i must choose one?
it start 702

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